AST 1985 - Master, Please Bestow Me A New Name, Qing Ci!

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1985 - Master, Please Bestow Me A New Name, Qing Ci!

Qing Shui was very straightforward with his words. It could be said that he didn’t leave the slightest face to the Clan Head Lang. Since the Clan Head Lang was someone of high status. Naturally, he would be very upset. His first reaction was that he wanted to kill the person in front of him.

But soon, he immediately realized that he was not his opponent. It seemed that at the moment, even his very life was in the hand of this opponent.

He forcefully swallowed down this anger. Clan Head Lang’s expression looked hideous. Nevertheless, he still calmed down and spoke, “Well then, tell me, how do you think this shall be solved?”

“Didn’t I just tell you? I want you to recover this place to exactly how it was before. I won’t make things more difficult for you.”

As of now, Clan Head Lang was almost going nuts. If this still wasn’t considered ‘making things difficult for people’, what exactly would be considered as truly ‘making things difficult’?

“Fine, I will admit that today is my defeat. Tell me, what shall I do to earn your forgiveness?” In a way, Clan Head Lang could be considered to have given in to his fear. He regretted what he said before. If he had known things would turn out like this, he would have been better off not mentioning the things from before. He didn’t know that it was precisely that particular sentence which made the old man totally lost faith in him.

Qing Shui also didn’t intend to crush the Lang Clan. Putting aside whether or not he was strong enough to do that, even if he was, he couldn’t just destroy anyone as he liked. Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been anyone left in this world. A big fish would eat a smaller fish, a smaller fish would consume an even smaller one. This was the basic principle of living. Eventually, the big fish would also become full. It couldn’t just eat whatever smaller fish it came across. Whether or not it could still eat it also remained a question. It would also have to see ahead and consider the outcome. This was a kind of rules in food-chains. It was not something which could be snapped so easily.

Qing Shui smiled and said, “My Imperial Cuisine Hall has been vandalized by you to the point that it is no longer suitable for living. The people who were here have also been scared away by you and most importantly, my reputation may have been tarnished by what you did. Think about it, if it had been your shop that’s vandalized on the first day it opened, no one wouldn’t feel upset about it. Don’t you think so too?”

As of now, Clan Head Lang truly felt like spurting out blood. He was the one that was being hit and scared. Most importantly, it should be his reputation that was tarnished. He had given in to his fear, what more could Qing Shui lose? Though he admitted that he might have crushed some of Qing Shui’s stuffs, it was him who had lost his face, and now, he knew that it wouldn’t help no matter what he said. He could only see what his opponent expected him to give.

“Sir, just say it. As long as it’s something within my capability, I will definitely agree to whatever your request may be.” As of now, the only thing which Clan Head Lang wanted to do was to sort out the current problem. He would wait for the future, when he became even stronger to gain back his ground.

“My place has been vandalized and is no longer suited for living. Apparently, located somewhere near here, you have a manor which may be quite suitable for me to open the Imperial Cuisine Hall.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

Clan Head Lang’s heart thumped. That place? That place was a hundred times, or maybe even a thousand times more valuable than this place of yours. Unlucky for him, he had no other option. Being under the eave, he could do nothing other than lowering his head… Deep down, his heart was bleeding. “I will take it in… I can take it in…” thought he.

“Alright! I will give it to you! With that, can I finally leave now?” Actually, Clan Head Lang was very upset since that place was entirely new. It had just finished its renovation and he hadn’t even gotten to move in yet. How could this beast already know that it was his manor?

“Why are you in such a rush? There might also be an alternate way. Instead of giving me the manor, you can also let me cripple your cultivations. I won’t kill you either and will also let you go. What do you think about that?” Qing Shui was totally suppressing him with his aura. It would take him just an instant to cripple him.

Clan Head Lang became really terrified. His face looked unusually pale as he looked at Qing Shui, “Tell me whatever conditions that you want. I will comply with every single one of them.”

“Other than the house, do not get near this woman and her child ever. Remember this, if anything happens to them, it doesn’t matter who did it. The first person I will look for is you. I will take your life without any hesitation. Be it whether you believe me or not. This is all that I will say to you.”

Clan Head Lang’s face once again twitched when he heard Qing Shui’s words. Nevertheless, he still nodded, “Alright, I promise you!”

Qing Shui smiled as he waved his hand at his opponent gesturing that he could leave.

