AST 2081 - Demon Palace Comes Knocking!

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2081 - Demon Palace Comes Knocking!

“My dear lady, I can’t control it anymore. Since I can’t do anything, can’t I just think about it?” said Qing Shui while looking pathetically at Shen Huang.

Shen Huang looked at Qing Shui. This man’s skin was so thick that he could say such words out loud. He really was shameless...

“Can you be more mature?” huffed Shen Huang, directing her cutting gaze at him.

“I do want to be more mature! Actually, I feel that I’m very mature and very promising. I’ve kissed lips, and also kissed butt…”

“Why don’t you go and die.” Shen Huang couldn’t take it anymore and thumped Qing Shui. However, she didn’t use much force, and instead her soft hand was captured by Qing Shui.

“You’re shy,” