AST 2043 - Showdown against Liu Dongsheng, Violent Wind Bloody Axe, Thirteen Slaughter

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2043 - Showdown against Liu Dongsheng, Violent Wind Bloody Axe, Thirteen Slaughter

The people of the Jade Clan were amazed by Yu Xixuan’s victory. The opponent was the clan’s head of Liu Clan, one of the most powerful warriors in the Liu Clan. Unless something unexpected happened, he should be passing down the position as the clan’s head to the youngsters. However, the thing which happened today had left him with an unforgettable memory.

The Jade Clan was very happy. However, the people who reacted calmly the most were Yu Dinghe and the old man of the Jade Clan. The old man, in particular, didn’t seem to find it shocking or unusual in the slightest. He seemed like he had expected for things to turn out this way.

Contrary to the Jade Clan, the Liu Clan was feeling anxious. They felt that there was no point in competing anymore. It didn’t matter who emerged victorious in the end. If back then, they had known that it would lead to this outcome, they wouldn’t have let the wastrel come here. Unfortunately, there was no such thing as a ‘redo button’ in this world.

Not long after Qing Shui went on the platform, a middle-aged man from Liu Clan came out. He had a huge figure and didn’t seem that muscular. He didn’t dress extravagantly but somehow gave people a feeling that he was pleasant to look at. Both his eyes were filled with spirit and he felt very righteous. Even though he might not look handsome, Qing Shui felt comfortable near him. 

This was the next clan’s head of the Liu Clan, Liu Dongfeng.

His cultivation had surpassed even the current clan’s head. At this moment, it could be seen that each step which he took toward the arena was heavy and were filled with battle intents. He didn’t seem to be frightened by the events which had happened before and retained his might to keep moving forward.

“Liu Dongfeng! Nice to meet you, sir!”

Neither servile nor overbearing, his straightforwardness caused Qing Shui to couldn’t help but start to appreciate him. This man possessed formidable abilities. In the future, when it was his turn to lead the Liu Clan, unless anything unusual happened, he would surely be able to bring the Liu Clan up by another level. 

“Qing Shui, nice to meet you too.”

Liu Dongfeng was an exceptional genius in the entire Azure Rainbow City. A lot of aristocratic clans were envious of the Liu Clan, not for the things they had achieved but for the fact that they had someone to pass on their future to. They envied the Liu Clan’s Liu Dongfeng. Despite his young age, his strength was already on the same level as some of the most formidable existences across Azure Rainbow City.

Liu Clan had the most hope in leaving the Azure Rainbow City and advancing to the more powerful existences in Northern Blue Domain. The Azure Rainbow City was one of the weakest existences in Northern Blue Domain. If Liu Clan were able to become more powerful, the status of Azure Rainbow City would follow along and rise thanks to it. 

Qing Shui summoned the Dragon Slaying Beast and Little Rin right off the bat. Since he decided to establish himself in Azure Rainbow City, he must make sure to instill fears within others with his strength and not give them even the slightest chance to provoke him. This way, it would save him some troubles.

The audiences were in awe the moment they saw Little Rin came out. A lot of people knew that Little Rin was an existence even more fearsome than the Ice Burst Demonic Bear. However, this beast wasn’t in the same category as the huge spider which they had seen before. For now, Qing Shui was aware that Little Rin might be inferior to Dragon Spider.

Despite that, from an outsider’s perspective, Little Rin should be just as powerful as Dragon Spider. Little Rin was a beast which purely focused on offense. Its formidable offensive prowess could strike fear in its opponents’ hearts.

Only a minority of people changed their facial expressions when they saw the Dragon Slaying Beast. A lot of people didn’t recognize the Dragon Slaying Beast. After all, it was a bit small in size. Even though it might have an imposing dragon’s head with a horn on it, very few people were aware that it was the fearsome Dragon Slaying Beast.

For a moment, Liu Dongfeng felt a bit helpless. He knew that there was no way he could fight this battle because he was no match for the Kirin. However, he refused to surrender. He wanted to continue fighting, even if it meant potentially losing his life from it.

This time, Liu Dongfeng didn’t even summon his demonic beasts.

Similarly, Qing Shui also didn’t make Little Rin and Dragon Slaying Beast make their moves. On the contrary, he charged toward Liu Dongfeng himself.

Mighty Earth Stomp!

The Mighty Earth Stomp was a battle technique acquired after the Mighty Elephant stomp broke through. Its offensive prowess was greatly increased and had become almost equal to Qing Shui’s original offensive prowess. The most fearsome thing about this battle technique was that it had a slight chance of causing dizziness to its enemies. A number of ripple-like waves could be seen spreading across the surroundings.

The arena below their feet was shaking as if it had its own unusual rhythm. An energy capable of ripping apart the air itself started bursting out on top of the arena.

