AST 2079 - The Frigid Jade Stone Bed and The Vice-Head of the Phoenix Pavilion

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2079 - The Frigid Jade Stone Bed and The Vice-Head of the Phoenix Pavilion

Upon seeing the Nirvanic Pill, Qing Shui was stunned. Wasn’t this made especially for him? His Dark Phoenix was most suited for this Nirvanic Pill whereas Shen Huang’s Rainbow Divine Dragon wasn’t compatible with it. Hence, it wasn’t surprising that the Pill was being used by the Dark Phoenix.

Qing Shui held up the Pill and said, “I need this.”

“Everything here is yours. My belongings are yours too.” Shen Huang smiled.

“Can you take away the ‘belongings’ part?” asked Qing Shui seriously.

“I’m also yours?”

“Doesn’t taking advantage of me make you uncomfortable?” said Shen Huang without thinking upon seeing Qing Shui’s solemn expression. However, the moment the words left her mouth, she knew it was just the other man fooling around.

“You can have this Frigid Jade Stone Bed, it’s good. When you’re free you can take it out to nap for a while, it’ll be beneficial for your training.” Qing Shui pointed at the Frigid Jade Stone Bed.

“I don’t want it, this has been slept on by others. I don’t want to use it.” Shen Huang shook her head.

“My dear lady, this is the cleanest bed possible. Regardless of who’s slept on it, there has never been any trace left behind. This Frigid Jade Stone Bed has the strongest purifying ability,” said Qing Shui. He was dumbfounded by her answer.

“Anyway, I just don’t want it. I don’t like it, even if I take it I won’t lie on it,” said Shen Huang firmly.

She had received too many advantages and all of them were from Qing Shui. Take the Pagoda for instance, it was definitely a priceless item. It was also because of Qing Shui that she received the Divine Flower Inheritance and the Rainbow Divine Dragon. She knew subconsciously that in all seriousness, she might genuinely be his. Her life, after all, was saved by him multiple times.

As such, no matter what, she wouldn’t accept the Frigid Jade Stone Bed. She knew that it was incredibly valuable, and was well aware that it was a treasure. It was as Qing Shui said the bed was extremely pure. She only said what she said in the hopes that Qing Shui wouldn’t consider giving it to her again.

“I’m taking this Nirvanic Pill because I need to use it, but I really won’t use this Frigid Jade Stone Bed. Listen to me, it will really be useful to you.” Qing Shui smiled.

“I don’t want it!” said Shen Huang frankly.

Qing Shui thought for a moment, before saying, “How about this, you use it for three years, and if three years later you don’t want it you can give it to me. What do you think?”

Shen Huang looked at Qing Shui’s anticipatory expression and sighed. She nodded. “If you’re not going to use it you can give it to someone close to you. Why must you give it to me?”

“We’re friends after all. Plus, this Frigid Jade Stone Bed is best used by you. Others can’t handle the frigid Qi, so it won’t work as well. It’s best suited to you right now,” Qing Shui said with a laugh.

Shen Huang knew that the Frigid Jade Stone Bed didn’t require much skill to use. It worked well as long as you could grit your teeth and bear it. It also was very advantageous, although the user could only lie on top of it for a very short period of time and had to wait for a long time before using it again... It wasn’t wrong to say that she was the most suited user for it now.

“Okay, then it’s agreed. At most three years, if I feel that I’ve pretty much exhausted its potential before three years are up, I’ll return it to you.” Shen Huang directly stowed away the Frigid Jade Stone Bed.


While keeping the Bed, the area suddenly began to quake. Upon seeing this, Qing Shui pulled Shen Huang along and charged outside. The moment they escaped, the palace collapsed into rubble.

Qing Shui was baffled. It was fine all along, how could it just collapse like that? The Frigid Jade Stone Bed and the mechanism. It looked like it was because they moved the Frigid Jade Stone Bed.

Phoenix Organization!

