AST 1983 - Clan Head Lang is very powerful

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1983 - Clan Head Lang is very powerful

By now, Qing Shui didn’t know if the Clan Head Lang was being tolerant, or if he had gotten to the point of being heartless. These were all unimportant. Since he came to vandalize his shop, he must pay for what he did.

As of now, Qing Shui was still able to sense Clan Head Lang’s strength. He was at peak mid-stage of the Seventh level of Divinity, which was almost Qing Shui’s equal. Qing Shui’s current strength was worth five billion Dao Force.

Qing Shui was very sure that Clan Head Lang didn’t realize that his strength was worth five billion Dao Force. He should only be able to sense up to two billion Dao Force worth of power.

Despite already having so much strength, they still intended to unite with other clans through marriage. This caused Qing Shui to have no choice but to start taking Lang Clan seriously. However, since Clan Head Lang was able to take over the position of the clan head with his current strength, it was safe to assume that there were only a limited number of formidable warriors in the Lang Clan. If he truly was able to defeat Clan Head Lang instantly, it was very likely that he would no longer be able to move around safely outside.

In an instant, a lot of thoughts crossed Qing Shui’s mind. However, considering that he was in the Northern Ice Domain, it shouldn’t pose much of a problem to him. Qing Shui remembered Beiming Xue’s words. Her strength was ranked quite high within the Northern Ice Domain, and Qing Shui felt that defeating him might not prove to be too much of a trouble.

Thinking up to this point, Qing Shui was relieved. His own defensive prowess was basically on a stage where it could never be broken, let alone that he also had killer techniques of his own. Other than that, his current Continuous Combo was already at its Small Perfection Stage.

One mustn’t underestimate the Small Perfection Stage. Once he found the right opportunity to use it, stepping over the opponent’s strength and killing them would be as easy as turning over one’s hand. After all, not only did Qing Shui know how to hit acupoints, but he also mastered the Inch Forces and Hitting A Cow Through A Mountain. Hence, even if the opponent possessed formidable speed, defensive prowess, and strength, it would be useless in front of Qing Shui.

Qing Shui’s had the Emperor’s Qi, Heavenly Vision Techniques and many other killer moves… Once he used all of these, even Qing Shui himself might be shocked by the amount of damage he could cause.

Clan Head Lang was at a spot near the entrance. He looked around before heading outside. Naturally, Qing Shui also followed along as he walked outside. After all, if they made their moves here, the entire building was sure to be destroyed. However, near the building, there was still a huge vacant land.

When Qing Shui was standing high up in the air, he and the Clan Head Lang were sharing gazes with each other from a distance.

This time, Clan Head Lang didn’t say anything much. He immediately took out an unusual sword. The sword looked quite dull and it was glimmering with grey light. But this wasn’t the crucial point. The sword was actually quite short. It should be less than 1.5 feet long and an inch wide, which was even thinner than a dagger. On the tip of the sword, there seemed to be a sphere-like object which looked like it was made by metal.

Thinking about it in a logical way, a sword should be incomparably sharp. In comparison to the sphere, its wounding prowess should be significantly higher. However, Qing Shui was aware that for warriors who have reached his level, the weapons they used was like a misdirection. To them, their priority was to make sure that they could unleash their attacks better than how they normally used to. As to whether or not their weapons were sharp, this was not of utmost importance.

Heavenly Vision Technique!

Qing Shui moved his sight onto the short sword which the opponent was holding. As the saying went “Know yourself, and also know your enemy.” Only by doing so would you prevail over 100 battles. As soon as Qing Shui looked at the short sword, he immediately felt a sense of chill down his spine. He never expected for the opponent to use something like that.

The Numbness Sabre!

Its main feature laid on the Sphere of Numbness which was on the tip of the sword. The ability to paralyze the opponent could be considered as one of the most precious abilities a warrior could ever have. It was a very rare kind of ability. Normally, one would only succeed in gaining this ability by obtaining the Numbness Heart from the demonic beasts and further refining it. Moreover, the ability to paralyze the opponents was also not as good as directly owning the Numbness Heart of a demonic beast.

Luckily, he possessed the Heavenly Vision Technique. Otherwise, it was likely that he would only learn about it once the Paragon Golden Armor showed up. Though he might have found out about it, it didn’t mean that the weapon would be any less threatening to him.

Qing Shui took out his own Golden Battle Halberd. Though it was unlikely that the Golden Battle Halberd could prevent the opponent’s weapon from paralyzing him.

“Are you ready? I will give you the privilege to make your move first. I am afraid that once I began my move, you won’t even be able to do anything much.” Clan Head Lang smiled and said.

If it wasn’t Qing Shui whom he met today, even if it was another man with a strength worth five billion Dao Force, Clan Head Lang would still be confident that he could finish off his opponent within ten moves or less.

Qing Shui didn’t try to hold back. He immediately swung his Golden Battle Halberd and drilled his way through Clan Head Lang with the Nine Stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique. Long ranged weapons would also have their own benefits.

