AST 2031 - Azure Rainbow City, Yu Clan, Liu Clan, Yu Clan* [1]

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2031 - Azure Rainbow City, Yu Clan, Liu Clan, Yu Clan [1]

"Qing Shui, how do you think we should establish a standing here?" Yu Xixuan asked softly. She now viewed Qing Shui as the pillar, and wanted him to make the decisions in all areas.

Qing Shui gave it some thought while he looked around, "I'd still like to set up an Imperial Cuisine Hall. However, for this time, it'd be one that is a unison with your Jade Fragrant Restaurant. A merger between a medical hall and a restaurant, if you will. We'll quickly build up the Imperial Cuisine Hall's reputation. To do this, I'll need your help to find us some sick patients with influence."

Yu Xixuan smiled and said, "No problem. Although the Yu Clan [1] isn't the top clan, it's within that circle. I'll go and ask my father about this when I get home."

"Then we'll just walk around for now and look for a suitable place to buy." Qing Shui surveyed the surroundings.

Qing Shui wanted to buy a spot in the most prosperous district, but eventually decided that there wasn't a need to do so. As they said, if the wine is good, even if it was located in a very deep valley, its fragrance would still attract the attention of many people. The entire place was very prosperous and as long as they could build up a reputation, it didn't matter where they were located. 

Yu Xixuan nodded and then went along with Qing Shui, paying attention to the area to see if there were any suitable locations up for sale.

Qing Shui didn't want to rent. He planned on letting the spot remain to be an Imperial Cuisine Hall after it was built and didn't wish for there to be additional trouble due to insignificant reasons.

Everywhere was in a state of prosperity, and there were occasional places which were put up for sale. However, those places were too small and it wasn't enough for them to set up both the Imperial Cuisine Hall and the Jade Fragrant Restaurant. Previously, there would always be ignorant people who ended up gifting him with manors. However, they were now in the Azure Rainbow City, in the True Nine Continents World. There were hidden experts all around and Qing Shui had no idea how deep the water here was.

"It's already noon. Why don't we grab some food first before we continue on?" Yu Xixuan looked toward the sky and said to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui naturally had no objections and they entered the greatest restaurant along this street—the Qingyuan Inn.

It took up a great land area and had a high infrastructure with luxurious decor. Qing Shui saw an even more luxurious building here than what he had seen in his previous life. It was a stylish and imposing luxury, built using top quality rocks and filled with colorful decorations and carvings. The place was decorated to be just like a genuine palace.

The inn had a hall and private rooms. The hall had this world's traits. In a world of cultivators, with cultivators being forthright, the hall would always be filled with the most people. The atmosphere was important in drinking. There wasn't a point for one to enter a room and drink by themselves.

If a group of friends didn't wish to be bothered during their discussions, they would take private rooms. However, most people wouldn't choose private rooms, even if they wanted to drink drown their sorrows. Most people would just sit by themselves in the hall where they could make friends and even possibly get hitched with a lady.

This restaurant was very big. It had a similarity to pubs in Qing Shui's previous life. Many men and women entered and left this place and it was very lively. This place was lively both in the day and at night as they were open for 24 hours. The night market here flourished.

The two of them got seated in a private room that was further away from the hall and ordered a few dishes and some wine.

Since they were going to set up the Imperial Cuisine Hall and Jade Fragrant Restaurant, they should be checking out the quality of the food here. This Qingyuan Inn's quality seemed to be at the higher end and judging from the customer flow, this place seemed to be flourishing as well. Therefore, Qing Shui wanted to find out what their food and wine were like, considering their decorations and fittings all seemed to be of very high quality.

They ordered two meat dishes, two vegetarian dishes, and a bottle of wine. In this world, the materials for both meat and vegetables here were a lot better than it was in Qing Shui's previous life and the two couldn't be compared at the same level. Top quality restaurants would use demonic beasts' meat. Even wild beasts' meat would taste a lot better than the reared animals in Qing Shu's previous life.

Qing Shui had a taste of the food. He deemed it to be quite delicious. To someone like Qing Shui who was used to eating good food, being able to get a good rating from him would mean that the food was not bad at all. Not to mention, these were the most ordinary dishes.

