AST 2070 - Poison Cured, Members of the Fire Manor are Coming

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2070 - Poison Cured, Members of the Fire Manor are Coming

Divine Rainbow Dragon!

It was an existence that was above the dragon race. This woman was blessed by the Heavens. Qing Shui threw five Peaches of Immortality toward the Divine Rainbow Dragon. The small dragon easily ate the peaches mid-air and flew off into the distance.

The dragon needed time to digest. The peaches were the best items to consume to increase the dragon’s talent and foundation. Legend had it that the Divine Rainbow Dragon was nurtured by Heaven and Earth. Unlike the inheritance from the dragon race, which had developed from one generation to the next, a real Divine Rainbow Dragon was nurtured by Heaven and Earth. Any area that nurtured a Divine Rainbow Dragon was bound to contain treasures.

The Peach of Immortality tree must be the treasure of the area that was nurturing the Divine Rainbow Dragon. This Peach of Immortality tree seemed to be something special.

With the Peaches of Immortality and his previous action of saving Shen Huang, Qing Shui was already certain he would succeed. He had not thought that his realm and Heavenly Dao would suddenly have a breakthrough. Even without the Peach of Immortality, he felt that it was worth a try. The chance of success was high.

Qing Shui observed his surroundings and cleared the ground of its greenery. He set up a Maze Formation and released Dragon Spiderlings, the Dragon Slaying Beast, and the Kirin. Even without the Maze Formation, they were fairly safe with his beasts protecting them. However, he did not want any potential problems to arise.

“Come, we should all eat five each. First, let’s eat these medicine pellets.” Qing Shui retrieved the Quintuple Portion Medicine, as it would take five years to eat the five fruits otherwise. Consuming the Quintuple Portion Medicine should reduce the five-years time constraint. Whether they can eat another one after one year was unknown.

Shen Huang did not hesitate. She swallowed the Quintuple Portion Medicine and began eating the Peach of Immortality.

Cultivators could gain the ability to forgo eating for a very long time. At the same time, they could also eat a lot all at once. Eating five peaches was an easy task for cultivators like them.

The fruit melted in their mouths, the warm sensation flowing through their body. Shen Huang could feel the warmth concentrating near the Ice Poison and suddenly mixed itself with the Ice Poison. Her face became pale as the Ice Poison began devouring the energy from the fruit.

At this rate, the Ice Poison would only get stronger.

Upon noticing this, Qing Shui reached out his hand and used his finger to point at where the poison had gathered. An unusual energy rushed into Shen Huang’s body, dispersing the Ice Poison. The Peach of Immortality’s purifying energy gathered once again; this time at larger volumes and mingled with the Ice Poison.

The Ice Poison had condensed yet again. Thus, Qing Shui took out the Gold Needle and placed three acupuncture needles down. It was as though he drew a border which prevented the Ice Poison from condensing. Naturally, the poison was weakened and the purifying energy grew stronger. The purifying energy mingled with a small piece of the Ice Poison.

Qing Shui regularly reached his hand out to pass his energy toward the poisonous area. Receiving both Nature Energy and Force of Rebirth together had left the Ice Poison in a critical state. The purifying detox energy became stronger while continually neutralizing the Ice Poison.

Time passed slowly as the Ice Poison was neutralized by the purifying detox energy with Qing Shui using acupuncture to speed up the process. With the Immortal Peach as the foundation for strengthening the body and flushing the meridians, the energy from the Ice Poison would soon be completely neutralized.

It took three days before the Ice Poison within Shen Huang’s body was completely removed. Qing Shui breathed a sigh of relief as he slowly retrieved the Golden Needles. Heaven was looking out for him and her. There was no longer a need to search for the Blaze Moth.

There were also good outcomes as a result of their unfortunate situation. Both their strengths had increased and Shen Huang had managed to tame a Divine Rainbow Dragon.

What Shen Huang thought about Qing Shui was unknown to him. He was uncertain whether she would become his woman or remain his confidante.

Although Qing Shui had spent three days neutralizing the poison, he was still energetic. Shen Huang was feeling the same with her strength fully recovered and even increased. She had finally walked away from death’s door with Qing Shui’s help.

“We no longer need to find the Blaze Moth.” Qing Shui said with relief.

“You’ve saved me once again. How should I repay you?” Shen Huang said with a faint smile as she stood in front of Qing Shui. She carried the glow of an otherworldly beauty. Her mesmerizing aura was stronger than ever before.

As though entranced in the beauty of a starry night, with an air about her that made men avert their eyes, Shen Huang was quietly looking at Qing Shui. It made Qing Shui feel as though he was unworthy of standing before her. Even with the increase of his state of mind, he could not shake off this feeling entirely.

“Repay me with the rest of your life. In this life, our fates will forever be intertwined. Never leave my side.”

“Even if you didn’t want anything to do with me, I would have agreed to it. You saved me, but you also took some important things from me.” Shen Huang said with a light laugh.

Qing Shui raised his hand and broke the formation. He then reached his hand and embraced Shen Huang “This area is pretty nice. Why don’t we take a look around before heading back?”

Before Shen Huang could provide Qing Shui with an answer, several large flying beasts could be seen from the distance. Shen Huang then looked at Qing Shui and slightly laughed, “Looks like trouble is coming. I guess this is not the time.”

“Members of the Fire Manor.” Though the unexpected guests were still quite far away, Qing Shui could identify them from the emblem on their clothing. He didn’t think that they would chase them to this point. It would seem that the Fire Manor was determined. Qing Shui was in a good mood. He did not mind welcoming his guests with his fists. Given Shen Huang’s situation, he did not want to spend too much time with them.

“While the members of the Fire Manor are savage, they are irrefutably strong. They are regarded as the top five powers within the Blazing Fire Land, just not the strongest.” Shen Huang explained as she watched the people of Fire Manor approach.

“Then, does that mean you know which power is the strongest existence in Blazing Fire Land?” Qing Shui asked with curiosity.

“The strongest in the Blazing Fire Land is the Blazing Fire Clan, the Blazing Fire Immortal Palace.”

As Shen Huang was speaking, the members of the Fire Manor closed in. A familiar voice could be heard stating, “It’s the brat! I want him to die a horrible death.”

Huo Lei’s voice was filled with anger. To be dishonored and threatened in front of someone’s house, this was indignity that could not be swallowed. Indignation to him was the equivalent of indignation to the entire Fire Manor. There was no one in this area that was willing to step on the tiger’s tail.

Qing Shui could see close to ten people. He could only recognize one of them being Huo Lei. The rest were probably important members of the Fire Manor. Several of them were middle-aged men while two of them were younger in comparison.

“I say, Seventh Brother. You turn a deaf ear every time I tell you to cultivate properly. However, I do have to admit. This woman is certainly beautiful and alluring,” The one that spoke was a handsome man who looked mature and young at the same time.

“Third Brother, you have to help me. I will not allow this indignity. You can play with that woman all you want first. Once you’re tired of her, you can let me have her. How about it?” Huo Lei said with respect.

“Haha, we are brothers. Don’t be so shy.” The man laughed as he spoke.

“Then this is settled, Third Brother. Their strength is nothing to scoff at. Although Third Brother is the genius of our Fire Manor, please be careful.” Huo Lei reminded.

“I will let you witness your Third Brother’s strength. It will show you our differences.” The man spoke with confidence.

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