AST 2042 - Dragon Spider Completely Toppling Over the Entire AzurE Rainbow City

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2042 - Dragon Spider Completely Toppling Over the Entire AzurE Rainbow City

Yu Xixuan didn’t intend to hold back. She immediately let the Ice Burst Demonic Bear made its move. 


A huge object which resembled an ice cannon immediately shot toward the opponent. This was one of the Ice Burst Demonic Bear’s attacks which focused only on one enemy. The ice cannon seemed to have decent power. It would explode as soon as it hit the opponent. Once it did, the opponent’s speed would decrease and he would be frozen. 

This was a very useful attack. It was fast, and at the same time, also possessed decent offensive prowess. Most importantly, it stacked with one of the unique abilities of the Ice Burst Demonic Bear. There was a one-third chance that the attack unleashed by the bear would be increased by two times.

This ability had made the Ice Burst Demonic Bear a beast which a lot of people dreamt of having. 

Even though there were only a few techniques with the attributes of doubling the user’s offensive prowess, Qing Shui had still managed to witness some before. For example, the Critical Damage and also Qing Shui’s acupoints, in certain ways, could also be considered as attacks which helped increase the damage inflicted. The only problem was that there were very, very few people who could pull it off like how Qing Shui did. This was even rarer in the case of demonic beasts.

Although there existed many demonic beasts with the ability to double its offensive prowess across the continent, the percentage was just too small. Putting one-third aside for now, the fraction of the amount that existed might be even less than 1/30.

Liu Wuying’s Vicious Huge Flame Elephant opened its mouth and immediately shot out a ball of large flame toward the ice cannon that was approaching to intercept it. 

Fire and water were naturally incompatible with each other.

Meanwhile, Liu Wuying’s Vicious Huge Flame Elephant was also very powerful. It was also a Spiritual Beast, except its level was slightly lower than the Ice Burst Demonic Bear. Nevertheless, it was still quite a force to be reckoned with. Considering that he was the clan’s head of Liu Clan, his demonic beasts would, of course, be at quite a high level as well.

At this moment, the Thunderous Beast has already struck its Thunderbolt at Liu Wuying’s body. 

Liu Wuying thought, “As I thought, a control type demonic beast.”

Deep down, he had already made up his mind that he must deal with the Thunderous Beast first. The longer he waited, the more disadvantages he would be at.

Bloody Dragon Astral Wind!

A faint bloody qi started surrounding Liu Wuying, making it seemed like he was turning invincible. Following on, his body became blurry and a huge figure of a bloody dragon leaped toward the Thunderous Beast with a zigzag movement. 

The formless pressure was very heavy. The Thunderous Beast was immobilized right away by the powerful qi. 



Suddenly, the body of the Thunderous Beast began giving out a violet light. A purple colored thunder strike got shot toward Liu Wuying


However, at this moment, another light appeared in front of Liu Wuying and immediately blocked the purple thunder. 


Qing Shui’s heart thumped. The Thunderous Beast was unable to block against Liu Wuying’s attack with its current strength. Qing Shui had underestimated his opponent by choosing not to let the Dragon Spider made its move. He had expected that the Violet Lightning Strike of the Thunderous Beast would be able to stop the opponent for a while. Thus, he felt that he should wait at least until the Thunderous Beast had used up all its Violet Lightning Strike before getting the Dragon Spider to make its move. 

The Thunderous Beast let out a miserable moan. But very quickly rings after rings of violet lightning appeared around it. 

Lightning Recovery, the formidable ability of Thunderous Beast which cured up to 70% of its wound.

Qing Shui let out a sigh of relief. It was fine so long as the Thunderous Beast didn’t die. However, Liu Wuying mustn’t be given another chance to do it again. Otherwise, the Thunderous Beast would definitely be done for.


A very thick spider thread swiftly went around Liu Wuying and wrapped around him. 

This was a shiny spider thread that carried poisons with it. 

Liu Wuying was successfully wrapped around by it. Qing Shui also only found out about this spider thread later on. It was a kind of lock-on to the opponent and was almost unavoidable. The Dragon Spider got this ability after absorbing the sea monster. It was very powerful and fearsome. 

Liu Wuying was very startled. By now, he had learned that it wasn’t Yu Xixuan, nor the Ice Burst Demonic Bear that was scary. The Thunderous Beast was also removed from his list earlier. It was now that he finally learned if he were to lose today, it would definitely be thanks to the work of this huge spider.

The Demon Slaying Bloody Dragon Blade was shining with bloody light. The light was so strong that it looked as if the entire sky was going to be covered in it. Following on, Liu Wuying released a violet slash.

Dragon Blood Slash!

The incomparably tough spider thread got cut off. Even though Qing Shui wasn’t up there, he was still able to interfere up to a certain extent with the Dragon Spider’s fight. But for most of the time, he wouldn’t do that unless the Dragon Spider needed his cooperation.