Qing Shui followed Shen Huang to her sect. Her sect was called Phoenix, and it was more like an organization. It wasn’t the kind of sect with masters and disciples, though it was relatively strict and the rules were stringent. Shen Huang was called Phoenix here and held the highest influence.

Phoenix had three palaces and three temples. There were heads of each palace and each temple. Apart from them, there was also a Phoenix Pavilion, the head of the said Pavilion was Phoenix herself. In it were several hundred members and every single one was powerful. Moreover, the Phoenix Pavilion’s power was much stronger than the palaces and temples.

The three palaces were occupied solely by women, though the temples had a mixture of genders, with males taking up the majority.

Phoenix’s ability was the strongest in the whole Phoenix City; she was the ruler of the city. Several trading companies in Phoenix City were under the control of Phoenix, and a portion of their revenue was given to her. This was the rule of the land, and identical to taxation in his previous world.

‘This woman really was super rich’Qing Shui thought to himself while smiling.

Shen Huang was not secretive either and told Qing Shui a lot of things regarding the Phoenix Organization. She smiled and said, “I want you to be my Vice-Head of the Phoenix Pavilion.”

Qing Shui was stupefied for a moment. In the Dancing Phoenix Continent, he had been the Custodian of her Phoenix God Organization, and now he was to be her Vice-Head. He looked at Shen Huang, feeling a bit puzzled, “I remember I was already the Custodian of your Phoenix God Organization previously.”

“That was that and this is this. Promise me, or I’ll return the Frigid Jade Stone Bed to you,” said Shen Huang stately.

This woman really doesn’t know how to act coquettishly to coax men; she can only threaten. She knew that other threats wouldn’t work, so she used this!

“Fine. Even if you wanted me to marry into your family and live with them, I would agree. To say nothing of being your Vice-Head.” said Qing Shui frankly.

“Oh, I’ll hold you to these words! Men have to honor their words,” Shen Huang looked at Qing Shui. Flustered by what she said, Qing Shui rubbed his nose and smiled awkwardly.

On their way, they met quite a few people. The strength of the people in Phoenix City was really quite good, and although there weren’t many people, everyone was reasonably skilled. They were probably amongst the top in the Northern Blue Domain, Phoenix City was the Northern Blue Domain’s second biggest city due to Shen Huang’s ability. Northern Blue City was the biggest city, though there were at least five powers in the Northern Blue City.

It was easy for Qing Shui to become the Phoenix Pavilion’s Vice-Head. He just had to take the plaque of the Vice-Head. In the Phoenix Organization, plaques were recognized, and not faces. Whoever had the plaque was the owner of the plaque. It was like this throughout the continents. After all, their influence was too great. Everything was dependent on tokens, although there were still a lot of forces on record.

Moreover, the plaque of the Vice-Head from the Phoenix Pavilion was given by Shen Huang. Naturally, there weren’t any issues.

“Come on, meeting the other people isn’t important, but there is someone I want you to meet. He has helped me a lot these few years, and if I were to say I still had family on this earth, it would be him.” Shen Huang smiled.

Qing Shui didn’t ask and walked with Shen Huang to the garden behind the summit. He saw a very old man. He was old and doddering, without immense strength. Yet, he appeared impossibly warm and kind. This was an old man who, upon first glance, made one feel welcome and on intimate terms with.

“Grandpa Qi!” called Shen Huang gently.

Upon seeing Shen Huang, the old man cried out happily, “Hey, has this girl come to see me? Oh, I know. Last time you said that you would bring some boy back. Not bad, this young man is not bad.”

“Grandpa Qi…” Shen Huang was at a loss for words.

“Stupid girl, you’ve grown up. No matter how strong you are you’re still a lady. Rascal, I’m old, but I’m not blind. Take good care of my girl, she’s a good girl. You’re very lucky.” said the old man warmly.

Qing Shui smiled and said, “Grandpa Qi, don’t worry. I’ll take good care of this stupid girl for eternity. No one will be able to bully her. I’ll make her the happiest, most fortunate person in the world.”

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