AST 1990 - Qing Shui’s attack. Killing

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1990 - Qing Shui’s attack. Killing

If Clan Head Lang had known about the thoughts which this woman was assuming, would he have thrown out blood? Indeed, he liked Qing Ci. It was true that he had also thought about doing it as well. However, what he had cared even more about was his position as the clan’s head. He had hoped that Lang Clan could be even more powerful. By then, no forces would be significant enough to influence him. Until then, he would naturally be able to get Qing Ci to return to his side. 

It was perfectly normal for men to have this kind of thought in this world. The only thing which they sought was power. Power spoke for everything in this world. He was also right to think like that as this was what the majority of women would do. However, they seemed to have also neglected the minority of them. For example, women like Qing Ci. Even if Clan Head Lang were to become a peak expert in the future, it would still be impossible for him to have her back by then. 

For some people, once you lost them, it would mean losing them forever.

Qing Shui immediately charged forward without even taking out his weapon. When up against his equal, Qing Shui had enough confidence that he could beat them unarmed. Qing Shui had no intentions to drag things. He straight away charged forward and unleashed his powerful Continuous Combos. 

Gauging Strike!

This was a technique which Qing Shui had invented from the Solitary Rapid Speed. It was unusually fast and its inner force was capable of hitting the cow through a mountain. Most importantly, this strike consisted of an extraordinary power formed from the combination of spirit energy and Origin Qi. Up to an extent, it was capable of interfering with one’s mind, causing it to halt temporarily and delay their reaction time. In short, it was capable of distracting the opponent.

The mysterious Nine Palace Steps had also enabled Qing Shui to dodge away from the opponent’s attacks. 

A loud noise rang out. Qing Shui’s Gauging Strike had managed to land on the opponent. The old man’s figure was slightly staggered and backed off. Both his eyes looked a bit lifeless, so much so that he seemed like he had forgotten what he was doing. Taking advantage of this, Qing Shui immediately struck the old man’s neck with his elbow. 


Qing Shui didn’t hold back. It only took him one face-to-face clash to snap his opponent’s neck.

It was an instant kill.

The other old man charged toward Qing Shui after seeing this. However, when he saw Qing Shui killing the other old man in front of his eyes, he got really terrified. His strength was almost the other old man’s equal. Without a doubt, he would also share the same fate of being killed instantly.

However, Qing Shui could only do that because he knew that the old man from before had let down his guard. He merely made him pay for his mistakes.

His figure came to a stop. It was when death was near that one would feel fear.

What Qing Shui had intended to do today was to show off his strength. Otherwise, many more people would come here to seek troubles in the future. They would think that he could be bullied easily.

The opponent might have come to a stop, but Qing Shui was still charging forward. A ruthless light immediately flashed across the old man’s eyes. He knew that even if he didn’t make any move, Qing Shui wouldn’t let him go. Still, he wouldn’t just sit still as he waited for his death.

A sword appeared very swiftly in his hand.

With the sword in his hand, the elderly man seemed to have gained back a bit of his confidence. The sword in his hand wasn’t big, yet it was very heavy. It was yellowish-brown in color and was enveloped in faint yellow Qi, so much so that it even made the surroundings seemed a bit blurry.

Earth Trap!

An intense force attacked Qing Shui’s leg. It felt as though he had been bound by something. Both his legs were penetrated with leads. At this moment, the old man dashed toward Qing Shui even faster than before.

Force of the Earth!

Earth’s Rage!

The elderly man abruptly jumped up. The yellowish light around his body became even more intense. The sword in his hand immediately turned into brownish-yellow color. It was emitting abundant aura as it slashed at Qing Shui.

The sword was like a huge mountain at this very moment. It seemed very slow as it was chopping its way down on Qing Shui.

Qing Shui transferred the energy which emitted from his Yin-yang Image into both of his legs. In just a while, he felt that more than half of the binding force had disappeared. But by the time he was done with that, the thick and heavy sword had already finished cutting its way down. 

The Golden Battle Halberd appeared in Qing Shui’s hand and he immediately countered by unleashing the Tyrant Cauldron. 


