AST 1975 - I Already Have a Wife Qing Shui’s Plan

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1975 - I Already Have a Wife… Qing Shui’s Plan

Only after actually saying it out loud did Qing Shui realize that it sounded wrong. However, as a doctor, there was no gender discrimination against patients.

Beiming Xue was in a struggle. She had this problem for ages and it was not resolved after seeing several female doctors. Initially, she believed that it would be cured easily. As the day went by, she gave up on treating it. She was surprised that self-healing was not applicable to this illness. At her current strength, she was not supposed to have such a minor illness like this.

She wondered if she should ask Qing Shui to treat her. More importantly, she wondered if Qing Shui could cure it.

“The root cause of your symptoms is the body constitution. It will be healed eventually with or without treatment.” Qing Shui said after knowing the problem.

“Heal without treatment?” Beiming Xue asked curiously.

“You’re probably not married yet. When you get married, via Yin-Yang harmonization, your symptoms would be cured naturally.”

Even Qing Shui felt that he was being rude after saying that. He had totally forgotten about the identity once he started speaking in terms of the Art of Healing. After spurting out the words, he regretted it immediately. He rubbed his head awkwardly and looked at the woman who was staring at him in anger and embarrassment.

“I was being frank. I didn’t mean to offend you.” Qing Shui said innocently.

Beiming Xue knew what he said was the truth. A female doctor used to say the same thing. However, the female doctor did not provide an alternative solution besides this. Qing Shui, on the other hand, did say there was an alternative option.

“Stop saying that... Well? What is the other way of healing?” Beiming Xue lowered her head slightly, her heart was beating fast.

Qing Shui observed at this unapproachable and noble woman. She was still a woman regardless of her status. She looked so tempting when she was shy. That gave a unique visual impact to his mental status.

“The treatment was simple. It’s just a few needle pricks.” Qing Shui smiled.

“Then, can you treat me? I’ll pay…”Beiming Xue raised her head and whispered.

Qing Shui smirked, “It won’t take too long. You don’t have to pay. My treatment is invaluable.”

Qing Shui felt her pulse, the delicate touch on her soft wrist surprised Qing Shui. In fact, there were many women around Qing Shui who were comparable to Beiming Xue in terms of skin and appearance. Still, Beiming Xue had an outstanding charisma which affected Qing Shui.

This woman had a good body, very pure and free of impurity. She was also the head of an Immortal Palace who had achieved the final stage of Seventh Layer Divinity. Frankly, she was more powerful than Qing Shui. This was a Xiantian spirit body. She had been gifted with spiritual talents. Hence, it was not surprising to have her current strength.

Qing Shui simply pricked a few needles and transferred his Nine Yang’s Qi through Acupuncture. After harmonizing the Qi of coldness, it would heal naturally. However, Qing Shui needed not to mention the mechanism of treatment. He helped her fix her internal organs, which shared nourishments like the interconnected five elements. Once one of them was down, it would subsequently affect one another.

Beiming Xue felt her body getting warm and comfortable. Though it was too early to tell if it was curable, she reckoned the result was positive.

Qing Shui stopped not long after.

“Mr. Qing, I wonder why you had come to this Northern Ice Domain. Are you here to, perhaps, visit your daughter?” Beiming Xue asked while Qing Shui withdrew the golden needles.

“Unfortunately, I’m not. I’m looking for the Five Tiger Immortal Sext. Have you heard of it?” Qing Shui asked directly.

“The Five Tiger Immortal Sect? There are simply too many Immortal Sects and Immortal Palaces in the Main Continents. I’ve not heard of it till now. Maybe there will be many Five Tiger Immortal Sect or Five Tiger Immortal Palace in the future.” Beiming Xue shook her head.

Qing Shui did not place much hope.

“You’re here to find the Five Tiger Immortal Sect?” Beiming Xue continued asking.

“No, it’s not a rush to find the Five Tiger Immortal Sect. It cannot be rushed. I actually have nothing much to do but to walk around. I have heard that the actual world of Nine Continents is around here so I’m here to have a look.” Qing Shui answered Beiming Xue’s question straightforwardly.

“It is not strictly the actual world of Nine Continents here. It’s only the border of it. The Northern Ice Domain is large. The forces around the Nine Continents used to be spotted here. They represent their own continents, but it is not clear when they disappeared. Perhaps, due to the improvement of force and horizon, there is no limitation to the lands and territories anymore.” Beiming Xue explained to Qing Shui.

Listening to that, Qing Shui was moved. The Northern Ice Domain should be somewhere here. Besides, it was hardly considered the actual world of the Nine Continents. Wasn’t this the region he was searching for? Beiming Xue was already in the final stage of Seventh Layer Divinity, but she was still in this Northern Ice Domain.

“Miss Beiming, do you know the actual world of Nine Continents?” Qing Shui was curious.

“It is more flourishing and wealthy there but it is full of big sects and families. Chances and hazards are everywhere. Conflicts happen at all places. One could be crushed by any minor mistakes. However, there is something good about it. They won’t hurt the innocent ones usually.”

“Why don’t you go there, Miss Beiming? You should be able to be there with your current strength!” Qing Shui made a vague inquiry.

“In the Northern Ice Domain, my strength is sufficient. It is definitely at the highest rankings. But, there are a lot more powerful people once I get there despite being adequate. It is absolutely not safe there.” Beiming Xue replied.

Qing Shui understood what she meant. Beiming Xue was too pretty. She would invite unnecessary troubles since she would surely attract many people with her beauty there.

She could not stand a place there with her current strength. Qing Shui could be a match for her in actual battles, but it was fine to settle down here first. Perhaps, the Qing Clan could make this their second base in the future. Then, he could probably bring his family over.

“You’ve healed me. How should I thank you?” Beiming Xue asked.

“Regrettably, I have a wife already.” Qing Shui replied, looking depressed.

Beiming Xue suddenly had an urge to smack him. He sounded as if she was willing to offer herself to someone who seemed like a good man and could not accept her for the sake of his family.

“Alright, just kidding. My daughter still needs your care here. I will be in the Northern Ice Domain for some time. Maybe I’ll have a clinic here,” Qing Shui stood up and said.

“Oh, you can open your clinic in the Northern Snow City. I will find a place for you.” Beiming Xue proposed.

“We’ll see then. I would come to the Northern Snow City if I can’t find a good place, alright?”

“What do you mean by that? Is the Northern Snow City that bad?” Beiming Xue was speechless.

“Alright, I gotta go. I might need to trouble you next time.”



Watching Qing Shui’s shadow vanish at the foot of the mountain, Beiming Xue reorganized her thoughts and returned. This man was strange and powerful. She could sense Qing Shui’s strength and it was almost at the final stage of Seventh Layer Divinity. Though he was apparently weaker, she had a feeling that this man was incredible.

Qing Shui loitered around the Northern Snow City after leaving. He planned to have an Imperial Cuisine Hall here. Since he decided to be an Imperial Doctor, it was essential to have an Imperial Cuisine Hall at this place. However, Qing Shui had reasons for his unwillingness to open in the Northern Snow City.

Once his Imperial Cuisine Hall gathered popularity, it would attract powerful warriors and when they meet Beiming Xue, troubles were likely to happen. Hence, Qing Shui did not plan to open his Imperial Cuisine Hall in the Northern Snow City.

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