AST 2080 - Can’t I Even Think About It?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2080 - Can’t I Even Think About It?

Qing Shui laughed as he said, “Grandpa Qi, don’t worry. I will take care of her for the rest of my life; no one will be able to bully her. I will make her feel like the most blissful girl.”

“Hahaha, good. You rascal want to take responsibility. I also trust her judgment. The guy that she fancies is definitely not an ordinary man. I am old already, you are also grown up as well. You have achieved a lot, but you must remember to ground yourself from time to time,” said Grandpa Qi smilingly.

Shen Huang’s emotions were mixed, but she still wore a smile. “Grandpa Qi, you’re my closest and most beloved family. I couldn’t have lived through these years without you.”

“You would still be able to live well without me. In the future, this boy will be your closest family. Give him and yourself a chance. I wish you happiness, it is my greatest wish for you. Seeing him with you, I am relieved. Even though there’s nothing to worry about now, I trust my judgment. You will be with him for the rest of your life.”

Grandpa Qi joyously remarked, as though he had seen the happiness Qing Shui and Shen Huang would experience.

While looking completely blushed, Shen Huang asked, “Grandpa Qi, do you really think that we are a good fit for each other?”

“Haha, whether you are a good fit or not, I think you already know the answer. Alright, I need to leave. I don’t have much time left and I still have some unfinished business,” Grandpa Qi stood up and walked out after saying that.

“Grandpa Qi, Qing Shui is a great physician, let him take a look at you!” said Shen Huang hastily.

“My natural lifespan is coming to an end. Even a deity can’t save me. Furthermore, It’s time for me to go. You’ve already become independent. Everyone dies eventually, so there’s no meaning in trying to live any longer. It’s time for me to rest.”

Grandpa Qi then disappeared into the distance.

Shen Huang was slightly depressed. Looking at the yard, her feelings could not be expressed. Grandpa Qi was an eccentric man. She knew that he had been silently helping her out, getting rid of many people who threatened Shen Huang’s safety. Though there was no evidence, Shen Huang knew that it was Grandpa Qi who was helping her.

Grandpa Qi treated Shen Huang as his own daughter. His abilities were unfathomable, but he usually never revealed them.

The people of Phoenix City knew of an old man, Phoenix’s kin, but they could never know of his strength and wisdom.

Shen Huang realized that Grandpa Qi was never coming back. However, she was also open-minded, so despite her sadness, she remained strong. She turned back to look at Qing Shui,” let’s go to the Phoenix City’s largest restaurant to drink.”

Phoenix City’s largest restaurant was known worldwide.

Its name was ‘Enthralling Fragrance’

Its popularity was definitely exaggerated in its title, but the fragrance of its alcohol was undeniably strong. In Phoenix city, it was definitely a busy restaurant. Qing Shui and Shen Huang were sitting near the window.

The people there seemed to not recognize this lady. Actually, Qing Shui was one of the few people who could easily understand Shen Huang. Outsiders who glanced upon Shen Huang would only feel confused, unable to clearly see what Shen Huang looks like, just her luscious bearing.

“Let me tell you guys a story that will shock you.”

An intelligent young man said from a nearby table.

The table had 8 people seating. Based on their clothing and mannerism, they were the middle class from Phoenix city. Life wasn’t bad, but they traversed the boundaries between life and death. They had the aura of bloodshed and death.

“What story? What other stories could shock us,” remarked a sloppy fellow. This person struck others as a loafer. As the legends typically go, those with messy hair, but were not ugly, had a different type of charisma.

“Lang San, who do you keep taking notice of?” said the previous man while laughing.

“Is that even a question? The one he respects the most in Phoenix City is Ms. Phoenix. That is the goddess in his heart. Though he has not personally seen her, it only took one drawing for him to be enchanted. If you mention to him that she might be in danger, he will go there unquestioningly to save her,” a spiritless voice rang out.

“Haha, the wastrel is right, but Le Sha, don't ruin your appetite,” said Lang San while drinking wine.

“Rumours say that our Phoenix City’s Goddess is taken already,” said the intelligent man, Le Sha, softly.

Shen Huang’s hand trembled. Qing Shui looked at Shen Huang, mildly shocked. He said, “The news travels so fast, I’m not even yours yet.”


Shen Huang found that her emotions were odd these few days. She would not have ever considered talking to a man like this in the past, yet she was now angry yet humored. Unconsciously like a normal wife and husband bickering.

It was not only her, Qing Shui did not expect it as well. Even if he had such a good woman, many people including Qing Shui would feel the need to be proper and respectful towards her, to be gentlemanly, not swear or say anything dirty. They felt the need to present their most perfect selves to her…

But Qing Shui had some understanding of psychology; he felt that this lady’s aloof character was exquisite and elegant. Such a lady meant that even if you came directly at her, you would be only one of many other men she would not take notice of.

Furthermore, since Qing Shui felt inferior in her presence, there was no need to act refined. He was free to do whatever he wanted since being able to let loose in front of such a lady was relaxing.

“This lady is very charismatic. Turns out it’s not only me who would sacrifice anything for her. I am lucky that I approached her first,” Qing Shui said, then lifted up his wine cup and took a drink.

“Can’t you speak normally?”

“The stress of speaking with you is unbearable. It makes me feel vulnerable,” Qing Shui smiled and said as he looked at Shen Huang.

Shuen Huang realized that it was her who was vulnerable, not him. She remained silent and angry. Talking to him meant that she would never have the advantage, only being laughed at by him.

“There has been the arrival of someone mysterious in Phoenix city. Seems like he intends to do something with the Phoenix Mountain. Don’t you think we should go and inform Ms. Phoenix?” said Le Sha softly once again.

“Mysterious person? He has ulterior motives towards Phoenix Mountain?” asked Lang San, confused.

“I only heard that that person was interested in the Phoenix valley, and about the valley having treasures. Its treasures are well known but no one can go in. No one knows where they come from and their intentions, and if they would harm Ms. Phoenix.”

Qing Shui looked at Shen Huang, expressing his shock. Qing Shui had already broken the formation in the Phoenix Valley. The palace halls had also crumbled, but Qing Shui’s shock was at whether they knew of the Demon Palace or whether they were just looking for treasures.

Could they be the Demon Palace’s people? Or could they be the Demon King inheritors?

If they came from the Demon Palace, then they should know about the Cold Jade Stone Bed and they would be looking for it.

Both of them did not say much; they just drank a little and looked for a room.

It was Qing Shui’s first time renting a room with a woman; the thought of it excited him, and it was an extreme beauty as well…

“Can you stop letting your imagination run wild? At least not when you’re so close to me,” said Shen Huang. She was dumbfounded.

“My lady, I can't control it. I can’t even do anything. At least let me fantasize a little,” Qing Shui said, looking pitifully at Shen Huang.

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