Qing Shui trembled. He abruptly stomped his feet onto the ground. The old man was actually inferior to Qing Shui in terms of strength. Hence, it got everyone surprised when he almost blew Qing Shui back with his attack. That was the main strength of the Earth Energy among the five elements. It was very thick and heavy.

Qing Shui didn’t retreat. Instead, he lunged at the elderly man. Once again, he abruptly slashed down the Golden Battle Halberd with his hand. Wood-attributed energy could be seen being applied across his weapon as well.

Wood worked effectively against earth!

Added on that Qing Shui had more power than the old man, this strike of him caused the old man’s expression to change greatly. The strength of his opponent was initially already supposed to be stronger than himself. Yet, he suddenly came upon the realization that his opponent seemed to have gotten even stronger. Strong to the point that he was starting to feel a bit helpless.


A loud explosion appeared as the elderly man got blown away by Qing Shui without any suspense. The Golden Battle Halberd once again attacked abruptly accompanied with the technique Shadow Pursuit.

The elderly man had formidable defensive prowess. After all, he had mainly cultivated earth attributed energy. His strongest feature laid precisely on his powerful defense.

Yet another explosion happened. The elderly man once again got pushed away. It seemed like it was the same as before. However, a trace of blood could already be seen flowing down the corner of the opponent’s mouth. Furthermore, the stream of blood wasn’t stopping. This time, Qing Shui stopped pursuing and attacking. He knew that it was no longer possible for the elderly man to live.

The elderly man dropped down on the floor. His face looked pale and he was spurting out mouthfuls of fresh blood. In the middle part of his body, there were even some organs that had been crushed completely.

Qing Shui had bombarded the elderly man’s organs by using the method of hitting a cow through a mountain. Though it might seem like he was fine from the outside, his organs had actually been crushed.

By the time Qing Shui moved his sight onto the woman from Shang Clan, the woman was already frightened. Her body was shaking. She had no cultivations, though she was still from a rich background. She could see what normal people couldn’t. At this moment, she knew that Qing Shui would dare to kill her.

She was scared. She didn’t want to die. While looking at Qing Shui walking to her, she suddenly kneeled down on the floor, “Please don’t kill me! I don’t want to die. I am sorry for being blind. In the future, I will never trouble you ever again.”

Qing Shui looked at the woman who might seem to be very quick-witted but was actually very miserable. He didn’t intend to kill her. In fact, he didn’t even hate her. The reason was that this kind of people was unable to leave some memories in Qing Shui’s mind. Very quickly, Qing Shui would forget everything about her.

“Alright, I won’t kill you. Get out. Remember, do not ever let me see you again. Also, grow some brains in that head of yours and don’t boast about your achievements. Otherwise, not only would your family not be able to harm me, I would kill you myself.” Qing Shui coldly said.

The woman from Shang Caln shook her head very dramatically. After that, she ran away without even turning back her head. The remaining people also wanted to leave but got stopped by Qing Shui.

The legs of all these people had begun to shake as they looked at Qing Shui with panicked looks. 

“Take away these two men! Also, while you’re at it, clean this place!” Qing Shui pointed at the two elderly men whom he had killed. 

Very quickly, these people took away the two elderly men. They even cleaned the bloodstain from before completely, making Qing Shui suspected that whether or not all along, they had been working as cleaners.

After those people had left, both Qing Ci and the Barbarian Emperor headed toward Qing Shui. Qing Ci looked at Qing Shui, “Master, this time, I assume that even Shang Clan will also begin making their moves.”

As he looked at Qing Ci’s worried look, Qing Shui smiled, “Rest assured. With me here, this entire big city isn’t something to be afraid of. There is no one around here who can lay their hands on me. Focus on your cultivations and medical expertise. In the future, I am going to need you to help me look after the Imperial Cuisine Hall.”

“I will do it! I will forever be master’s disciple unless master wants me away!” Qing Ci said softly. Behind her gentle voice hid some sort of persistence. Other than that, she also sounded a bit nervous and helpless.

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