Liu Dongfeng abruptly jumped off the ground and as he did so, an enormous gold colored blade appeared in his hand. The blade was similar to an ax, only slightly slimmer. The blade was shaped very strangely and looked heavy. It gave people the impression that it was a fierce and violent weapon. 

Furthermore, it was a Natural God Energy!

The enormous ax seemed as light as a feather in the hands of Liu Dongsheng. As it was cutting through the air, it cut open a few blood red rifts along with it. It resembled a net.

Violent Wind Bloody Ax!

The air felt as if it was going to be torn apart by the ax. Qing Shui was making use of his mysterious footsteps across the arena. The techniques he unleashed was a combination of Taichi, Continuous Combos, Eight Extreme Fists, and so on. He was able to charge in as well as retreat as he pleased. He didn’t limit himself with a particular technique. In fact, It could be said that he had no techniques at this point. Every time he casually made his move, he would instinctively unleash an exquisite movesets.

Qing Shui landed his fist on the back of Liu Dongfeng’s blade in an unusual way. Coincidentally, he also happened to hit the point of the blade where Liu Dongfeng put the least of his strength on. Thus, upon collision, the ax got pushed away to a different angle. Qing Shui took the chance to make his way forward. He gripped his fist, relaxed his arm and immediately, thrust out a jab. 

Qing Shui was quite proficient in his boxing techniques. For the time being, so long as he was facing off against opponents who didn’t differ too much from him in terms of strength, he could completely ignore their strength. This was a kind of state, a realm powerful enough just like the last rice straw which could press on a camel to death.

A rice straw could never press a camel to death. However, it could rely on the strength of heavenly law and the might of the heaven and earth to do so. By then, even if one was to neglect his own strength and attack the opponent blindly, the opponent could still be heavily injured. This was what ‘realm’ stood for. A simple movement of moving forth one’s hand was already enough to completely crush the opponent. 

This was the state of the Great Heavenly Technique. For the time being, Qing Shui was far away from achieving it, so much so that he began questioning if the Great Heavenly Technique actually existed. If he were truly able to achieve that realm, his raw strength would have been very destructive. Actually, there wasn’t a single realm which existed in which the person wasn’t strong but was feared by many. An expert warrior could easily eliminate his opponent as long as he possessed enough strength to do so. 

Liu Dongfeng’s reaction was very fast. He took a deep breath as he bent his figure slightly to dodge away from Qing Shui’s jab. However, Qing Shui took this opportunity to give him a heavy elbow strike.

It seemed as though Liu Dongfeng had known that Qing Shui wouldn’t stop. He had already placed the huge battle-ax in his hand in between himself and his opponent. 


Qing Shui struck the huge ax with his elbow and immediately, a loud and clear noise came through. However, because Qing Shui’s offensive prowess was greatly inferior to Liu Dongsheng’s, instead of closing in, he got pushed back from the attack. At this moment, Liu Dongsheng’s figure was like a hollow as he charged toward Qing Shui.

Violent Slash!

The huge ax turned blood red as if it was being heated up. It slashed down at an extraordinarily fast speed. 

Liu Dongsheng was aware that Qing Shui’s moves might be very exquisite and fast, but he had a weakness, which was that they weren’t packed with enough power. He had the advantage in sheer power. Thus, since he was stronger than the opponent in terms of strength, he could only attempt to counter against the opponent’s techniques with sheer force. Even though this might be a bit difficult, Liu Dongsheng was unwilling to give up so long as there was hope.

Violent Wind Bloody Ax Thirteenth Slaughter!

Liu Dongsheng grasped this opportunity and unleashed his technique. At the moment, he was like a violent wind. It was as if he had become one with his huge ax and they were both going after Qing Shui, carrying up waves after waves of vortexes. The afterimages of the huge ax could be seen forming in the sky. The exploding noises in the sky were so concentrated that it began to sound more like the noises of firecrackers.

Nine Palace Steps!

Qing Shui’s eyes turned bright. Liu Dongsheng had been doing great so far. Most importantly, he might be very young, but he had an incomparable mind. Despite knowing that he was no match against his opponent and there was no way he could ever turn the tide of the battle, he was still able to unleash his strength at an extraordinary level. This was indeed quite a rare thing to see.

Qing Shui continued to land his punches and assaults on his opponent. Every time they hit, they would land on some of the fragile parts across the body. He had yet to go all out. For example, he hadn’t used his Heavenly Vision Technique and some of his abilities to weaken his opponent. Thus, with his current speed, he wasn’t able to gather enough time to strike the weakest part of his opponent’s body. 

After battling for a while, Qing Shui knew that it was time to end the battle. He let out his hand and flickered all five of his fingers. Immediately, a golden dragon shot out abruptly. 

Dragon-capturing Hands!

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