AST 1989 - Not only do you look ugly, you are also very stupid!

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1989 - Not only do you look ugly, you are also very stupid!

“Ah… You little slut… To think that even you knows how to attend to one’s illnesses.”

A voice which wasn’t that pleasant to hear came through. The tone of the voice sounded sharp and at the same time also harsh. When Qing Ci heard that voice, her body trembled. She has heard this voice for far too many times. Though this woman had no cultivations, she was still able to take full advantage of her.

She had a good background and was a member of Shang Clan. She was also the wife of Clan Head Lang. There were times when Qing Ci would also want to give her a good beating, so much so that she would even feel like killing her. But all it took was the person to say one sentence and Qing Ci would have had to obediently bear all the mistakes on herself.

“It’s fine if you don’t show no concern to yourself. But how about your son? Don’t you think it will be a miserable thing if he grows up without a mother?”

It was precisely this sentence! The woman from Shang Clan also knew that if she really did lay her hand on Qing Ci’s son, Qing Ci would definitely put everything at stake just to kill her.

At the moment, she was the wife of Clan Head Lang. However, she was aware that Clan Head Lang didn’t actually like her, he merely married her for his clan. The restriction in the body of Qing Ci’s child was left behind by Clan Head Lang. He did so backthen to get married to the woman from Shang Clan.

When Qing Ci saw the woman from Shang Clan, she only said in a cold tone, “Why are you here? We don’t welcome you here.”

“A slut will always stay a slut. To think that you managed to find a man in such a short time. You must have been very lonely living without a single man for the past few years.” The woman from Shang Clan was very harsh with her words. At this moment, the people in the surroundings had also begun looking at Qing Ci with weird eyes. After all, Qing Ci was an extreme beauty.

“You can insult me all you want. But don’t insult my master, you are not qualified enough to do that.” Qing Ci didn’t seem to be angry. The hardships she had been through during these past few years were even tougher than listening to these insults.

“Master? Hahaha, to think that you would actually fall for this kind of man!” The woman from Shang Clan bursted into an impudent laughter.

“Alright, I have told you before that we don’t welcome you here. Please don’t bother me while I am attending to the patient’s illness.” Qing Ci said in a calm tone.

“You don’t welcome me here? Other people may not know, but don’t you know that this manor belongs to Lang Clan?” The woman from Shang Clan said in a grumpy tone.

Qing Ci didn’t bother to even lift up her head. She said, “That’s in the past. All I know is that this place now belongs to my master.”

“You little slut, I am here today to take back the manor. Do you seriously think that your master will be able to stop both Lang and Shang Clan?” The woman from Shang Clan chuckled.

“Where does this disgusting woman come from? Get back to wherever garbage place you came from. You are just like a bitch, biting whatever you see.”At this moment, Qing Shui showed up. Before this, Qing Shui had been attending to the patient’s illness inside. But he still managed to hear every single words which came out of the woman’s mouth very clearly.

In the past, Qing Ci has always been wronged. But after all, at that time, he didn’t share any relations with her. However, things were different this time, she was his own disciple. That’s just like her being his daughter. Hence, Qing Shui was very angry. Naturally, he wouldn’t act so friendly with this woman.

“You…… You dare accuse me? Oh, so you are Qing Ci’s master. I wonder if you have been sleeping on your disciple’s be dat night…..”


Before the woman could even finish her sentence, Qing Shui has already landed a good slap on her face. His movement was very fast. By the time everyone reacted to it, the woman of Shang Clan has already flown outwards.

At this moment, among the people whom she brought along, an elderly man moved his figure. He quickly hopped near the woman from Shang Clan and captured her before heading back to his original spot.

“You dare hit me?” The woman from Shang Clan looked like she saw something which shocked her greatly.

“Believe me or not, speak one more, and I will slap you again. The person who gets married to you must have run into eight incarnations of bad lucks! Not only do you look ugly, you are also stupid! That man must have been blind! Even if you are to be given to me for free, I would still reject it!” Qing Shui was very harsh with his words. But against women like this, he could be even harsher and things would still be fine.

“You bastard! Hmph! I could already tell with one look that you must have been drugged by that whore! Some women would be better off left alone! I am here today to take back the things which originally belonged to Lang Clan.” The woman from Shang Clan stopped accusing Qing Shui. The things which happened before had already embarrassed her enough.