"Do you guys know that that woman from the Yu Clan got herself another gigolo?"

One person from a group near Qing Shui's table spoke up. These people didn't seem to be very old and their cultivation wasn't astonishing either.

"What's so rare about that b*tch finding herself another gigolo? She must have gotten herself at least 800, if not 1,000 gigolos so far." Another person said.

"Apparently, this time around, she has found herself that Third Young Master from the Liu Clan. The Third Young Master Liu is also a flirtatious man and it's no big deal for them to be playing around. However, it seemed that the two of them went too far and the Third Young Master Liu got his pen*s broken. He ended up killing that woman from the Yu Clan in rage."

"Ahh! Something like that actually happened? Why weren't there any rumors about it?" Another person asked in surprise.

"Both the Yu Clan and Liu Clan are great clans. How could such an embarrassing event be leaked out?" The man from earlier answered in a soft voice.

"He really deserved it. This Third Young Master Liu has ruined too many good women. I think that this retribution has come too late. Come. Let's have a drink!" One of the men from earlier said happily.

"Could it be that this matter between the two clans was resolved just like that?" A man who hadn't spoken up previously asked.

"Of course that wouldn't happen. After all, the Third Young Master Liu had killed a woman from the Yu Clan. You're useless once your pen*s is broken, but how could the Yu Clan leave things like that when he had killed one of their people?" One of the men who had spoken previously confidently said. He had bright eyes, a slender figure, and his looks weren't bad either.

"Therefore, both parties have set up a battle arena to have a few rounds of competition. If Liu Clan were to lose, they'd have to hand over the Third Young Master Liu over to the Yu Clan. If the Yu Clan were to lose, this matter would be considered over."

"But doesn’t it seem unfair to the Liu Clan?"

"It does seem unfair, but Liu Clan should have expected this to happen when they killed a member of the Yu Clan. All great clans valued their reputation. Otherwise, if they were to fight it out, the number of injuries and deaths wouldn't just be a single Third Young Master Liu. Therefore, the Liu Clan can only choose to accept. In the worst case scenario, they could just hand the Third Young Master Liu over."

"Wouldn't it be just as shameful, handing him over?" The person who hadn't spoken much in the beginning kept asking more questions.

"Sometimes, You just need to accept humiliation. Otherwise, the humiliation would just  become worse."

Yu Xixuan frowned as she listened to their conversation. Qing Shui saw her gloomy expression and asked in curiosity, "Xixuan, you seem to know about these two clans?" 

Yu Xixuan looked at Qing Shui then said, "Back then, my family had arranged a marriage for me. It was also because of this that I went to hide in the Great Shang City. The person they found for me was this Third Young Master Liu."

Qing Shui was surprised. Earlier on, he had also heard the conversation about the Third Young Master Liu. He was a flirtatious man and given how a person like this could force Yu Xixuan to hide in the Great Shang City, it seemed that the Liu Clan was quite a great clan. The Yu Clan didn't sound any weaker in comparison as well.

There was one more thing to note. If it wasn't that the Yu Clan [1] had owed a great debt to the Liu Clan, the latter must be stronger than the Yu Clan [1].

Otherwise, they wouldn't have arranged for this marriage for Yu Xixuan.

"Then it seems like the Liu Clan is very strong." Qing Shui thought and said.

"You aren't allowed to laugh. The Liu Clan is considered quite strong in this Azure Rainbow City. Stronger than our Yu Clan [1]. Otherwise, I wouldn't have run away. The people in my clan are eager to have me married into the Liu Clan. This will bring the Yu Clan [1] up a notch." Yu Xixuan seemed angry at the mention of this.

"You aren't afraid this time, now that you're back?" Qing Shui asked.

"I have you now. You'll have to help me. But this is good. That idiot from the Liu Clan can't even help himself now, so he probably won't even be thinking about me."

Qing Shui thought the same. The guy's pen*s had been crippled. However, Qing Shui thought of one question, "So, was the talk of marriage between the two of you fixed back then?"

[1] There are two completely different Yu Clans mentioned here. The ‘Yu’ in Yu Xixuan’s clan stands for Jade. This part is referring to the Yu(Jade) Clan.

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