The Lang Clan left. After this incident, Qing Shui immediately took most of the spotlight around the area. To think that he actually managed to force the Lang Clan to this extent alone… Nevertheless, Qing Shui was aware that this wouldn’t be the end. There would definitely be other members of the Lang Clan who would hold grudges against him.

Nevertheless, Qing Shui wasn’t worried. He brought along Lang Ci and the others, and immediately took the Clan Head Lang’s new manor, letting the people of the Imperial Cuisine Hall move there.

The Imperial Cuisine Hall could finally be considered to have opened. For three days, all treatments were for free.

The manor which he got from the Lang Clan was indeed very outstanding. Initially, Qing Shui shouldn’t know about this manor, but Lang Ci was the one who told him about it. This manor was a lot bigger than the one which Lang Ci gave to Qing Shui.

Most importantly, this was an independent manor since there were courtyards around the area. It was a huge manor. Not only was there a frontyard, but there was also a backyard. It hadn’t been that long since this place finished its renovation. It had been cleaned entirely. Furthermore, some necessary furnitures were also all-new and available.

These saved up a lot of trouble for Qing Shui. Very soon, the Imperial Cuisine Hall opened its business here. This place was located not far away from the Jade Fragrant Pavilion.

The woman from the Jade Fragrant Pavilion also went along with Qing Shui and ended up here. Qing Shui was a bit confused with what she did. Nevertheless, he didn’t ask about it. If she wanted to follow, so be it.

The moving this time was very simple. After all, they only had to move a limited amount of things. With the realm available, moving became even easier.

After being busy for a while, about half of the afternoon passed. As Qing Shui looked at the current Imperial Cuisine Hall, he couldn’t help but reveal a happy smile.

For a long time, Lang Ci was unable to recover from the fear which he got from Qing Shui. The impact which Qing Shui gave him was too huge. Even the Clan Head Lang was defeated by him… He was very curious to see Qing Shui’s true strength. Therefore, he might have made the right choice following him here.

The other surprised person was Madam Lang. Similarly, the woman was yet able to calm herself down. Today, she had already planned for the worst. But never would she have thought that this man would be able to assure her and her child’s safety. What exactly was his motive behind treating her like that?

She wouldn’t think that Qing Shui liked her, as at the moment, she knew that someone like Qing Shui wouldn’t lack women around him. Just like the women from the Jade Fragrant Pavilion. Though at the moment, nothing much was going on, she could feel that this beautiful woman was already starting to show some interests in Qing Shui. The curiosity a woman had on a man was already a very obvious signal. Basically, it only meant that the majority of women who showed such symptoms would eventually fall into the trap and went beyond the point of no return.

She could already be considered as a withered willow, hence, she didn’t think that Qing Shui would be attracted to her. During this time, she could feel that Qing Shui was an upright man. His eyes looked very tranquil. Other than that, it was her sixth sense. Women’s sixth sense tended to be very fearsome.

Actually, Qing Shui wasn't that complicated. He conveniently gave aid to others. Also, he also needed someone to take charge of the Imperial Cuisine Hall. He felt that this woman should be suitable for the job. With his aid, she could achieve fearsome heights in her cultivation. If nothing went wrong, it was likely that it wouldn’t take long for her to surpass the Clan Head Lang.

In addition, this woman was also very intelligent. She was very talented in her medical expertise. Maybe because of her son, she was quite persistent when it came to her medical expertise. With all that’s said, Qing Shui was still quite satisfied with the woman at the moment. No matter from what perspective he used to look at the woman, he felt that she was the most suitable for the job.

After acting formally with Qing Shui, the owner of the Jade Fragrant Pavilion smiled. Qing Shui also no longer acted reserved. He felt that this woman was very mysterious. To a woman like this, Qing Shui felt that it was best if he kept an appropriate distance. Besides, it didn’t seem like there were any reasons for them to be close either.

“Oh yes, what’s your name?” When the Imperial Cuisine Hall quieted down, Qing Shui smiled and asked Madam Lang.

“Everything which happened today made me feel as if I have been reborn… I would like to worship you as my master… Please pardon me, can master please bestow me a new name?” The woman looked at Qing Shui and immediately kneeled down.

This was a miserable woman. However, Qing Shui never realized that things would turn out this way. As he looked at the woman’s eyes that were persistent, deep down, he felt emotionally touched. He nodded, “In the future, go by the surname Qing like me. You will henceforth be called Qing Ci, which is homonym to the word “ci”. Bidding farewell to everything which happens in your past. You are Qing Ci. The things which happened yesterday has already gone far away from you. With the name Qing Ci, you should build a glorious future for yourself.”


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