Through the battle between Dragon Spider and Liu Wuying, he was able to tell that Clan’s Head Liu was very powerful, merely from a few simple clashes between them. His personal strength was very powerful, his weapon was also powerful, his demonic beast, and also his martial techniques were all very powerful as well. If it wasn’t because he had Little Rin and the Dragon Spider, it was unlikely that he could have won the battle this time.


The Dragon Spider was furious seeing its spider thread getting cut off. It immediately let out a terrifying roar with all nine of its heads. Following on, the next thing that happened was countless thick spider threads violently shooting toward Liu Wuying and his demonic beast, binding around them. 

Qing Shui smiled. By the time he saw this, he already knew that this was the most helpless situation a person could run into when hunting for a beast. They wouldn’t know where to start cutting from to resolve the situation.

Liu Wuying might have cut off the spider thread before. But that was only because he had used his Sure-kill Techniques. Otherwise, it would take him some time to cut off a spider thread by using normal attacks along with a treasured sword. He felt a sense of helplessness as soon as he saw the spider threads that covered the whole sky. He had even lost his will to cut it. 

Suddenly, his eyes turned bright. The next thing he saw was raging flame appearing all across the Violent Huge Flame Elephant’s body. 

Huge Inferno!

Under normal circumstances, a spider thread was vulnerable to fire. However, the spider thread which Dragon Spider released was no ordinary spider thread. Even though the Huge Inferno was very powerful, it was unable to do anything against the spider thread.

The Thunderbolt from the Thunderous Beast could be seen constantly striking on the arena.

The attack of the Thunderous Beast might not mean much, but its true purpose was to decrease its opponent’s speed which would take time. It was a control type demonic beast. So long as it was given even a bit of time, the Thunderous Beast would be able to reveal its strength. 

But now, the ice cannon from the Ice Burst Demonic Bear was too powerful. Once the effect of doubling its wounding prowess appeared, Liu Wuying would feel very unwell. If it weren’t for the powerful defensive treasures which he wore on his body, he would have very likely been knocked to death by now. Even so, his body was still covered all over with cuts and bruises. He had even suffered some internal injuries. 

The Dragon Spider was very powerful. Even its offensive prowess was worth about 50 billion Dao Force. However, the Dragon Spider didn’t attack. Instead, it easily coiled up the opponent and gave him no chance to escape. 

A lot of people were shocked by the amount of strength which Dragon Spider demonstrated. What kind of a beast was this? To think that it was capable of trapping not only Liu Wuying entirely, but even with his demonic beast together. Everyone believed that these numerous amounts of webs could actually trap up to hundreds of people together at once, even if those people were warriors as strong as Liu Wuying. One mere Dragon Spider was enough to trap all of them. 

A lot of people were amazed. They couldn’t believe what they had seen. The expressions of both of the people from the Yu Clan also changed. They knew well how strong Liu Wuying was, especially his destructive prowess. Despite that, even him was unable to destroy the spider web. They couldn’t help but wonder what outcome would have awaited them if Yu Clan was facing off against this beast.

“I admit defeat!” Liu Wuying said helplessly. If he hadn’t chosen to surrender, chances were that he might have been beaten to death. 

Yu Xixuan looked at Qing Shui. Qing Shui nodded and let the Dragon Spider release Liu Wuying. Even though Qing Shui might have killed Third Young Master Liu and promised Liu Clan a life-and-death match, he didn’t really intend to completely annihilate Liu Clan. There were a lot of women and children in Liu Clan. Some of them didn’t even have cultivations. It was impossible for him to carry out a full-scale massacre to their clan. Qing Shui had long since told himself that he wouldn’t do such things as long as he lived. 

Liu Clan was also a huge clan with a huge business. Once they faced the truth, they wouldn’t want to make complete enemies with him all because of the useless Third Young Master Liu, let alone they weren’t strong enough to actually face off against him. 

Qing Shui won the second match. By now, Liu Clan had already lost their mood to fight the third round. The fact that a mere demonic beast was able to totally overpower Liu Clan had severely damaged their morale.

The formidable strength of the Dragon Spider had completely surpassed the level of the current Azure Rainbow City. Initially, the people of the Yu Clan were very happy to watch the drama. But now, they suddenly got a bit gloomy as they saw the outcome. The most formidable existences of Azure Rainbow City were about to come out. Could it be the young man? Or perhaps, Jade Clan themselves?

While this was happening, a lot of people had more or less figured out that the huge spider wasn’t Yu Xixuan’s. If it didn’t belong to her, there was only one other possible answer. It was Qing Shui’s,

At the moment, each party had one victory and one defeat each. This meant that the tournament would have to continue with the third match. 

This time, Qing Shui took the initiative to appear on the arena. This was their first time coming out before the opponent.

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