AST 2030 - Dark Night, Entering the True Nine Continents World

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2030 - Dark Night, Entering the True Nine Continents World

Qing Shui hadn't expected for this matter to pass by so smoothly. At the same time, some of his impressions of the Demon King Inheritors had changed a bit. However, he still wouldn't believe that Demon King Inheritors were good people. They could not differentiate between good or bad.

The Blood Demon King had claimed that less than 10% of the Demon Kings could control themselves. The percentage could even be lower. Even if they could control themselves, it wouldn't be absolute, but was just something relative. It was due to those who could control themselves were not comparable to other cultivators.

The stances that Battle Gods and Demon Kings had wouldn't change. The general trends wouldn't change either. This was a kind of development, just like how good and evil would always be on opposing sides since ancient times.

The days that followed could be said to be calm as water. However, the Imperial Cuisine Hall's development had made Qing Shui very happy. It was advancing at a fast pace. The Imperial Cuisine Hall's reputation was also spreading incessantly. Over half a year, after the Blood Demon King had left, Qing Shui basically didn't interfere with the Imperial Cuisine Hall's matters anymore.

Qing Ci could already work independently. Qing Shui would only come into the picture if the issues were more complicated than usual.

Other than Qing Ci, there were also some other physicians in the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Qing Ci would essentially not spend much time providing treatment unless they were cases that the other physicians couldn't handle. Right now, Qing Ci used whatever time she had to cultivate.

The other physicians were also not ordinary physicians. They were quite skilled physicians to begin with, and in addition to having been trained by Qing Shui for a period of time, they would be able to cure most ordinary illnesses.

Qing Shui's Imperial Cuisine Hall wasn't open to just anyone. They had their own regulations and Qing Shui had also set the rules previously on whom they wouldn't attend to. There was also the clause which stated that they wouldn't treat someone they didn't take a liking to.

Building connections was dependent on great influences and treating certain special people. Treating ordinary people, on the other hand, was a way to receive trust. The power of ordinary people could be unexpectedly useful at times. For example, they could help transmit news. The Imperial Cuisine Hall's reputation, as well as Qing Shui's reputation as a Miraculous Physician, were all thanks to these normal people spreading the news.

Even if ordinary people were to get diseases that were hard to treat, Qing Shui would not hesitate in helping them out. Over the years, Qing Shui didn't think that the poor should be looked down upon. He strongly believed that physicians should be kindhearted and treat everyone equally. When he saw those families that were about to be broken up, children who had lost their parents, or parents who had lost their children, Qing Shui would feel very happy, knowing that he was able to treat them. Although there were no returns, he would receive mental gratification. He would really feel very satisfied.

Saving people from dire circumstances would also bring him joy.

Over the past half a year, the kids from Dark Night were also improving at a tremendous rate. Qing Shui had invested a lot in them, including medicinal pills. The results were apparent. This group was given only two directions in their training—speed and power.

As for techniques, it would be the Solitary Rapid Fist. However, they would spend two hours daily to practice their dagger skills. which Qing Shui had created from a variety of martial techniques. The purpose of this set of technique was to eliminate the enemies, with one move connected to another. Each move was a killing move and together, they were a lot like using continuous combos.

These moves were extracted from the Solitary Rapid Fist, Taichi, Acupoint Clearing Hands, basic sword techniques, and other techniques. Right now, they were only learning one dagger move—Throat Lock. This was all they were focusing on, using it consecutively.

More than 10 members had joined Qing Shui's Dark Night over the past half a year. They were all youngsters with good potential talents. However, they were in a clean state without any background. Most of them were orphans.

It wasn't easy to train a group of people. Qing Shui had all the conditions met, but he knew that these people wouldn't be of any use unless at least five years had passed. Still, Qing Shui was in no hurry for now and planned to start the preparation earlier.

One of the things he was working on was Dark Night. The other was the Battle God Palace.

Within half a year, things were moving steadily in the right path Qing Shui had envisioned. They might be able to fight alongside him very soon. However, before this, he would need to create a new world. He was going to test things out in the True Nine Continents World. The Nine continents were just a buffer spot.

Qing Shui stood in the space of the Five Elements Divine Flags and looked at the map of the nine continents. Previously, he had only used a single spot, which was the Dazang City. Therefore, Qing Shui decided to set one more location. This time around, the location should really be in the True Nine Continents World.

Qing Shui's current spot was a little too far from the destination. Otherwise, he would have gone over directly using the Nine Continents Steps.

Qing Shui didn't use the Five Elements Divine Flags to head there directly. After all, the matters at the Imperial Cuisine Hall here hadn't been settled fully yet.

Qing Shui had already been in this Northern Ice Domain for about a year. Thirteen had been running to and fro between the Great Confucian Empire and the Northern Ice Domain while the others had stayed in the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

Qing Shui had informed the people from the Imperial Cuisine Hall about this before and everyone knew that this day would eventually come. They could not bear to see him go, but they were all cultivators and knew what must be done. Therefore, they simply told Qing Shui to be careful. They would work hard on their own cultivations and when the time came, they would go and look for him themselves.

Yu Xixuan also knew that Qing Shui was heading off. Since she was going to leave as well, she also bade goodbye to the people from the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

Qing Shui had initially planned on saying goodbye with Beiming Xue, but decided to let it be. His feelings for Beiming Xue wasn't love yet. It was just that there had been a little accident between them. A beautiful one. Qing Shui thought that after he left, the other party would be likely to forget about him very soon.

"Qing Shui, my people have all gone back and are already over there. When are we going to set off? Should we tell Sister Xue?" Yu Xixuan reported to Qing Shui.

"Forget it. I've left a letter behind. When Beiming Xue comes, she'll know. Let's go."

Back then, Qing Shui had also shown Yu Xixuan and asked her about it. The place that they were headed to was the area which Qing Shui had indicated—Azure Rainbow City.

Qing Shui brought Yu Xixuan along and disappeared from the Great Shang City.

Azure Rainbow City!

They didn't know how far they were from the Great Shang City. They only knew that Yu Xixuan would have to take very long to travel between the two places, therefore Qing Shui wouldn't be constantly traveling between the two places.

The Qing Clan also found out something about Yu Xixuan's situation. She wasn't alone. Her family was here, the Yu Clan. The Yu Clan was a great clan in the Azure Rainbow City and Yu Xixuan came from such clan. She was a treasured princess of the Yu Clan.

This was why Qing Shui had decided to come to the Azure Rainbow City. This place was considered to be in the True Nine Continents World. The Yu Clan would be likely to tell him about some of the regulations here. Even if no one were to tell him, he would find out eventually.

Qing Shui and Yu Xixuan were fundamentally on working terms and had set up a basic influence here, looking for opportunities. In the past, Qing Shui had also worked on developing his influence. It was an important foundation. The True Nine Continents World was the final stage. Qing Shui was going to slowly expand his influence here. 

Looking at the prosperous scene in the surroundings, the Azure Rainbow City didn't seem that different from the Great Shang City. However, this place seemed to be more cheerful, bustling with prosperity. Yu Xixuan and Qing Shui walked along the streets as she showed him around.

"This is Azure Rainbow City's Azure Sun Road. Although it isn't the most prosperous road in the Azure Rainbow City, it isn't that far off. Look at the trade association over there. There are no fewer than ten of those in the Azure Rainbow City. All of them belong to the Huo Clan. "

Yu Xixuan continued to introduce the place to Qing Shui. Qing Shui had just come here and wasn't familiar with everything here. Despite that, he was feeling very much at ease. It was very difficult to be starting from scratch, but it was also a very exciting thing to do.

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