AST 1986 - The mysterious Yin-Yang Finger

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1986 - The mysterious Yin-Yang Finger

Qing Shui also wasn’t sure how he ended taking this disciple. Back then when the Thirteenth Prince became his disciple, Xia Clan’s Patriarch gave him the Immortal Dao Divine Origin as a gift for doing so. But unlike last time, this time, he got nothing in return. Instead, the only thing which he got was trouble for himself. Nevertheless, he didn’t regret it even one bit since he was doing it out of his own will.

“Thank you, master!”

After going through the master-disciple-ceremony which included pouring the tea and kowtowing to Qing Shui, Qing Ci was officially under Qing Shui’s wings. However, Qing Shui didn’t announce it to the public. There was no need for him to publicize things like these. He supported Qing Ci up and looked at the woman with a miserable life. He then took out a few small bottles and gave it to her, “Let me bring you to a place to help you stabilize your strength.”

He immediately passed the Imperial Cuisine Hall to Lang Ya before taking Qing Ci to the backyard. Impurities Cleansing, Constitution Nurturing, Gold Needle Acupuncture. Qing Shui did all of that. When the Divine Tribulation finally arrived, it meant that Qing Ci had broken through her current peak False God Realm and achieved the Divine Grade. Prior to this, Qing Ci was already walking back and forth in between the two grades for a long time. With the aids that Qing Shui provided today, it would have been weird if she didn’t break through.

It didn’t just stop at that. She broke through right away to the peak First Level Divine Grade and was still ongoing. After that, the lightning from her Divine Tribulation went from being the first level into the Second Level Divine Tribulation.

It only came to a stop when she reached the peak Second Level Divine Grade. At the same time, Qing Ci also managed to greatly stabilize her strength. Upon taking in the Divine Tribulation, her strength was now even more powerful and stable.

Qing Ci revealed a happy smile on her face. By now, she had finally understood Qing Shui’s ability. Deep down, she was also aware that this was only the tip of the iceberg from his strength. She didn’t know if she was the one in luck, to be able to encounter a man like him. Now that he became her master, it was as if she was given another chance to start a new life.

Qing Shui took out a set of things which he forged himself. The Magic weapons which he refined now was only suitable for warriors below the Martial Emperor Level. However, the things which he forged, had become very powerful. As of now, the items, which remained within Qing Shui’s realm, were all on False God or Semi-Divine Artifact Level.

Plain Garment Silver Threads, Windcloud Boots and also the Skysilk Silver Thread Boxing Gloves.

With these things aiding her, Qing Ci’s strength increased significantly. The Plain Garment Silver Thread boosted her strength and defensive prowess. The Windcloud Boots helped to raise her speed. Last but not least, the boxing gloves also boosted her offensive prowess, it even amplified her ability to ignore the opponent’s defense and poison immunity. At the same time, the accessories were also as thin as cicada’s wings to prevent causing any hindrances to her movements.

“Qing Ci, attack me with your Yin-Yang Finger and Upside Down Yin-Yang Step.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“Yes, master!” Qing Ci knew that Qing Shui wanted to see her proficiency in martial arts. If he felt that it was necessary, it was likely that he would pass his own martial arts knowledge to her.

Initially, she was supposed to be very confident with her own ability. But now, she was a bit nervous. Nevertheless, she still decided to go through with it. He was her master, it didn’t matter whether or not her Yin-Yang Finger was acceptable to him. Worst come to worst, she could just refine her martial arts once again with this master of hers.

Qing Ci moved. Maybe because she just broke through, she seemed to be a bit unfamiliar with her body. But she very quickly managed to adapt to it. Her figure looked very unusual. It seemed as if there were a lot of alternate directions which she could go for. By a rough number, there should be about seven directions which she could take. From here, it could be said that it was very similar to the Seven Stars Step.

Qing Ci attacked Qing Shui. Both of her arms were like agile Spiritual Snakes. Their movements were very messy. At the moment when she struck Qing Shui, her attacks would be unleashed through the joints of her fingers. Naturally, Qing Shui wasn’t scared of her attacks. After dodging it a few times, he let Qing Ci struck him with her fingers.


Qing Shui was stunned when the Yin-yang Finger landed on him. It was a very unusual finger technique, wherever she hit, the spot would start heating up. At times, the spot which she struck would feel cold instead. “Ah, so this was how it was.” thought Qing Shui. Her right hand represented Yin, whereas her left hand represented Yang. Yin and Yang in each of her hands. It was as if she could turn the entire world upside down.

The footwork which she used was the Upside Down Yin-Yang Steps!

