AST 1984 - Exchanging can solve the issues of you vandalizing my things? Has your brain been squashed?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1984 - Exchanging can solve the issues of you vandalizing my things? Has your brain been squashed?

Clan Head Lang appeared once again next to Qing Shui. The Numbness Sabre in his hand was shining with chilly light as it pierced its way towards Shui’s chest. Its speed had become even faster than before.

It was a pity. For the current Qing Shui, it seemed as if the opponent had become a few times slower than before. Of course, this was only from Qing Shui’s perspective. Right at the moment when Clan Head Lang was about to pierce through Qing Shui, Qing Shui’s figure disappeared. He managed to dodge the attack with a cold light across his body.

From the outsider’s perspective, it was not that the Clan Head Lang was slow. On the contrary, Qing Shui was the one who became faster, a lot, lot faster!

Faint golden light could be seen emitting across Qing Shui’s Golden Battle Halberd.

Qing Shui had long since achieved the state of lifting heavy weights like lifting feathers. At the moment, the heavy Golden Battle Halberd was as fast as wind as it unleashed its fierce attacks on Clan Head Lang’s back. The formidable power crushed Clan Head Lang and blew him away.

Now, it was Qing Shui’s turn. Qing Shui’s figure was even faster than Clan Head Lang. The Golden Battle Halberd in his hand was like a dragon. His movement seemed just as agile as when he was using his sword techniques. At the moment when Clan Head Lang attempted to dodge away, Qing Shui’s attack landed on his left ribs.


Qing Shui knew that this attack had crushed at least three of the opponent’s ribs.

A trace of fresh blood dripped out of the corner of Clan Head Lang’s mouth as his figure got blown away by Qing Shui. Prior to this, all that the Clan Head Lang thought about was to take away his life. Thus, Qing Shui felt that he had no obligation to hold back.

Everything went smoothly for Qing Shui due to his Heavenly Vision Technique. If he didn’t have it, it was very likely that he would have to rely on his Nine Continents Mountain. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for him to defeat Clan Head Lang. Or rather, even if he could defeat him in the end, he would still end up very exhausted. After all, he did have his Paragon Strike, the Xuantian Seal and so forth in reserve. Thus, he should be able to deal with this opponent.

Qing Shui carried along the Golden Battle Halberd while spiralling into a huge golden windmill as he neared the Clan Head Lang.

Since the Clan Head Lang had felt its tyrannical might, he didn’t dare clash directly against Qing Shui. Even if he had the Numbness Sabre with him at the moment, he had suffered a few injuries. If he was to be impacted further by Qing Shui’s tyrannical power, even if he didn’t die from it, it was very likely that he would have to spend the rest of his life on a bed.

Right at the moment when Qing Shui’s revolving figure was nearing the Clan Head Lang, a human figure immediately bursted out. It was heading towards the Clan Head Lang at full force with a long weapon in its hand.

This strike contained incomparably fearsome power. Compared to the strength of the Revolving Windmill from before, this was a lot more fearsome and powerful.

Clan Head Lang’s face turned pale. What kind of an existence was this? The longer they fought, the more ferocious Qing Shui became. Now, even if the Numbness Sabre clashed against Qing Shui, he would barely feel a thing. It was always said that ‘in front of absolute strength, anything would turn into a paper tiger and become very fragile.’

Clan Head Lang didn’t manage to dodge away from it. He realized that he had been locked on by his opponent. After all, in terms of strength, he was also inferior to Qing Shui. Now, he felt that he was at a huge disadvantage. Not only was he unable to block the opponent’s attack, but he also couldn’t dodge away from it. He was confused. When the fight had just begun, he was the one with the upper hand.


A loud and clear cracking noise came through as a result of Qing Shui’s fearsome strike. It sounded as though he had crushed something. Qing Shui knew that some defensive items which was attached to the opponent’s body had cracked. This was actually quite normal. In fact, it would be abnormal if the the Lang Clan’s Clan Head didn’t have some treasures like that.

Qing Shui once again swung his Golden Battle Halberd and constantly unleashed the Nine Stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique. It was incomparably crafty and had already been mixed in with Qing Shui’s Basic Sword Technique. Even then, he was still holding back quite a bit, considering he hadn’t mixed in his ability to hit acupoints and land Continuous Combos. As of now, he was barely able to blend in his Continuous Combos ability into his techniques.

Clan Head Lang seemed to have relit his battle spirit once again. The Numbness Sabre in his hand also started shining brightly, particularly the Numbness Sphere on the tip of the sword. It was giving out grey light, causing it to look very unusual.

His figure became very blurry. It looked just like a grey shadow.

