AST 1962 - Northern Underworld Immortal Palace, Luan Luan, Treasure Pagodas Once Morev

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1962 - Northern Underworld Immortal Palace, Luan Luan, Treasure Pagodas Once More

The matters involving the Zheng Clan could be said to be resolved. As for whether or not the Zheng Clan really offended any forces and forced to move out of the place where they were supposed to be, Qing Shui found it unnecessary to think about it for now. Furthermore, with Zheng Xuan there, Qing Shui believed that the Zheng Clan would be able to stand back up themselves.

If all went well, Qing Bei should find herself in quite a decent home.

When Qing Shui returned back to the Qing Clan, he could already see Qing Bei waiting for him in front of the entrance. When she saw Qing Shui, she happily clung onto Qing Shui’s arms, “Brother Shui!”

“Are you worried about Zheng Xuan?” Qing Shui smiled and asked.

Qing Bei blushed and was reluctant to admit it, “No!”

Despite having grown up, deep down, she was still like a girl. She would still fall in love when she met someone whom she liked. In Qing Shui’s eyes, Qing Bei had always been a brat. It was only now when he started looking back that he realized she had actually grown up.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine. In fact, it might be even better than you think.” Qing Shui comforted Qing Bei before he began refining some medicinal pills. He managed to collect all the ingredients written on the Opportunity Pills prescription prepared by Yuan Su. Hence, it was about time he refined it. Throughout this time, Qing Shui felt that he must increase the strength of the Qing Clan.

However, right at this moment, someone from the Qing Clan came back. Qing Shui was stunned at the moment he saw who it was. Luan Luan….. It had been a long time since he last saw his daughter.

She was wearing a white garment. She looked less outstanding than Yiye Jiange, but instead, it was made up by a sort of proud and aloof aura. On her face was an indistinct smile. She had already grown up to be a very beautiful woman. What surprised Qing Shui was the daughter’s strength.

Seventh Divine Grade!

She was indeed a heaven-defying brat. At this moment, Luan Luan spotted Qing Shui and immediately revealed a surprised look, “Daddy!”

After that, she immediately appeared next to Qing Shui and hugged Qing Shui’s neck like a koala bear. The magnanimous and aloof aura from before disappeared immediately and instead, she was now like a pampered little girl.

Qing Shui hugged Luan Luan and happily turned one round, “Little brat, you’re back!”

“Yes! Daddy, when did you come back?”


Not long after, everyone from the Qing Clan came out. When everyone was chit-chatting, Qing Shui was shocked to find out that Luan Luan had been in the Haohan Continent. Furthermore, she also held a status there. She was the vice Palace Lord of the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace.

Qing Shui was very surprised by it. However, as he thought deeper into it, it wasn’t that much of a surprise considering the powerful physique which Luan Luan possessed. But he still couldn’t help but wonder what kind of a place the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace might be. How many vice Palace Lords did they have? Was it thanks to Luan Luan’s current strength that she managed to become its vice Palace Lord? Or did the sect fancy Luan Luan’s potential?

Though at the moment, Luan Luan’s strength was at the early seventh level of Divinity, Qing Shui was aware that even a warrior at the mid-seventh level of Divinity wouldn’t be able to have many advantages out of her in a battle. After all, her most powerful feature lied on the huge amount of formidable beasts which she had.

Luan Luan’s Beast Taming ability was definitely not inferior in the slightest to Yehuang Guwu’s Divine Path of White Tigers. However, it didn’t necessarily mean that her ability had greatly surpassed that of the White Tigers. It was not really a well-made comparison. After all, it was undeniable that the Divine Paths of White Tigers was a Divine Grade Martial Technique. Yehuang Guwu was the only person capable of cultivating this mutated martial technique.

Luan Luan also didn’t hold back and said quite a lot of things about the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace. There were no restrictions from the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace for her to talk about some of their situations. However, certainly, some sensitive topics would also be prohibited from being spilled out.

After a few discussions, Qing Shui had also understood more about the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace. There were five vice Palace Lords in total, which could be considered as just at the right amount. The immortal palace also possessed decent strength. It was because of Luan Luan’s strength was considered the weakest among the five palace Lords. The reason why she was able to take that position was due to her demonic beasts. She had many kinds of demonic beasts that were even stronger than herself. Another thing about Luan Luan was also that she was still so young. Only fools wouldn’t want to keep a genius like her.

