AST 1974 - Northern Underworld Palace Lord, Beiming Xue, Menstrual Cramps

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1974 - Northern Underworld Palace Lord, Beiming Xue, Menstrual Cramps…

After a short while, two ladies returned, “Our Lord is waiting for you in the great hall.”

Qing Shui was stunned to hear the phrase ‘the Lord’. The Northern Underworld Immortal Palace Lord, whom Qing Shui had no idea of. He did not ask Luan Luan in details last time. Now that he had the opportunity to meet her, he was glad to do so. After all, Luan Luan was here. He wanted to see if the Lord was reliable. The gender of the Lord was still unknown. If this person had evil intentions, Luan Luan had better leave early.

At the summit of Northern Underworld Mountain, the routes were twisted and boundless, directing to the east and west. Standing at the peak, there was no large, green scenery over several miles in that area. There were only a few towering trees scattered around the place. The rocky steps were carved on the mountain.

Along the journey, most of the bustling people were women wearing the unique costumes of the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace. A few powerful aurae were detected. Particularly, Qing Shui sensed a daunting aura coming from the back of the mountain.

It was exceptionally fierce. It could either be from a human or a beast. It was hard for Qing Shui to tell.

The journey was smooth all the way until the main hall entrance at the summit. The two ladies repeated, “Our Lord is waiting for you.”

Qing Shui knew they were not coming in with him. He nodded and entered the hall.

The main hall was spacious. Nine huge pillars were aligned in three rows. There was a marble-like stone desk in the hall with nothing underneath it. Somewhere further, there were two stone stools.

Qing Shui had yet to observe the hall closely before noticing the person behind the stone desk. It was a woman.

This person should be the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace Lord.

Wearing a blood-red, floor-length gown, her pretty face was as delicate as baby skin. Her nose was tall and snow-white with silky smooth hair on her back. Her eyes were deep and clear, giving out a sense of wisdom and coldness, strangely alluring. It was cold yet captivating. Her pretty eyes were slightly long and narrow. As she squinted, she gave out endless awe, making people feel difficult to look at her.

Two dragon-like golden earrings were hanging on her full and round earlobes. They were obviously not ordinary earrings since they gave out a sparkling light. Her tall and slender figure left an exceptional impression.

Qing Shui was 1.8 meters tall based on the measurement in past life and this woman was almost as tall as Qing Shui. Her body figure was slim and proportionate with a tiny waist and long legs. A red ribbon with golden rim outlined her beautiful curves perfectly. Almost reaching the floor, a black drape with a golden border further exaggerated her elegance, grace, and pride.

She was extraordinarily busty, spreading the fabric over her chest tall and tight. The full and voluptuous curve was extremely pleasant to the eyes, making people eager for a touch.

Qing Shui did not spend long to look at her. He had adequate self-control. After meeting the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace Lord, he felt relieved. If it was a man, he probably had to figure out the man’s character.

Of course, women could be very evil as well. However, the woman in front of him made Qing Shui believe that she was not one. This woman was proud. She would despise doing filthy acts.

“Welcome. Thank you for saving Xiao Mi and Xiao Yue. How can I address you?” The woman came forward from the stone desk.

While walking, her hair swayed with her movement and stirred one’s heart.

She stopped three feet away from Qing Shui. A faint fragrance which was intangible stimulated Qing Shui’s sense of smell. It only took such a brief period to make Qing Shui feel slightly addicted to the scent.

 “I’m Qing Shui. No worries. I just happened to be there. Moreover, my daughter is in your care in the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace.”

“Your daughter?” The Northern Underworld Immortal Palace Lord asked in curiosity.

Her expression was very attractive. This woman was more imposing and domineering than Dongfang Zhiqiu. Perhaps that it was because of her height, she appeared noble and unapproachable. Qing Shui had no advantages in terms of height at all.

“My daughter is Luan Luan. According to her, she is a Vice Palace Lord in the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace.” Qing Shui proudly answered.

“What a surprise! You’re the little girl’s father. We are one big family.” A captivating smile crept onto her face. A smile like this looked so nice on her cold face that it was beyond description. Qing Shui was startled by this scene.

Qing Shui smiled awkwardly as he noticed her stare, “You’re very beautiful. I hardly embarrass myself like this anymore.”

The woman did not sound mad. She did not sense any possessiveness and greed in Qing Shui’s eyes. It was not one of those that she abhorred. Contrarily, it was very bright and clear, with a slight astonishment. She saw admiration in his eyes.

“Thanks. I’m Beiming Xue!”

“Have a seat here. Though, it is rather simple and crude,” The woman led Qing Shui into a room. There was a set of stone table and stool here.

It was the grand meeting hall outside. Everyone had to stand while having discussions. Very few people were qualified to sit on the two stone stools.

She made a pot of tea and sat down while facing Qing Shui. She filled his cup on her own.

The woman had very slender and fair-looking hands, they were well-proportioned. Her fingers were also gentle, smooth, and sparkling like jade crystals. This pair of hands was so beautiful that it could win over the hand models in past life.

“Luan Luan is a genius. Don’t you take her away from me!” Beiming Xue jokingly said and filled her cup.

“Why would I? I’m so busy that I can’t even see her in eight to ten years.” Qing Shui shook his head.

“So busy?” Beiming Xue was surprised.

“I don’t even know what I am busy for. It was pointless. Miss Beiming has already built a great success at such a young age.”

“How do you know I’m young? I might be an old lady.” Beiming Xue laughed at once when she heard Qing Shui.

Qing Shui smiled at her, “I’m a doctor. I can tell that your body function is currently at its peak and it will last a very long time.”

“I didn’t know you’re a doctor. Sorry for the disrespect.” Beiming Xue was stunned. Qing Shui sounded like a doctor who was proficient in the Art of Healing.

“Bread and butter, not a big deal.” Qing Shui giggled.

“Then, please check if I have any problems.” Beiming Xue requested in a soft tone.

The people in the past life had a common habit. Once they met a doctor, they would immediately ask the doctor to examine their bodies and consult for treatment options. This was very normal and it was the same in the Nine Continents. Those who trained would have common minor troubles. These minor troubles would gradually become major problems if neglected.

Qing Shui took a quick glance at Beiming Xue and said, “You don’t have any problems.”

Beiming Xue reckoned Qing Shui was an ordinary doctor after hearing that.

“However, during those few days of each month, you won’t feel good. Though you’re a trainer, you would feel very uneasy.”

Qing Shui’s subsequent statement surprised Beiming Xue. It was unusual for her but she blushed. It was absolutely charming and enchanting. She requested a consultation, but she did not expect him to realize it.

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