AST 2069 - Level Rise in the Heavenly Dao Realm, Divine Rainbow Dragon

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2069 - Level Rise in the Heavenly Dao Realm, Divine Rainbow Dragon

Time was of the essence. Qing Shui grabbed the clothing near her waist and ripped it directly.

However, it would seem that Qing Shui had torn her clothes a little too far. Her snowy white skin was clearly exposed to Qing Shui’s eyes. Qing Shui tried his best to calm himself down, but his lips trembled a little. Qing Shui could see the small bite mark on her buttocks. It was pink and had a strange scent, causing to Qing Shui to quickly hold his breath.

Qing Shui did not have time to waste. He directly sucked on the wound and then quickly spat out the poison. He lowered his head. The blood that was spat out was pink in color. Qing Shui did not have time to think nor did he have time to feel anything through his lips. It was unclear when he went numb.

After a while, Shen Huang woke up. She raised her head slightly to look at Qing Shui.

All of a sudden, her face blushed red like fire. She managed to hold her voice, but her body was shaking uncontrollably. Having a man suck on her buttocks, her heart was in a complete mess. Though her body was chilled to the bone, her face was scorching like the sun.

Raising his head, Qing Shui met Shen Huang’s line of sight. He lowered his head once again and continued sucking the poison out of her body. He was almost done and Shen Huang hurriedly avoided Qing Shui’s eyes. She burrowed herself like a snail in Qing Shui’s embrace.

“I’m sorry for ripping your clothes.” Qing Shui said with embarrassment while wiping his lips.

Shen Huang’s body was shaking as she said, “You have already saved me countless times.”

“It’s fine now. Go change. I will wait for you. Afterward, I will clear the poison from your body.” Qing Shui said as he patted her small back.

“You don’t have to make it sound like that…” Shen Huang raised her head and said stubbornly.

Qing Shui did not know what to feel in his mind. He nodded and said, “My medical knowledge and the fruit will take care of it.”

Shen Huang saw Qing Shui’s hesitation. A sudden rush of feeling surfaced and she blurted out, “Actually, I have always liked you, but…”

Qing Shui was surprised by Shen Huang’s words. He took a long hard look at her. Once he considered his actions that were the same as initiating a kiss on her, it all became clear. Had she not liked him, why would she allow him to touch her? Had it been anyone else, they would not even be able to touch her hand.

Qing Shui felt that he was quite dense sometimes. It was such a simple problem, yet the real reason that Qing Shui was uncertain was due to Shen Huang being such a fine woman. Qing Shui thought that he was unfit for Shen Huang, especially given that he already had so many women. A woman of her quality should receive a complete and fulfilled love.

That was the reason why Qing Shui had been hesitant about pursuing her. Taking advantage of her was due to many uncertain reasons, but now he understood. He embraced her tightly without forcing her nor avoiding her. Life is too short for regrets and unpleasant experiences.

Qing Shui suddenly felt relief in his heart, his vision became clearer than before. An unclear power filled his body. It was as if he had regained the vigor of a growing child.

His realm increased. His Heavenly Dao Level increased.

This was Secular Practice?!

The Qi within Qing Shui’s body flowed like a raging river. His bone structure also experienced a major change. His strength was raised drastically, similar to that of refinement. This happened as a result of an increase in his Heavenly Dao Realm. It was just like steam condensing into water, a change so fine it was hard to explain.

Qing Shui felt as though he had been bathing in the sun, with his body radiated with warmth and an unspeakable comfort. This type of enlightenment was more valuable than any type of epiphany; it was similar to the epiphany of enlightenment into a Buddha.

Shen Huang had finished changing her clothes. Though she was wearing the same style of phoenix dress, her face was still blushing. Her heart was thumping controllably. Every time she glanced toward Qing Shui, the imagery of Qing Shui sucking on her buttock would surface in her mind, causing her heart rate to accelerate. Her clothing had been torn and everything had been exposed.

Had Qing Shui known what Shen Huang was thinking, he would have proclaimed his innocence. He had not acted with these indecent thoughts within his mind. Shen Huang’s legs were close together. There was not even a ray of light passing through. Qing Shui had really not seen anything, nor had he purposely been looking for anything.

Qing Shui suddenly thought of the Rainbow Snake.

“Mistress, we should look at the snake.” Qing Shui told Shen Huang as he pulled her toward the direction of the Refining Furnace.

With the Refining Furnace holding it back, the snake naturally could not escape. Moreover, Qing Shui had already injured it when he was grabbing it before, though he did not kill it. The reason he kept it alive was that he knew the snake was a young snake.

When Qing Shui opened the Refining Furnace, the snake within did not resist. Qing Shui looked at Shen Huang whose face had a weird expression. Suddenly, she reached her hand in and retrieved a beautiful four-inch snake.

Qing Shui had wanted to stop her but decided to not say anything. He simply watched from the side as the small snake gently wrapped itself around Shen Huang’s arm. It was absurdly gentle, appearing as though it was a rainbow pattern on her arm.

It recognized its owner!

Qing Shui finally understood. He was looking at the Rainbow Snake, using the Heavenly Vision Technique. The little fellow’s name was Rainbow Divine Python, but its description had the word ‘young’ in it. He also found out that the beast would naturally recognize an owner. The way to recognize its owner was to bite them once. The person bitten would not die. However, they would experience hallucination or dizziness. Most would wake within two hours…

Qing Shui did not know what to say. He had unknowingly gained the benefit of kissing her buttocks, thinking it was necessary.

“Not bad. With this little fellow, your strength would increase tremendously later. Even though this little fellow is small, it is still quite powerful. In the future, it will be formidable.” Qing Shui said with joy.

“It’s unfortunate that it is so small. I don’t know how long it would take for it to mature, but I could raise it as a pet for now.” Shen Huang said with a smile.

“I have some medicine that could help the snake grow.” Qing Shui passed some medicine and medicinal fruits to Shen Huang.

“This won’t kill it, right?” Shen Huang asked.

“I must kill the darn thing. It was lewder than me, kissing you in that place.” Qing Shui said angrily.

“You scum.” Shen Huang exclaimed in embarrassment while the image of Qing Shui sucking on her resurfaced.

“Anyway, let the snake eat. Not only will it heal the snake but it should also help the snake mature faster. Moreover, It might increase the snake’s strength by quite a bit.” Qing Shui said while going toward the Peach of Immortality tree.

He picked the ripe fruits and then transplanted the entire Peach of Immortality tree into the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal.

He obtained 50 Peaches of Immortality and returned.

The Rainbow Snake ate quite a bit of medication, including the Ancient Demonic Fruit and the Fortune Golden Pellet. It had grown to the thickness of a human wrist and a length of a dozen meters. What had surprised Qing Shui the most was that it grew horns on its head. The head was that of a beautiful dragon.

Divine Rainbow Dragon?

Qing Shui was shocked. Was it really the Divine Rainbow Dragon? It clearly had been a Rainbow Snake. Was this a mutation?

It was small in size, but still bigger than what it had been. It was emitting a suppressive aura similar to that of the Dragon Slaying Beast. It was not from the strength in its body, but a horrifying aura. It was flying around Shen Huang’s body without rest.

Shen Huang was extremely happy seeing the radiance from the Divine Rainbow Dragon. After all, having such a beautiful and formidable beast was something to celebrate. Seeing the small fellow would bring joys to others too.

“Qing Shui, this little fellow is the Divine Rainbow Dragon.”

Shen Huang’s words had cleared away Qing Shui’s doubt. Qing Shui used the Heavenly Vision Technique again and saw that it had transformed to a Divine Rainbow Dragon. The description said that it was still not mature.

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