AST 2041 - The First Round Defeated. The Beginning of The Second Round

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2041 - The First Round Defeated. The Beginning of The Second Round

Not long after the old man from the Jade Clan went up the stage, another old man followed along and appeared before him. This was a very muscular old man. He seemed slightly younger than the old man from the Jade Clan. A steady aura could be felt across his body. It was very intense.

“That’s really Fifth Brother Liu!” The third brother smiled and said.

“Do you think that Fifth Brother Liu will kill the old man from the Jade Clan?” Yu Clan’s sixth brother who was dressed in a violet-gold gown said while staring at the platform.

“I am not sure. This is hard to say. The young man was the one who killed the people of the Liu Clan first, thus, no one knows what will happen at this point. He might not kill him, but if the young man was to be defeated, the entire Jade Clan would be in trouble. However, they might not necessarily kill anyone in these matches. Because if the Liu Clan was to truly be defeated, they might be spared by the young man for not killing anyone...

“I expected it to be you. Fifth Brother Liu.” The old man of the Jade Clan said with a smile.

“Old Man Yu. From those days, we have fought for a long time, yet there was not once when you were actually able to beat me. It’s not going to be any different this time. Would you like to surrender?” Fifth Brother Liu laughed and said.

“Though I may have lost back then, it doesn’t mean that I will lose to you again this time. In the past, I was unable to beat you, but now, I know that I definitely can.” The old man from the Jade Clan took out a long sword as he was speaking with a serious voice.

“Alright, we have gotten quite old ourselves. Let’s have a good fight today. You are probably the only person left that’s worth remembering in the Jade Clan. It is very unfortunate that you have no one to take over your legacy.” Fifth Brother Liu didn’t hold back with his words at all.

“How do you know about that? In the future, your Liu Clan may not necessarily be any much better than my Jade Clan.” Old Man Yu said in a confident tone.

“Alright, alright, there is no use talking so much by now. Let’s get on with our fight.”

The weapon which Fifth Brother Liu took out was a single-handed blade. After that, he nodded at Old Man Yu to gesture that the fight could begin.

Qing Shui only realized that the fight would take place on the arena. Furthermore, Qing Shui was quick to notice that the arena was very unique. These rocks were a kind of unusual metals; it had unlimited energy which could be depleted constantly. Qing Shui had seen these stones before. Unfortunately, this kind of stones and minerals were unable to be used to make weapons and armors. Their usage was only limited for constructing buildings.

A good building would usually be built up from stones like this. They had high-resistance against attacks as well as vibrations-absorbent. 

Both of the parties charged towards each other as soon as the battle started; they were fighting at a very fast speed. Qing Shui realized that both of them put a lot of emphasis on their speed. Old Man Yu’s sword was sharp and pointy. It was very agile.

Fifth Uncle Liu’s blade was also relatively short and light. Even though its technique might be very dominant, it also emphasized more on speed. Thus, both parties managed to exchange more than ten blows in one clash. Numerous close earsplitting noises were heard as both of them quickly moved back and forth around the arena.

Qing Shui was very focused on the battle. Even though Old Man Yu might be strong, the strength of Fifth Brother Liu was obviously a bit stronger compared to him. However, he would still need some time to win the battle. Furthermore, he might just escape with a narrow victory.

There were four types of victory in a battle. A narrow victory, victory, huge victory and a complete victory.

Actually, a narrow victory could still be considered a steady win. It was just that for most of the time, the one who won would also consume a great amount of his or her Origin Qi. This meant that the winners would only have about one-third of their strength left by the end of the battle. In some worst case scenarios, their residual strength could be even lesser than that.

A victory would mean that the winner had about 60% strength left by the end of the battle. A huge victory meant 80%. As for a complete victory, it would mean that the person had managed to defeat the opponent in an instant.

In a narrow victory, the contenders would be in tangles with each other for quite a long time. If they weren’t in luck, the tide of the battle might change entirely in a moment.

From the way things seemed at the moment, Old Man Yu was going to lose. Unless anything unexpected happened, he would lose this match. However, Qing Shui was also unable to confirm that it would happen. After all, when opponents with small differences like this fight against each other, it would just take an instant for them to turn the tide of the battle.

Old Man Yu’s long sword shook. Layers of layers of ripple-like sword qis were released from it. These sword qis were very close to each other as they charged towards Fifth Brother Liu.

Sword qis Combination!

