AST 2040 - Green Bronze Sect, The First Match, The Old Man From The Jade Clan

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2040 - Green Bronze Sect, The First Match, The Old Man From The Jade Clan

Qing Shui didn’t ask about who sent them here. He was able to figure out on his own. There was no one other than the Liu Clan who would deal with him like this. Since then, everything went on peacefully. The next time Qing Shui came out was in the morning. Nothing had changed. It was a quiet night.

Today, the restaurant continued to open and run its business. Normally, a restaurant would treat the customers free of charge for up to three days, but there were quite a few that didn’t do that too. Instead, they let the customers enjoy the privilege discounts. For example, they would sell their food at half of its original price to benefit the customers... Since Qing Shui had already made it free for an entire day, he decided to let the restaurant start running normally from today on.

These things were all done by Yu Xixuan. She was in charge of the things concerning the restaurant. Qing Shui didn’t care if she ran it like before when a token was required to enter the restaurant. He decided to not ask about it and let her did as she pleased.

The price was set to be very high. Besides, the restaurant itself was originally aimed for earning the money from the rich. Thus, its price might not be necessarily cheap. At the same time, its other purpose was also to attract more formidable warriors here.

Every expert warriors would be rich.

Both Qing Shui and Yu Xixuan didn’t lack in money. However, they hadn’t gotten to the extent of having unlimited money to spend. There were a lot of things which would require money in this world. A lot of them needed a significant amount of cash. Furthermore, there was also something which money couldn’t buy. With that fact, it was undeniable that the majority of goods would still require money to buy.

Today, not only was Yu Dinghe present, a lot of people from the Jade Clan were also here, including Yu Dingshan and his brothers. Qing Shui felt that for the time being, some slight changes had taken place in the Jade Clan. In the past, all of them used to look down upon Yu Dinghe, but now, it changed because of the current Yu Xixuan. Or alternatively, could it be because of Qing Shui?

Naturally, the people of the Jade Clan was able to see it very clearly. It would depend on Qing Shui whether they could make it through this tribulation. If he failed to do so, the Yu Clan would be done for, Yu Dingshan’s position as the Clan’s Head would also be futile.

He would be lying if he said that he wasn’t worried. In fact, there were a lot of people who hated Qing Shui to their core. If Qing Shui hadn’t appeared and Yu Xixuan ended up getting married into the clan, nothing would have happened. Unfortunately, everything was too late at this point. They could do nothing but prayed for Qing Shui to win and eliminate the Liu Clan.

If they succeeded in beating the Liu Clan, not only would nothing happen to the Jade Clan, but their status might even skyrocket as a result and replaced the Liu Clan.

The risk might be high, but their opportunity to soar up the sky was equally high.

At noon, the people of the Liu Clan came. They were here for the challenge letter and to get the people of the Jade Clan to sign it. This was also a kind of formality. Once the form was signed, just like how a contract worked in his previous incarnation, everything would be legalized. If the contract was violated, the party responsible would have to suffer from some sort of restrictions as punishments. In the worst case scenario, they might even end up getting beaten up in groups by the people who also shared similar interests with them.

Naturally, Qing Shui signed it without any hesitations. The time was set to be tomorrow morning. The battle would take place in the huge arena in the plaza by the Greencloud Road.


Qing Shui looked into the bright sky. From time to time, flocks of birds would fly past his eyes. There were also a few huge trees. They were very tall and a lot of smaller birds could be standing on the branches and chirp non-stop. This was a beautiful and wonderful world which was abundant with lives.

Qing Shui, Yu Xixuan and the people of the Jade Clan together made their way to the arena by the Greencloud Road.

The old man of the Jade Clan seemed very happy and was not worried in the slightest about the battle that was yet to come. This shocked Qing Shui. Was this old man confident in himself, or him?

The huge arena in the plaza by Greencloud Road was already crowded with people. Both the Jade Clan and Liu Clan were present. There were also a lot of clans and forces that Qing Shui hadn’t heard about. In just one day, all of them had known that the Liu Clan intended to have a tournament with a young man. They also found out that the young man was with the Jade Clan and most importantly, he killed the Third Young Master of the Liu Clan.

They walked to the spot which was specifically reserved for the Jade Clan. There was still a bit of time until the battle started.

The witnesses of the battle this time were the Yu Clan and Green Bronze Sect. Green Bronze Sect was the most ancient sect in Azure Rainbow City. There were only a decent amount people in the sect. They cultivated the Green Bronze Technique, which was one of the most ancient body-refining techniques. They shared a few similarities with monks from his previous incarnation in terms of their nature. They refused to take part in any wars and they also viewed themselves as very prestigious people. Thus, everyone in Azure Rainbow City would give the Green Bronze Sect faces.