Qing Shui immediately used his Heavenly Vision Technique. He was a real, solid existence that was doing the running motions on the spot with an incredible speed. Therefore, it seemed like he was forming a faint grey shadow while not moving at all.

Qing Shui also knew that he wasn’t intentionally trying to run away. He wouldn’t want to waste his Origin Force like that. It was very likely that this was an effect brought forth by a certain thing on his body.

All of these were not of importance. It was crucial that Qing Shui defeated him under the condition that he didn’t use the Nine Continents Mountain and other things.

God’s Devour!

Clan Head Lang’s figure suddenly appeared behind Qing Shui. The Numbness Sabre in his hand carried a sharp light as it pierced towards Qing Shui’s neck. All of these happened very quietly.

Qing Shui’s Spiritual Sense had long since become capable of looking from 360 degree angles. He shut his eyes and already detected Clan Head Lang without effort. His figure twisted in a strange way and he immediately landed a kick on his opponent.


To everyone’s surprises, Clan Head Lang actually got kicked away!

Tiger Tailwhip Kick!

As of now, Clan Head Lang felt as if he had swallowed a fly. He never expected that after using his killer technique, he would actually be kicked away. Furthermore, all of the organs across his body were actually injured from this kick.

At the instant he got kicked away, Qing Shui’s Golden Battle Halberd was like a phantom as it appeared in front of Clan Head Lang’s chest.

Seeing the approaching Golden Battle Halberd, Clan Head Lang became very terrified. He instinctively avoided the hit to his vital spots. Even with the Numbness Sabre in his hand, he wasn’t able to parry the Golden Battle Halberd in time.


The Golden Battle Halberd pierced through Clan Head Lang’s shoulder.

“Please show mercy!”

Right at this moment, an extremely old voice came through. The next thing he saw was Clan Head Lang being taken away.

Qing Shui came to a stop and immediately probed the person who suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He was an old man, a very very old, old man. He looked as if he might pass away anytime soon.

The old man had a very hunched back. He seemed just like a poor, ordinary old man while wearing a very ragged cloth.

“Ah… Deaf old man…… Grandpa…..”

Clan Head Lang was in disbelief. The old man was a deaf person and also came from the Lang Clan. He usually spent his day sweeping the floor in the courtyard and was someone whom people paid very little attention to. It was because he hardly talked, people would often call him the deaf old man. They all assumed that the reason why he didn’t speak was because he was unable to hear. Nevertheless, some people still knew that he wasn’t actually deaf.

But who would have expected that the seemingly-deaf old man possessed power like this? Not only was he able to grab Clan Head Lang, but he also managed to block Qing Shui’s formidable attack.

The old man put down Clan Head Lang and said softly, “Listen to me, stop what you are doing and make amends with him. Even if it means that you will have to pay a very high price, you still have to do it.”

By now, Clan Head Lang listened to what the old man had to say very carefully. He knew that the old man was an extraordinary person. Furthermore, he also treated him very well. With that being the case, he no longer had to worry about his position in the Lang Clan. With his own innate talent, he would definitely be able to stand at the top.

Clan Head Lang nodded. He endured the pain in his shoulder and said, “Today, I will admit that it’s my defeat. As the saying goes, you never get to know a person until you exchange blows with them. Can we just forget about the things which happens today?”

When the old man heard Clan Head Lang’s words, he let out a sigh and he shook his head slightly. Although he was smart, he had never been able to let go of his arrogance. Ever since then, he walked a crooked path. In an instant, he lacked a kind of aura around his body. Similarly, he had also lost many things, including his fighting spirits. Though he might be smart, it was unfortunate that sometimes, he was very short-sighted.

Qing Shui had no good feelings about people like him who would show no mercy to women and children. If he wouldn’t even hesitate to lay his hands on his own wife and children, who would be spared from his deadly fingers? What principles did he still live by? Qing Shui despised this kind of person.

“Haha, do you seriously think that the Imperial Cuisine Hall is a place which you can come and leave as you like? A place which you can vandalize whenever you feel like it?” Qing Shui smiled and looked at him. He seemed like he was trying to toy with him.

Certain people managed to understand Qing Shui’s words. Why didn’t he speak when the Imperial Cuisine Hall was being vandalized? And why didn’t he try to stop them?

Clan Head Lang immediately revealed a hideous expression, “Well then, please allow me to exchange the things which I have crushed today with my properties.”

Qing Shui let out his arm and waved his hand, “Do you seriously think that it will be fine as long as you exchange the things which you have crushed with your own stuff? Have you squashed your brain or something? As if there will be such a cheap thing in the world! If you truly want to do that, I demand you to recover this place to exactly the same as before! If I spot any differences, you cannot leave this place alive.”

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