AST 2028 - The Arrival of the Blood Demon King

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2028 - The Arrival of the Blood Demon King

Qing Shui had zero knowledge of the actual world of Nine Continents. After all, he was not in that circle, he had no idea of everything there.

Qing Shui thought the Battle God Inheritors and Demon King Inheritors existed for many years. There could be someone else who received the Golden Battle God inheritance as well. Nobody ever said that there was only one inheritor for every inheritance. For example, in the Demon King inheritance, though it was so tough to awaken the Demon King’s Blood. Thus, usually, only one person could do it, he was not the only person who could awaken the Demon King’s Blood.

Nevertheless, some Battle God Inheritors and Demon King Inheritors were the one and only. For instance, Qing Shui’s Golden Battle God inheritance was passed down across every generation after the death of the predecessor. Still, many other Battle God Inheritors were not alone. There were more than one Violent Axe Battle Gods, thus, the inheritors were plenty.

Demon Gate was a Sect founded by the Demon King in the ancient days. The core strength was the Demon King such as the Night Demon King, Titan Ox Demon King, Silver-haired Demon King, and so on. These organizations made up the Demon Gate, an incredibly strong Sect.

The Demon Gate emphasized on military force, they acted according to their own brutal preferences. They were violent, cold-blooded, and more inclined to the rules of demonic beasts, where the stronger ones led the crowd. Besides, once the evil nature exploded, they could do everything and anything, including a massacre. There was once a bloodthirsty Demon King who would massacre an entire city whenever his evil nature exploded. There were countless people killed even though the city was not totally wiped out.

Divine Palace, it was an opposing force against the Demon Gate. They were built to stop the Demon Gate by a group of righteous and greatly blessed people. However, the Battle Gods had slower training progress in comparison to the Demon Kings. There were pros and cons, the Battle Gods progressed gradually but very steadily; The Demon Gate progressed rapidly but they were unstable. They could easily lose their own temperament and controlled by the evil nature.

The Demon Gate would not feel manipulated by the evil nature since they were the ones who led themselves on the path of transformations. They regarded the evil nature as their original temperament instead of violating their own wills. They found their true selves in it.

There should be Demon Gate and Divine Palace in the world of Nine Continents. Qing Shui was uncertain of the time when he would meet them, but his Battle God Palace must be built until then. Quality over quantity, with adequate strength, even several men would be sufficient.

The next day, the men of the Blood Demon Palace were not here. Qing Shui knew they would come again. This time, if the Lord of Blood Demon Palace did not show up, Qing Shui would make anyone who came here stay forever. He did not mind to visit the Demon King Palace by then.

Yuan Su was not around. Therefore, he could not recover the Alchemy Recipe of the Tribulation Evasion Pill. However, Qing Shui could look for the three medicinal herbs first. The herbs were the most essential part and also the hardest part to look for anyway.

The training of the youngsters continued with increased intensity. Qing Shui was determined to build a team of assassins. By that time, they would become his force. He figured out a name for them, the Dark Night, the assassins who walked through the dark nights.

Qing Shui had yet to decide if the Dark Night belonged to the Battle God Palace. He might appear in the Divine Palace of the Nine Continents World in the future and might even join them. As for the Dark Night, Qing Shui wanted to make them his own unique force.

If he joined the Divine Palace of Nine Continents World, the Dark Night would not be grouped under the Divine Palace. He planned to leave some power for himself.

Qing Shui liked bustling places and was unwilling to be inferior. Yet, he was not extremely eager in a power struggle, he never thought of merging the Main Continents under his banner.

A man who had no ambitions was not a good man. Qing Shui had a soft temperament, he enjoyed to be free and disliked troubles. Yet, things happened sometimes and it was out of control. Many things did not happen the way he wanted.



On the fifth day, a man came. His age was unidentified, his aura was ambiguous. Wearing a purple robe, his eyes were bright and bold, giving out an unspoken sense.

This was a powerful man. Qing Shui’s spiritual sense was activated shortly after seeing him and felt the Demon King’s Blood within this man.

He was the Blood Demon King Inheritor.

Qing Shui would never expect the man before him to be the Blood Demon King if it was not for his powerful spiritual sense. It was really quite surprising.

“Hello!” The opponent greeted Qing Shui passionately.

“Hello, Blood Demon King,” Qing Shui greeted him with a smile.

“You can see my identity, I have underestimated you,” The man was obviously surprised. There was only one magical old monk who could see his identity, no one else had ever done that.

He practiced the Blood Demon Nine to the Eighth Layer. Not only his appearance was different from those who practiced the Blood Demon Technique, the traces of the Demon King were invisible from his body too. The only prominent thing was his Demon King’s Blood.

However, his Demon King’s Blood was hidden in the deepest corner of his heart, even a skilled person could not see through his real identity.

“You should have seen through my identity as well, how about us chatting over there?” Qing Shui pointed at the backyard.


This man was not very handsome but he had his own charm. He was the type who looked better the more you looked at him. He was mature, reserved, cultivated, and had a good physique. He had an unspoken charm in every single move and was naturally attractive.

“Tell me, why did the Blood Demon Palace pick a fight with me? Don’t tell me it is because of the grudges between the Battle God and Demon King. You shouldn’t have known my identity before meeting me,” Qing Shui said with a smile.

“Initially, I can’t answer this, but it is fine to reply you. The Song Clan used to help me, this time, I’m repaying the favor. Yet, it seems a little tricky this time,” The man replied with a smile.

“As expected, it is the Song Clan,” Qing Shui nodded. He knew the man was not lying. Except for the Song Clan, Qing Shui could not think of other forces. It was not the Lang Clan, they would have acted earlier if they had the power.

At the Spiritual Land, the Lang Clan and Shang Clan did not move. The one who was killed along with Lei Bao was from the Shang Clan. The Lang Clan and Song Clan were close with each other, the head of the Lang Clan even gave up the opportunity to enter the Spiritual Land for Song Zhong. If Song Zhong knew he would be killed by Qing Shui eventually, he would never enter the Spiritual Land.

One could give his position away after gaining it. At that time, many people were confused about this decision. Qing Shui did not get it after killing Song Zhong as well. Could it be Song Zhong want to go against himself?

Qing Shui shook his head, he did not care about the Song Clan anymore. The Blood Demon King Inheritor from the Blood Demon Palace in front of him was the biggest issue right now. After all, regardless of the stands, they were enemies.

“I’m curious about the Nine Continents World, can you tell me about it?” Qing Shui smiled.

“It is hard to tell when you’re not in it. Wait until you enter the Nine Continents World and the circle, then you will understand everything,” The Blood Demon King seemed reluctant to tell him. 

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