Nevertheless, Qing Shui still knitted his brows. This time however, he didn’t lay his hands on her. Instead, he looked at her coldly, “Tell me, what are you, a powerless woman doing outside instead of taking care of your husband and child at home? But well, I can tell that you should be safe being like that. Only some blind men would want to get their hands on you.”

“You, you little slut! This is Lang Clan’s manor! I am taking it back now! Get ready to get the FUCK out of here!” The woman from Lang Clan pointed at Qing Shui and said in an angry tone.

“Lang Clan’s? Have your brain gone missing from being kicked by a camel? Take out an evidence to prove that it is Lang Clan’s.” Qing Shui said in a disdainful tone.

The “title deed” during this time didn’t have names on it. It didn’t even have so much as a signature. This world followed the Law of the Jungle. When a person was strong, anything could be negotiated. If he was to claim a certain property to be his, without a question, it would be his. Once he lost his strength however, it shouldn’t be long until it got taken away from him, so much so that he might even lose his life for it.

Another thing was that there was no name in a title deed. This was just for convenience in the case when the owner wanted to transfer it to someone else. Whoever that held the title deed would have the property under them.

“Hmph, don’t go and start assuming that the things here belongs to you just because you took away the title deeds from Lang Clan. I am going to ask you just this once, are you getting out of this place or not?” The woman from Shang Clan glared at Qing Shui. Since receiving the slap from this man, she has already hated him to the core, so much so that she was hoping for him to die right on the spot.

“Well then, why don’t you demonstrate to me the way to do it first?” Qing Shui stomped the ground and immediately, a Mighty Elephant Stomp appeared and charged towards the opponent. This time, because Qing Shui controlled his strength well, it was just a normal shock wave. Everything in the surrounding wasn’t affected by it.

The old man snorted! He stomped on the ground and cancelled out the force generated from Qing Shui’s impact.

Qing Shui swung his hand!

Dragon-capturing Hands!

He immediately grabbed the woman from Shang Clan with a huge palm imprint and tossed her out. The woman from Shang Clan was like a calabash as she rolled out of the Imperial Cuisine Hall. The sight of her going around everywhere as she rolled on the ground was very unsightly. When she stood up, a few bruises could already be seen across her body, some of which were even bleeding.

The woman of Shang Clan was very angry. It was her first time being so beaten up in her entire lifetime. To think that she would get hit by someone else and started rolling on the floor. When she stood back up, she immediately looked at the two elderly men, “Kill him! Kill him!”

Among these people, the two elderly men were expert warriors from Shang Clan. They were also sent here by Shang Clan to protect the woman.

Everything which happened before happened at a very fast pace. Prior to this, they have clashed once, but the outcome was very surprising. The other old man also followed along and joined in the fight. Along with Qing Shui, they formed three paths together. The two old men were going for a double-pronged attack against Qing Shui.

“You can still make it if you run away now. If not, by then, even Shang Clan might not be able to help all of you.” Qing Shui said in a calm tone.

At this moment, the Barbarian Emperor came out. He initially wanted to take part in the battle but got stopped by Qing Shui. He also knew that Qing Shui was very powerful. Hence, he wasn’t worried. He was just looking at him from the side.

“Kill him! I want him dead! If anything happens, Shang Clan will take full responsibility for it!” The woman has already lost her rationality. At the moment, the only thing she wanted to do was to kill Qing Shui. Otherwise, she might be angered to death by him.

Qing Shui clapped his hand and moved his figure. Though the two old men might be strong, they were almost only at the same level as Clan Head Lang in terms of strength. In fact, they might even be slightly inferior to him. However, one mustn’t determine a warrior’s strength with mere strength. Taking himself as an example, his abilities in actual combats were a lot more superior to his strength.

Another thing was that not many people has witnessed Qing Shui defeating Clan Head Lang. In fact, not everyone was convinced by it, the reason being that this information could be twisted up to a certain degree. Since Qing Shui was helping Qing Ci, it could be that the woman of Shang Clan suspected that Clan Head Lang was doing it on purpose. He did it all for Qing Ci.

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