AST 1977 - Specialized for Assassins Restraint, the Shang Clan?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1977 - Specialized for Assassins Restraint, the Shang Clan?

Qing Shui dashed over again after the opponent had evaded, being even faster than before. At the same time, he used the Heavenly Vision Technique.

Dragon-capturing Hands!

Simultaneously, Qing Shui continued dashing forward and punched the man’s shoulder with no mercy.


The skinny man was thrown away while holding a dagger in hand. He gaped at Qing Shui, looking surprised, and disappeared like a spirit.

Qing Shui’s expression remained unchanged. Under the Heavenly Vision Technique, any hidden assassins would be revealed. Without looking around, Qing Shui already knew where the assassin was. He only used the spiritual sense to detect the opponent and now, he was guessing where the opponent had come from.

Why would he get tailed upon his arrival at the Great Shang City?

The assassin moved once again, thrusting his sharp dagger to Qing Shui’s neck.

Qing Shui turned his body around and made one big step to the left, giving out an elbow strike.

This move was rapid and precise. It was absolutely out of the assassin’s expectation.

Qing Shui’s elbow strike hit the main Acupoint on the assassin's chest. Although it was not fully powered, blood still came spurting out from the assassin. Just as he was thrown out, Qing Shui stood before him in a flash and grabbed his neck.

“Tell me. Why are you stalking me?” Qing Shui said in a cold tone.

“You are the Battle God Inheritor!” The assassin looked pale.

“Who asked you to follow me?”

“I'm from the Shang Clan. I have to be clear of every stranger or suspicious men and the reasons they come here.”

This man did not hide anything. Qing Shui could feel that he was being honest. Besides, Qing Shui had just arrived at the Great Shang City by ‘falling from the sky’. Hence, he reckoned it was not somebody with other motives. This man should be here to only gather information. It was not a big deal if he was from the Shang Clan.

Qing Shui wanted to finish off the opponent badly, but once he did that, the Shang Clan would probably figure it out. By then, he would have conflicts with the Shang Clan.

The man seemed to be an important person in the Shang Clan. He was very strong but he was also being restrained by Qing Shui. He was defeated easily.

The skinny guy was very dumbfounded at the moment. As the Ci Demon Inheritor, he had killed a lot of stronger men with his dagger. He was swift in the dark and danced on the tip of knives. His life was dangerous and exciting. He had walked through all these years without getting harmed.

Out of his expectations, he was defeated by someone who looked young.

“Give me a reason not to kill you.” Qing Shui stared at the man.

“I've killed many but I've never killed any public citizen. The Shang Clan is not an evil family, so I only kill those who deserve it. At least, those who are involved,” The skinny man uttered slowly.

The assassin had a sharp observation. Within such a short period, he had understood something in Qing Shui’s eyes, despite not knowing his personality. He had analyzed rapidly and said that without further hesitation.

“I am new here, thinking about opening a clinic. However, I am not familiar with this place and I don't want to plead for help. Get me a place which is not too far off.” Qing Shui demanded after thinking.

“Senior, no problem.” The skinny man knew he was safe for now and everything could be negotiated.

Qing Shui released his hands and tapped on several points on the man’s body. The skinny man’s pain was greatly reduced, his previously pale face and sweaty body felt like in Heaven. His entire body was soothed at once.

“I know you are the Ci Demon Inheritor. I don't care what you do. Just remember my words. I wish nothing like this will happen again. Otherwise, I will kill you no matter who you are.” Qing Shui said while letting him lead the way.

“I know. Don't worry, senior. I would never ever dare to offend you again.” The man was respectful and obedient. In his mind, Qing Shui was a scary old monster.

“Also, don't mention a word about today’s incident. Or else, I will blame it all on you. You can leave my words behind. You can even ignore it.”

“I won't! I definitely won't!”



Yushang Street!

It was one of the largest and busiest streets in Great Shang City. Yushang Street might not be the most crowded, but it was certainly the highest-ranked one. The quality of goods here was much better and people on Yushang Street were all rich. The buildings appeared grand and the shops were luxuriously decorated.

“Senior, I have a small room here. Hope you don't mind.”

Along the journey, Qing Shui learned that the skinny man was named Lang Ci. At the moment, Lang Ci was pointing at a door while talking to Qing Shui.

The house was not very huge. There were two big rooms. It was slightly more than 50 square meters but was very tall, as tall as its surroundings. This was a small-scale, boutique herbal trading shop.

“Is this shop yours?” Qing Shui asked.

Lang Ci’s mouth twitched before he replied with a fake smile, “Yes, it's mine. Just a small business.”

“I wonder if the Shang Clan know about it.” Qing Shui asked again while smirking.

“They don't know. I bought this myself.” Lang Ci twitched again.

“Alright. I want the three lower floors and you can use the upper ones for your herbal trading. I don't want it for free. I can help you with one thing that doesn't go against the principle. Remember, I'm a doctor, probably with good skills. So, you don't have to rush to realize this promise.” Qing Shui suggested.

Lang Ci had a brief thought and nodded happily, “Thank you, senior. You want to open a clinic. you can take as many herbs as you want from my place.”

Next, Lang Ci entered the building and ordered his man to move the things to the upper floors. He even shifted his shop sign three floors higher.

There was a main staircase especially for going up by the side for external use.

Soon, floor one to three were emptied out. Qing Shui looked at the clean and vacant space. The marble floor could reflect his shadow. There was an outer and inner room which could be used as a bedroom or hidden treatment room. Meanwhile, second floor and third floor could be bedrooms.

Soon after, Lang Ci made his man gather the equipment for a clinic and racks for medicine. They were of the best quality. In a short while, it appeared like a proper clinic. Qing Shui was impressed by Lang Ci’s efficiency and decisiveness, without the slightest procrastination.

It was noon when they had settled down. At noon, Qing Shui received a signboard. Three words were carved nicely on the sign, ‘Imperial Cuisine Hall’.

Qing Shui was not in a hurry. After all, it was not official yet. Besides, it was already noon time.

“Lang Ci, let's get something to eat.”

“Okay. How about the Jade Fragrant Restaurant?” Lang Ci replied.

“Anywhere you say. I'm new here so I'm not familiar with this place.” Qing Shui nodded.

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