An old man dressed in green stood on the platform. He had a huge figure and a stern face. However, both of his eyes looked sincere. Even though he was an old man, he didn’t look aged. The man said to the surroundings, “Today is the battle between the Liu Clan and Mister Qing. It is my pleasure to be invited here to be the witness. We will leave it to the two parties to discuss how they will carry out the fight. I am not related to the Yu Clan. Thus, everything will be up to the two parties.”

“Old Man Yu, would you like to say a few words?” The old man moved his sight onto the elderly man not far away from him when he finished speaking.

“There is no need for that, Old Man Tie. You are fine alone. I will stop talking for now. Everyone knows that you had some conflicts with the Yu and Liu Clan. However, rest assured guys. My Yu Clan wouldn’t try to take advantage of this situation and do anything dirty.”

Old Man Tie smiled and immediately sent Qing Shui and the old man of the Liu Clan up.

Qing Shui didn’t let the old gramps from the Jade Clan go up. After all, he was the person who killed the young master from the Liu Clan despite the fact that the Jade Clan was involved in the incident.

The old man from the Liu Clan looked at Qing Shui, “Three matches, one party would require to win two out of three matches. The representative mustn’t be changed at the last minute.”

“That’s no problem. But who will be going up first?” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“We will decide it with a draw. If the Liu Clan goes up first this time, on the next round, your team will have to go up first. That way, we get to switch between people quite easily.” The old man of the Liu Clan said.

Qing Shui nodded. Whoever that went out first would be on a passive situation. However, Qing Shui didn’t mind it. He said after thinking for a while, “You are responsible for your own life. Use as many methods as possible on stage. This includes poisons, demonic beasts, and hidden weapons.”

The old man nodded after thinking for a while, “Alright then, let’s draw the order.”

The procedure of the draw was very easy. There were two pieces of paper, among the two, one of them was written with the word ”first”, whereas the other one had the word “back” on it. Unfortunately, Qing Shui drew the “first” one.

The old man from the Jade Clan immediately said, “Leave the first round to me.”

“Grandpa, I think it’s better if I go first.” Yu Xixuan said after thinking for a while.

“I will go first. I am scared that I will never get another chance to fight. Your grandpa is old now, please allow him to fight one last time.” The old man immediately appeared on top of the battle arena.


“Look at that, that’s the old man of the Jade Clan.

“Yes, back then, the old man of the Jade Clan used to have a very strong reputation in this region. However, it was short lived as he got the hidden illness soon after. Following that, the Jade Clan began to degrade. There were no qualified successors to take over the clan.”

“Third brother, who do you think will go up from the Liu Clan?” An old man asked the other elderly man beside him.

The speaking old man was dressed in a violet-gold colored gown. He seemed considerably tall and had a proportional and slender body. Meanwhile, he was also giving out a noble aura.

“Fifth Brother Liu? He would definitely win against the Old Man Jade. Sixth brother, do you think the young man will take the victory today or will it be the Liu Clan?”

Both of these people were elderly men of the Yu Clan. At this moment, they had gotten even more interested as they looked at the platform and spoke.

“From the way it seems from the surface, the Liu Clan will definitely win the match. However, even if we don’t know the young man, Old Man Yu doesn’t seem to be a rude and impetuous man. That’s why I have the feeling that something is off.” The old man in violet-golden gown knitted his brows and said.

The old man, who called him his third brother, on the other hand, was wearing a plain gown. However, his face looked graceful, giving people the impression that he was a very loving elderly man.

“Before this, the Liu Clan has mentioned that this young man was trying to scare others by putting on a tiger’s skin. He didn’t have any forces protecting him. But from how it seemed now, it didn’t matter whether he got a strong background or not. The thing that counts was his guts to take a step forward. The Liu Clan was mighty, but they seemed to have neglected one part.”

“What part?”

“It is precisely this young man himself. The Liu Clan is definitely not aware that the young man alone will be able to eliminate the entire Liu Clan.” The graceful old man spoke slowly.

“Third brother, this is way too impossible. We know the Liu Clan’s strength clearly. Do you really think that one young man is enough to wipe out the entire clan? This would have been very frightening.” The old man in violet-gold gown spoke in a weird tone.

“I believe in my instinct. Just watch. Everything will come to the surface today.” The graceful old man said with a firm voice.

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