AST 1961 - Accept defeat, Change

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1961 - Accept defeat, Change

Even though Qing Shui managed to beat Zheng Xuan’s uncle in one move, there was no need to kill him as they didn’t really hold any hostilities against each other. Even if he was a bit disrespectful verbally, Qing Shui didn’t really mind it. At the very least, Qing Shui was generous enough to tolerate such acts.

Both Qing Shui and his opponent had offended each other verbally, but there was one thing that was true to all, strength spoke for everything. It was an offense as long as one didn’t show respect to the stronger warriors. Since Qing Shui was the more powerful one, it would be naturally considered as his opponent not showing respect to him.

Though Zheng Xuan’s uncle might not be the most powerful in his clan, he was still considered one of the top five in the clan. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have dared to stand up at this moment to voice his opinions. Let alone as of now, the current head of the Zheng Clan was actually Zheng Xuan’s uncle, Zheng Shichang.

At the moment, the people of the Zheng Clan were completely silent. They were all in utter shock. Zheng Xuan and Zheng Babai were no exceptions. The “grandmother” from the Zheng Clan was like a choked hen. She didn’t dare to mutter even one word as she watched everything in disbelief.

Usually, people from the aristocratic clans would have a very strong sense of honor towards their own clan. They would often view their own clan as being powerful and dignified. For instance, the people of the Zheng Clan, because of certain women and certain people with negligible strength were unable to interact with stronger people, they might even begin to think that their clan was the strongest across the continents.

They weren’t to be blamed for that. After all, the Dancing Phoenix Continent was such a vast land… Zheng Clan was undeniably the most powerful existence around the area. Added on that they were respected by others around them, the feeling of admirations from others whenever the Zheng Clan was mentioned unknowingly built up their arrogance.

But now, the clan’s head, an absolute existence was defeated in one move by a youngster. He was immediately inflicted with an internal wound. Zheng Clan’s head… Dropping down to the floor like a clown…..

Zheng Shichang was Zheng Clan’s Head. Zheng Xuan wasn’t his son, though he had hoped that he would be… However, he didn’t have any child, which was indeed a surprise to Qing Shui. Despite having so many women, none of them had managed to give birth to a son whom could take after him.

As he continued to grow stronger, he was no longer fertile. Without a question, Zheng Xuan was bound to take over the Zheng Clan in the future. Zheng Shichang who didn’t have any children also didn’t show him any prejudices. To him, Zheng Xuan was like his own child; Zheng Xuan also respected his uncle.

However, Zheng Shichang was a bit arrogant, though it was true that he had the asset to act this way across the Dancing Phoenix Continent. Furthermore, he had always wanted Zheng Xuan to get married to some sort of enormous forces. One that might possibly be even more powerful than the Zheng Clan, so that they could help to raise their clan’s strength.

This was not entirely impossible since Zheng Xuan was bound to achieve great things in the future. He had both the condition and potential to do so, hence, it was not impossible for this to happen. However, they were unable to find any clans which fulfilled his conditions here. Maybe there could be clans like them who were well-hidden from the world, but since they were like what’s mentioned above, well-hidden, it was not easy to track them down. Thus, since they had hidden themselves from the world, they would definitely not interfere in worldly matters.

Yet today, he was actually defeated by a youngster, leaving him speechless. He didn’t know whether it was a surprise or a failure. This man was the brother of Zheng Xuan’s girlfriend…… Wasn’t this man the kind of person who he had been looking for with his lantern lit? If this brat had shown his strength from the beginning, he wouldn’t have said terrible things like that.

Zheng Shichang felt both embarrassed and grumpy. But at the same time, he also seemed to be filled with a bit of joy. He knew that Qing Shui has held back against him, this meant that there might still be chances for him to make amends to the situation, with this, it couldn’t have been better.

“Alright, why are we still here? Go and do what you are supposed to do.” Zheng Shichang quickly dismissed the people in the surroundings. However, Zheng Babai, Zheng Shizhen and Zheng Xuan stayed behind. Other than them, there was also a woman who stayed behind.

This woman had taken care of her body nicely. She had a mature face and seemed very generous; she was a very dignified woman. Though her face might not have aged as quick as her actual age, with just one look, one could tell that she had the maturity which built up over her age.