Fifth Brother Liu’s face looked stately. He abruptly swung the blade in his hand a few times and as he did so, a number of sword qis appeared. Furthermore, each of the sword qis that was released later on just got faster than the ones before. At the moment when they were about to clash with the Old Man Yu’s nets of sword qis, all of the sharp sword qis combined into one.


Countless sword qis combined together and slashed through Old Man Yu’s net of sword qis.

The net of sword qis was slashed apart and Old Man Yu was hit by the remaining opposing sword qis. Despite his effort to block it with his long sword, he still got hurt by it and injured his organs.

Old Man Yu lost. Even though his life wasn’t in danger, he was still injured. The injuries he suffered wasn’t really heavy, nor was it that light either.

The people from the Jade Clan got nervous and quickly went on to support the old man. Old Man Yu lost the first match.

“Haih, Mister Qing. I still lost in the end…” Old Man Yu said with a depressing voice.

Qing Shui shook his head and said calmly, “It’s alright, everything will be fine. Let me get your wounds treated first.”

Qing Shui wasn’t afraid to waste his Origin Qi. He quickly helped the old man treated his wounds.

Actually, the duration of the battles wasn’t really long. It was impossible for them to fight up to two hours. Most of the times, the winner of the match would have been decided within fifteen minutes. After that, the next match would usually start in less than half an hour.

The Liu Clan won a match. Deep down, they were very happy. However, Liu Yingwu didn’t know why he was so happy. If it was in the past, he wouldn’t have taken things like this so seriously. But now, he was feeling very nervous. He feared that Qing Shui might really have some kind of formidable forces supporting him from the back.

He walked up the arena. The Liu Clan was just one match away from winning this fight. Since Old Man Yu lost, he couldn’t help but wonder who would come out now. What could the young man do even if he managed to win a match? The Liu Clan would just need to claim one more win and the victory would have been theirs.

Liu Yingwu didn’t know if it was the young man’s turn to come up now. He was looking forward to battle this young man. 

“Xixuan, remember my words. Don’t go and battle him straight on. Just stay on the back of the Dragon Spider and don’t come down.” Qing Shui reminded Yu Xixuan. He sounded very serious as he was saying it.

Yu Xixuan nodded and immediately sat on top of the Dragon Spider’s back in the sky. Qing Shui had lent Yu Xixuan his Dragon Spider and Thunderous Beast for her to use in the match.

“Little brat, you look beautiful.” Liu Yingwu said when he saw Yu Xixuan.

“You are not being a good role model for the youngsters.”

Yu Xixuan was about to cry. He was the clan’s head of the Liu Clan. Considering his old age, he had already stopped his sexual desire for a long time. He actually meant it when he complimented Yu Xixuan. However, who would have expected for him to be accused by the youngster, saying that he was a bad role model.

He was observing the Dragon Spider below Yu Xixuan. Even though the enormous Nine-headed Demonic Dragon Spider seemed formidable, it didn’t manage to give him too much pressure. There was also a huge Thunderous Beast with purple color. This demonic beast, on the other hand, managed to catch a bit of Liu Wuying’s attention. He seemed to be planning to take down this demonic beast as soon as the battle started.

“Young lass, make your move.”

Liu Wuying wasn’t a fool. Since they had already won the first round, he knew that this match wouldn’t be as easy as before. He wasn’t convinced that Yu Xixuan surpassed him in terms of cultivations. Thus, he figured out that the main problems laid on the two demonic beasts. Knowing that, he didn’t dare to act carelessly.

Liu Wuying took out his own weapon, the Demon Slaying Bloody Dragon Blade. It was a long and white blade with an image of a bloody dragon carved on it.

Following on, he summoned his own demonic beast, the Vicious Large Flame Elephant. It was an all-around demonic beast which could act defensively and offensively. It was very powerful and possessed formidable strength and defense. Its speed was also decent.

To respond to him, Yu Xixuan swung her arms and summoned her Ice Burst Demonic Bear.

As soon as the Ice Burst Demonic Bear came out, Liu Wuying’s expression changed. He would at the very least, still have knowledge about Spiritual Beasts. Even though Liu Wuying might not be defeated by a mere Ice Burst Demonic Bear, it would still pose quite a challenge for him to defeat it. In fact, there was a chance that he might also lose in a one-on-one fight against the Ice Burst Demonic Bear. He would need to let his own demonic beast join the fight to secure his victory.

The Ice Burst Demonic Bear had been strengthened by Qing Shui before. If it was an Ice Burst Demonic Bear which he just tamed, its strength would have been cut by half.

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