AST 2027 - The World of Nine Continents, Demon Gate, And Divine Palace?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2027 - The World of Nine Continents, Demon Gate, And Divine Palace?

The inherited technique of the Blood Demon Palace was very powerful. For example, everyone in the Blood Demon Palace could practice this inherited technique, but only one Blood Demon King could inherit its essence. Only one could awaken the Demon King’s Blood, the others would never surpass him.

The man in the bloody red outfit was not surprised. After all, their attires and hair were too obvious, it was not hard to notice that they were from the Blood Demon Palace.

“Kid, you know too much.” said the man.

Qing Shui smirked, this reminded him of something funny: one man asked another person, how much was one plus one, the other man replied two; The first guy then said, you knew too much. I have to kill you.

“Alright, are you on sentry duty, standing here during midnight? Since you refused to reveal your identity, you must be a small potato. I don't want to kill you. Go and bring along the Lord of Blood Demon Palace,” Qing Shui waved as if he was swatting the flies.

“Bastard, you're really inviting trouble, nobody ever dares to talk to me like this,” The bloody-red outfit man was provoked.

“Don't have to feel upset. You are a tiny dust to me, it's so easy to kill you. However, killing you won't solve the problem, thus, I'm lazy to do so. If you really don't know your limits, I don't mind killing you as well,” Qing Shui raised his head and locked his fierce eyes on this man.

The man sensed that Qing Shui was not simple, but he was already on the verge of erupting and it was hard to hold himself back. In a struggling facial expression, he yelled, “What a boast! Come on, kill him!”

Three men appeared from three other directions: an aged one, a middle-aged one, and a very young-looking man.

This time, four persons rushed towards Qing Shui from four different directions.

They were in the same attires, had similar weapons, and even their moves were the same. They were using the Spawning Kill, also known as the Slashing Strike or the Speed Strike.

Four of them moved, performing the simplest and most limited technique. When they used it simultaneously, it was like a big net consisted of five elements.

Qing Shui’s spiritual sense reflected everything clearly into his mind. He could see everything around clearly. Moreover, the opponent became slower while Qing Shui was so fast that he was invisible.

Qing Shui advanced in a flash and gave a punch to the man’s throat.


Once again, he evaded and kicked on the young man’s chest.

Tiger Tailwhip Kick!

In split seconds, the opponent lost two men. These people were no match for Qing Shui, they would definitely get killed instantly. That was Qing Shui’s power, he was able to kill a man with similar strength so effortlessly.

Qing Shui moved swiftly like a spark of lightning and killed two men instantly.

The remaining two men backed off quickly and looked at Qing Shui like he was a monster. They dazed in disbelief, this monster was too incredible to be true.

Qing Shui had no ways against the huge underwater monster since it was stronger and had very sticky tentacles. These tentacles had a strong regenerating ability, the resilience was high too. That made it difficult to fight against the monster.

However, Qing Shui was able to fight against a human and a normal or even a much stronger demonic beast.

“Say it, what positions do you hold in the Blood Demon Palace?” Qing Shui locked on the two persons using his spiritual sense.

“I’m an envoy.”

“I’m an Elder.”

Both of them were terrified and dared not to hide a thing. It was a piece of cake for Qing Shui to kill them, their lives were in Qing Shui’s hands.

Qing Shui knew it now, these two persons were very ordinary in the Blood Demon Palace. An envoy and an Elder were similar, they were only the core strength of Blood Demon Palace. There were probably ten thousand people like them in the Blood Demon Palace.

Qing Shui looked at them, “Take them away and tell your Lord to come on his own next time. I’m only interested in the Blood Demon King Inheritor.”

The two persons nodded and quickly took the two dead members away.

Qing Shui went back to the pavilion and enjoyed his tea. The others heard the commotion, but Qing Shui asked them to go back and rest. The Barbarian Emperor, Yin Tong, and Lan Lingfeng stayed back and sat beside Qing Shui. Four of them filled up the seats at the pavilion.

Qing Shui served some dishes and wine, “If you’re not sleeping yet, drink some. It is the first time that we are drinking at this hour, it feels good.”

Qing Shui took out the Tiger Bone Liquor. This wine had a very strong taste and could strengthen the bones, boost sexual drives, and build the kidneys. Yet, it was different from the liquor in his past life, the strong taste was referring to its powerful Yang energy.

The Barbarian Emperor was the Violent Axe Battle God Inheritor now, his strength greatly improved after the inheritance. He was good enough previously, and now, he achieved the Late Stage of the Seventh Layer of Divinity. His attacking power should be higher than Qing Shui’s prowess of 700 million Dao Force now.

Qing Shui’s strong points were his defensive power and terrific killer moves. With 10% strength, he could bring 30% to 50% damage, this was Qing Shui’s daunting ability.

They were like brothers, now that the Barbarian Emperor received the Battle God inheritance, they were even closer. The Thirteenth Prince was in seclusion now, otherwise, he would probably be here too. Though the Thirteenth Prince was Qing Shui’s student, he was the Great Emperor of the Great Confucian Empire. Also, he was as close as siblings to Yin Tong and the others.

However, the Thirteenth Prince was reluctant to compromise in this matter. Qing Shui was his master and he respected Qing Shui’s wives. This fact would never change.

Qing Shui could not help but let him be.

“Good wine.”

“A good ambiance is required for drinking. Younger Brother pour me some wine! It tastes a lot better to drink together with everybody like this,” The Barbarian Emperor smiled.


“Oh yea, Qing Shui. The Blood Demon Palace is very powerful,” The Barbarian Emperor said.

In fact, they were not here for drinking purpose, they were here to discuss the Blood Demon Palace. After all, the opponent was very powerful. There might be some hidden daunting forces in a Sect like this and things would be complicated then.

“No worries, the Blood Demon Palace is our nemesis, we would never get along. It’s hard to get along with them. Our aim is not to kill them but to stop the Demon King Inheritor from being taken away by the evil nature. I can wash off the evil nature in their blood with my current Art of Healing, but that will slow down their progress. Thus, they will not compromise usually,” Qing Shui said after thinking.

“What about us then?” Lan Lingfeng frowned.

“Don’t think about it, just progress gradually and make our Battle God team grow. When it is about time, we will enter the actual world of Nine Continents and its surroundings. That will make our Battle God Palace famous. Also, we will stop the formation of the Demon King Inheritor Organization. I’m unsure of the presence of any Sect which gathers the Demon King Inheritors or Battle God Inheritors in the world of Nine Continents, it might be the ancient Demon Gate and Divine Palace,” There was a beam of hope in Qing Shui’s eyes as he said this, that was a kind of yearning.

The rest were shining rays of hope and admiration too. The future world would be incredible, but they required greater strengths. They were yearning for the actual world of Nine Continents too. Every man had firing aspirations and burning ambitions.

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