Clan Head Lang couldn’t bother too much about these. It was as if he thought very poorly of this technique. As soon as his figure moved, he immediately appeared next to Qing Shui who was on the offensive. He parried Qing Shui’s attack with a simple move using the unusual short dagger in his hand.


Both sides went back by three steps at the same time.

Qing Shui was in a great shock. The reason being that at the instant they clashed, the speed of the Clan Head Lang’s weapon went up by multiple times. Initially, Qing Shui didn’t really intend to clash against his weapon, but it still did in the end. Qing Shui’s body felt numb as he stepped back. Though he was still barely able to cancel it out, during this process, it was not entirely impossible if the opponent wanted to do something to him.

Similarly, Clan Head Lang was also in a shock, but he was an expert at masking his feelings. Thus, he seemed more like he was just toying around with Qing Shui. His eyes when he looked at Qing Shui just showed pure disdain towards him.

Nevertheless, Qing Shui had his way to deal against him. For example, he had the Nine Continents Mountain.

Qing Shui was a bit reluctant to use it for the time being. He wanted to preserve his trump cards until it was necessary to use them. Other than that, Qing Shui knew that Clan Head Lang had held back against him on their first clash. Otherwise, he would have followed up and attempted to pursue and attack Qing Shui.

This time, Clan Head Lang finally made his move. His figure was so fast that it left an afterimage behind.

It seemed that Clan Head Lang also walked the path of the assassins. Unluckily for him, with the Heavenly Vision Technique, the shadows that filled up the whole sky had proven to be ineffective against Qing Shui. The only thing Qing Shui saw was just one person. Furthermore, he had also become a lot slower in his visual. Deep down, Qing Shui was very upset. Competing with him in speed was like seeking death.

It was undeniable that Clan Head Lang was very fast, particularly his speed during close combat. His reaction time was shockingly fast.

The Golden Battle Halberd in Qing Shui’s hand left behind a track which resembled an enormous golden dragon as it struck its way towards the Clan Head Lang. Qing Shui was able to detect the position of the real Clan Head Lang, hence, as he saw the attack approaching him, Clan Head Lang had no choice but to dodge it and switch to a different technique.

Clan Head Lang was very fast in changing his techniques. Furthermore, he changed each of his attacks with very clear motives, it was for the sole purpose of clashing against Qing Shui’s Golden Battle Halberd.

Qing Shui’s motive was to avoid clashing against the opponent’s weapon while also thinking of a way to attack the opponent’s body.

Just as Qing Shui once again dodged the attacks, Clan Head Lang’s figure moved in towards him at an unbelievable speed. His speed was so fast that it couldn’t be described by words. The only thing Qing Shui saw was a flash of light striking at his body.

Qing Shui’s Paragon Golden Armor didn't appear. This showed that despite the attacks landing on his chest, the opponent’s attacks weren’t strong enough to fatally wound him. However, he still felt numbness across his body. Thus, Clan Head Lang didn’t just stop at that, he immediately started slashing his daggers again and again at Qing Shui.

This time, Qing Shui managed to step away from the barrage of attacks. Following on, the opponent attacked him from the bottom.

Unluckily, Qing Shui couldn’t dodge it in time. The feeling of numbness across his body got even stronger. This attack drew out a scar in front of Qing Shui’s chest. Though the wound he suffered wasn’t that heavy, it was undeniable that he got hit by it. That was indeed a decent weapon. At the moment when Qing Shui backed off, Clan Head Lang took the advantage and immediately shot the sphere on the tip of the Numbness Sabre towards Qing Shui’s chest.

Qing Shui looked very calm. The opponent wasn’t as fast as him, yet he had a battle technique which could allow him to boost his speed by multiple times. Luckily, the battle technique only worked for an instant. The time at which the technique lasted should be very short. Nevertheless, it was enough for him to actually deal damages to Qing Shui.

Other than that, it was Clan Head Lang’s speed, offensive prowess and his body’s reactions… They were all very fearsome. He was the man with the fastest speed and reactions whom Qing Shui had ever met by far. With the further aid provided by the Numbness Sabre, he could very easily kill off his opponent in an instant. If it wasn’t for Qing Shui’s formidable defensive prowess, he would have long been dead by now.

Clan Head Lang was also very surprised. Initially, he thought that these few hits were all it took for him to beat his opponent. But now, it seemed that he might have underestimated Qing Shui. Nevertheless, this wasn’t important. It made no difference to the fact that Qing Shui must die.

Clan Head Lang once again appeared with a faint Wind Aura around him. Qing Shui immediately knew that his opponent was going to use the technique from before. This time Qing Shui wouldn’t be as gentle as before. He immediately unleashed the Art of Pursuing at him.

Art of Pursuing!

Heavenly Vision Technique!

In an instant, the opponent lost his speed advantage. To make things worse, Clan Head Lang wasn’t really sure of what happened. The only thing he was aware of was that his speed had dropped slightly. Nevertheless, he still felt that it wouldn’t cause a significant change in the outcome of the battle. His only problem was that he seemed to have neglected Qing Shui’s Heavenly Vision Technique.

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