It was a highly unusual and complex footwork. If one practiced it well, a lot of energy could be drawn from it. Furthermore, the Yin-yang combat style somehow shared some similarities with hitting acupoints and meridians. Qing Shui was feeling it, feeling the Yin-yang force which entered his body. It was very mysterious and it seemed to be capable of messing up the Yin-yang energy within one’s body.

Nevertheless, the gap in strength between Qing Shui and Qing Ci was too large. Hence, the energy was unable to hurt him. If their strength had been close to one another, the outcome would have been very unpredictable. By then, this force would be very fearsome, and whether or not he could block it would be a mystery.

Qing Shui had the Heavenly Vision Technique. Hence, in a way, he could very easily detect the mysterious features of Yin-yang Finger and Yin-yang Steps. At least for now, Qing Shui could go to the extent of imitating it. The main thing was that he was now able to unleash its power, which was one of the hardest things to grasp.

After a while, Qing Shui gestured Qing Ci to stop. He nodded and said, “In the future, it will be better if you continue cultivating your Yin-Yang Finger and Upside Down Yin-yang Step. In addition, starting today, you will have to learn about things regarding certain acupoints and meridians, and also things related to the Qi and Blood. Once you have learned all of these, the strength of your Yin-yang Finger will be multiplied in folds. Not to mention, it is also something which is compulsory to learn in the medical fields.”

“I will follow along every single of master’s arrangements!” Qing Ci said in joy.


On the next day, the Imperial Cuisine Hall began offering free treatments to the public for three days. Qing Shui was alone and Qing Ci would observe him from the side. While Qing Shui was treating the patients, he would also explain to her about the patient’s condition. After listening to Qing Shui’s explanation, she also didn’t forget to note it down. For the past few years, she had seen a lot of medical books. She just lacked a master that would give her enough support to use the knowledge.

Qing Shui used the simplest and also the most appropriate way to explain to her. Moving on, he began explaining to her about the diagnosis procedure, the ways to prescribe medicines, what each symptom represented and what medicinal herbs were required to counter it.

After a while, Qing Shui decided that he would teach Qing Ci the Meridians Knocking Souls Pulling. This way, she would be able to accurately determine the illness of the patients. Hence, he made sure that she remembered all type of illnesses and their corresponding prescriptions and medicines.


It was normal if some people want to take advantage out of something. Though this place was the Jade Business Street, there would also be a lot of ordinary people across it. Regardless of whether one came with the purpose of having fun or had some errands to run, when they saw a clinic with quite an imposing style doing treatments for free, it would still somehow attract their attention.

However, certain people with higher status would usually look down upon physicians. In fact, they already had their own physicians or alchemists who specifically attended to the illnesses within their own clan.

Qing Shui couldn’t care less about this. For now, he was only trying to build a name for himself. It was for free. Also, some poor people or people from ordinary backgrounds were given more privilege. The people with higher authorities or nobilities couldn’t care less about these it. In fact, Qing Shui was also quite reluctant to give it to them. But in the future, when they found out that Qing Shui once did his treatments for free, they would regret not coming for the past three days.

Qing Shui’s speed in diagnosing was very fast. Most of the time, he would list out the prescriptions and help them to look for the medicines. These medicines were just of decent values. Regarding the patients who were extremely poor, Qing Shui would get them their medicines from Lang Ci’s place for free.

Lang Ya attended to his duties and helped out. Meanwhile, he also felt like crying.,

On the second day, the Imperial Cuisine Hall’s name had already begun to spread around the villages. It was all because Qing Shui demanded a very little fee for each of his treatments. He was also a good person and occasionally, would exempt the people from their treatment’s fee. Another feature of him was that no matter who he treated, he could basically cure them instantly. An important thing about the physicians was their status, which was slightly lower compared to the alchemists. When a physician tried to treat a disease, not only would it take very long for their treatment to take effect, but they would also become helpless whenever they were faced with serious injuries or illnesses.

The miraculous alchemists, on the other hand, were capable of refining different kinds of medicinal pills, to target against different kinds of situations. The pills also took effect very fast. Furthermore, some formidable alchemists might even be able to refine medicinal pills which helped to bring a person back to life.

Hence, usually, it would be very rare for people with high status or positions to look for physicians. Alchemists were the ones whom they would usually go for.

Qing Ci had a very powerful innate talent, even Qing Shui was a bit shocked by it. On the third day, Qing Shui sat next to Qing Ci and watched her as she diagnosed the patients and prescribed medicines for them. After that, Qing Shui would look through her prescriptions. This kind of practical experience could bring significant benefits to her and help her improve her skills at a very fast rate.

However, on the third day, just as the treatments were about to finish, a group of people came. There were about sixty of them and they were dressed in luxurious clothes. The person taking the lead was a man with a youthful look. He was standing on a spot not so far away, looking at Qing Shui.

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