The location of the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace was located even deeper within Haohan Continent. Deeper than Linhai City and the Sacred Mountain. So much so that Qing Shui had a feeling that it might have entered the areas of the True Nine Continents World.

“Daddy, there are a few things here which I have no idea about. Daddy, considering that you are an experienced and knowledgeable man, why not take a look?” Luan Luan took out a pile of stuff and put it on the table in the living room.

Qing Shui stunned at the moment he saw the things on the table. There were quite a lot of stones and a few miniature towers. Yes.. A few towers, towers which he was familiar with… They looked almost the same as his Parry Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda. The stones, on the other hand, contained formidable spiritual energy within it.

This was indeed a surprise for Qing Shui. Among Qing Shui’s abilities, he had one that was called the Carving Talisman Formation. Actually, this was one of the variations of refining weapons. Refining weapons could be divided into refining equipments or refining Magic Weapons. Refining equipments was just another way to describe forging, it mainly focused on clothes and boots. Refining Magic Weapons, on the other hand, might include necklaces, bracelets and so on.

In the past, Qing Shui had forged it before. However, he relied mostly on his forging abilities. As for refining magic weapons, there was a wide range for it, for example, the Interspatial Ring, Bracelets or Necklaces… Up to a certain extent, refining magic weapons were more powerful than forging… For example, the flying sabers.

Actually, Qing Shui had always been excited about these kinds of stuff. Unfortunately, he had yet to find some good materials for it. The abilities of the flying sabers were absolutely formidable due to its speed and its fearsome offensive prowess.

Qing Shui observed the stones on the table. It was going to be a bit tough for him to forge flying swords with these. Let alone he also lacked a lot of materials needed to forge them.

But these things could be used to forge some defensive tools for the people of the Qing Clan. This way, even if he wasn’t around, he wouldn’t have to worry too much.

Following on, Qing Shui looked at the four miniature towers. Ordinary people wouldn’t know what these towers were for and how they could get it to recognize its owners, but Qing Shui was different, he could tell what they were with just one look.

All four of them were the Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagodas, Qing Shui had no idea where these heavenly tiny towers originated from. As he looked at the four miniature towers, one of them increased the user’s strength by doubling the amount of power which they released. However, it only boosted the power which was released by the user personally. This effect would also stack if the user was equipped with a weapon. However, it didn’t boost the power of killer-moves or heavenly techniques.

There was one more pagoda which was quite similar to the Parrying, but better. Other than having the effect of the Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda, it also had the ability to increase the user’s raw offensive prowess by half. The other two were basically the same. It helped to increase one’s vitality and endurance. Not only so, but their life force would also be increased by two times. 

Qing Shui observed the Parrying which also helped to increase the user’s strength by half. Eventually, Qing Shui handed it to Luan Luan to let it recognize its owner.

One of the treasured pagodas which increased the endurance and the life force was handed to Yehuang Guwu. It could significantly boost the abilities of the Divine Path of the White Tiger. In this case, it didn’t emphasize the tiger’s strength, but more on sustainability.

When it came to the good stuff, he must give them to the people who were suitable to use it. Otherwise, it would have been a waste of good weapons. For example, if the Parry Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda was to be given to those with low cultivations, its effect would be negligible. Though it was still able to cancel out the damages caused by opponents with similar strength.

However, Qing Shui also had some alternate methods up his sleeves. For example, he could refine weapons with these rocks. By letting some of the weaker warriors used it, it might have an even better effect than the Parry Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda. Similarly, if strong warriors were to use it, it might only be able to provide negligible help to them.

By now, Qing Shui was incomparably happy with the things he could refine. This way, he could boost the strength of some people in his clan.

Qing Shui, on the other hand, used the treasure pagoda which boosted his offensive prowess. Qing Shui named the treasure pagoda as the Heavenly Fate Vicious Treasure Pagoda. By doing so, Qing Shui achieved a strength which was worth 4 Billion Dao Force. Its only downside was that it didn’t boost the offensive strength of both his Paragon Strike and Nine Continents Mountain. Nevertheless, Qing Shui was still satisfied with it.

As for the last remaining Endurance Vitality Treasure Pagoda, Qing Shui kept it in his realm. There were no suitable candidates to use it for the time being.

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