AST 1976 - Great Shang City, Tailed By the Ci Demon Inheritor

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1976 - Great Shang City, Tailed By the Ci Demon Inheritor

Qiao Clan was located in Dazang City. Qing Shui was indifferent toward Qiao Clan. He had no bad impressions toward them but he did not fancy them either. However, if Qing Shui were to choose between Northern Snow City and Dazang City, he would prefer Dazang City.

There was a kiosk selling maps ahead, where Qing Shui bought a map of the city. In fact, he would get a map wherever he went.

Qing Shui looked at the map, focused on the Northern Ice Domain. Only the regions of the Northern Ice Domain were drawn in details. The other places only had their names written. Even an entire continent was simply stated without labeling the countries.

The Northern Ice Domain was an irregular square. In fact, it could hardly be regarded as a square shape. Northern Snow City, Dazang City, and Xiyun City were all at the center. There was a huge mountain range in the Southern region, lying across the Northern Ice Domain.

This mountain range was the Dajie Mountain. Qing Shui knew that it was considered the actual world of Nine Continents to the North of the Dajie Mountain now. Dajie Mountain occupied one-third of the Southern region in the Northern Ice Domain. Meanwhile, Northern Snow City, Xiyun City, and Dazang City took up almost half of the area. That was why Beiming Xue had said that it was hardly considered the actual world of Nine Continents.

The Northern Ice Domain was also known as the Northern Ice Country. However, the Haohan Continent was too vast. Unlike any other continents, it was almost unexplored here. No one could travel the entire Nine Continents. Thus, there were more than 81 countries here.

Qing Shui looked at the map in his hand and screened through the names of the towns. He bought a geographical book as well. It came with the map with the descriptions of towns and some mainlands.

The descriptions were not thorough, but they were adequate, including a lot of things such as Great Shang City. As the city with the most traders and businessmen, there were shops everywhere. It was rich in resources and products with various precious herbs. It was the main source of imported goods to many places.

Qing Shui wanted to check out Great Shang City when he saw this. Since it was one of the most flourishing cities of the Northern Ice Domain, there would be a huge range of shops and precious goods. It had the most warriors who were also the strongest.

Rumour had it that several special territorial lands in Great Shang City were colonized by some great Sects. It was also one of the most powerful cities in the Northern Ice Domain.

Precious herbs and fruits were grown in places with Spiritual Vein and Spiritual Spring. Hence, such places would normally be colonized. Not only would people build a Sect there but they would also possess the surrounding herbs too.

Murders and treasures robbery happened frequently. Some Sects were even wiped out. The next day, once everyone realized the change of the previous Sect, they would know exactly what had happened. This was the world of Nine Continents where the capable ones would take the lead. One could only blame themselves for their lack of strength if they got killed one day.

Qing Shui quickly read through several cities and decided to visit Great Shang City at last. Initially, he had planned to settle down at Xiyun City. Now, Great Shang City sounded more suitable. He could easily approach some really strong warriors there without losing himself in it.

Great Shang City was located at the Northeast of the Northern Ice Domain. It was linked to the Northern Ice Ocean Domain and the Northern Ice Meadow. One must pass through Great Shang City to reach these two places. It was also the nearest city to both of the places.

Qing Shui was not a man of procrastination. He started his journey immediately. After estimating the distance, he used the Nine Continents Steps.

Great Shang City!

Entering the town, Qing Shui knew it was Great Shang City. It was obviously one level higher than Northern Snow City and Dazang City. According to the book, they had four distinct seasons. However, it was not as hot as the past life, and not too cold when it got chilly. However, it would still get freezing cold occasionally.

The visitor flow rate was prominently high here. At one glance, the crowd was made of people from different statuses and areas, ranging from the ordinary citizens to the Royals. The buildings at both sides were tall and firm with large foundations. They appeared extremely steady.

The shops and outlets were aligned one after another, apparently very organized. For instance, one row included only herbal trading companies, another row included only textile companies, and the next row included only blacksmith shops which forged weapons.

Shang God Statue!

Walking across several streets and lands, Qing Shui came to a giant stone statue. It was placed at the middle of crossroads, about 500 meters tall and extremely huge. It was carved from one whole piece of stone, a whitehead magical stone. It was not very precious but it was very tough and not easily abraded.

The Trade God Statue symbolized a Trade God. In the legend, he was a powerful warrior who came from the Shang Clan. However, the tradesmen were not as highly valued as the warriors in Main Continent. Thus, he was raised and trained by the family to become a powerful warrior and ensure the normal operation of their trading companies.

The Trade God left his home in order to train and traveled around to improve his strength. However, he came back to his home only to realize that his family had been wiped out after he had succeeded in training.

The incident had impacted him tremendously. He experienced a huge transformation immediately. He achieved a new, high level and a breakthrough that he had never seen before. At the same time, he learned a lot of lessons and came to a realization.

Later, he returned and became a businessman. His business grew bigger and bigger until finally, he became the great Trade God. Now, the Shang Clan was still the biggest family here. They owned incredible strength with their countless wealth. The Shang Clan was a big family of old heritage.

It was written in the book. Qing Shui only skimmed through it. It did not matter if he trusted the story as there was no need to question its authenticity. The key point was that the Shang Clan was a big family in the Great Shang City.

While walking, Qing Shui noticed a row of clinics. It seemed way more flourishing than other places. Moreover, there also was a row of herbal trading companies in the vicinity. After medical consultations, they could get the medicines and herbs there.

Suddenly, Qing Shui sensed that he was being tailed. He pretended not to notice and used his spiritual sense. Using his strong spiritual sense, he found the target who was gawking at him.

That was a skinny and small man, apparently middle-aged. He was standing while arching his back strangely. His figure was almost blending into the air while standing there.

At that moment, Qing Shui sensed a familiar aura.

Ci Demon Inheritor!

Qing Shui was surprised while he stepped forward looking calm. He had absolutely no idea about the opponent nor why this person would go after him. Could it be the opponent had already noticed his identity and wanted to kill him?

Demon King Inheritor and Battle God Inheritor were enemies. It was a battle of life and death. This was the root of inheritance.

Qing Shui headed to the main road. It was relatively quieter here. It was much more peaceful than the previous streets as it was not by the roadside.

Then, Qing Shui jumped at the skinny man who had followed him.

Qing Shui was speedy, but the man was not slow either. He evaded swiftly. He was surprised that Qing Shui had noticed him since his Invisible Stalk was already at Small God level.

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