By now, Qing Shui also knew that she was Zheng Xuan’s mother. She was a gentle woman with only decent cultivation. Her husband was Zheng Shizhen. The couple was actually not that into practicing martial arts. Despite that, they were still warriors at the Martial Saint and Martial Emperor level.

Not everyone from the aristocratic clans could achieve False God Realm.

Both Zheng Shichang and Zheng Babai of the Zheng Clan possessed decent strength. Zheng Xuan was also like the monster inside the Zheng Clan, despite his young age, he was already so powerful. There were also other experts. After all, Old Man Zheng wasn’t the only person of his generation, he also had his siblings and their own grandchildren. There were also other relatives who might not have the surname Zheng but were members of the Zheng Clan all along.

Old Man Zheng didn’t come out. However, deep down, Qing Shui was aware that the old geezer must have seen everything. It was very likely that he might not want to get himself involved in the things here, nor did he find the need to do so. For a person at his age and at his level of cultivations, was there still anything which he hadn’t seen through? It was only a matter of whether he wanted it or not.

He left everything here to the juniors. In fact, he was already quite satisfied with the younger generations. In comparison to the majority of other clans, Zheng Clan could already be counted as one of the lucky ones. They didn’t have to worry about not having a successor to take over the clan.

“So, if I remember correctly, you are Qing Shui. Let me introduce myself once again, I am Zheng Shichang, the clan’s head of the Zheng Clan. Welcome to our clan.” Zheng Shichang revealed a bitter smile as he spoke.

Qing Shui couldn’t hold back and laugh. It seemed that Zheng Shichang had truly inherited his old man’s attitude; he also had quite a thick face. As the saying went “Those who did great things should not restrain themselves”. The other way of saying it was “Those who did great things mustn’t care much about their faces”.

“Nice to meet you, Zheng Clan’s head!” Now that Qing Shui had defeated him, he felt a lot less upset. Besides, Qing Shui was the kind of person who would repay exactly what the person did to him. If a person was not respecting him, he also wouldn’t let the person disrespect him as he pleased.

“Why not all come and sit down in my room? Big brother, it was not really good to let our guest stays outside.” Zheng Babai continued on and said in a warm tone after Qing Shui finished speaking.

The gang settled down in one of the rooms that was located at the corner of the backyard. The rooms here weren’t for people to live in it. It had good ventilation and was also very bright. In it were some simple and unadorned wooden chairs and tables. It wasn’t really made to be that extravagant, instead, it gave people an antique feeling. People could find comfort just by looking at it.

At this moment, Zheng Xuan introduced his parents to Qing Shui. Similarly, Qing Shui also greeted the two with the status of a junior. This caused Zheng Shichang to be really surprised, it seemed that this brat wasn’t all that rude after all…...

Zheng Xuan’s parents were more like the professors from his previous incarnation. It felt very comfortable being around them. They also spoke very gently and humbly. Despite that, they still wouldn’t give people the impression that they came from a poor background.

This was a kind of temperament, a unique temperament.

“I head that Little Xuan and Little Bei are on really good terms. What do you think if……” Zheng Shichang enjoyed his tea and spoke slowly.

“Clan’s head Zheng, I am not here today to talk about this matter. Little Bei doesn’t have to worry about not getting married, nor is there any need for me to come up to you to propose marriage. Qing Clan doesn’t need to relate to any clans by marriage. Not now, not in the future.” Qing Shui smiled and said in a relaxed tone.

“Yes yes, I have indeed acted rashly. I will let the youngsters sort out their own problems. In the future, please allow me to pay you a visit.” Zheng Shichang was now acting very humble.

The others from the Zheng Clan couldn’t help but put on smiles on their faces. It was their first time seeing their Clan’s head getting defeated like that.

Zheng Xuan first looked at Qing Shui before moving his sight onto his fellow clan members. He seemed like he wanted to say something, but right at the moment when he was about to open his mouth, Qing Shui interrupted, “Zheng Xuan, come to look for me tomorrow. There are still some things I need to sort out today.”

“Alright, Brother Qing Shui!”

Seeing that he had achieved his purpose today, Qing Shui stood up and bid them farewell. Zheng Shichang and the others also sent Qing Shui off personally.

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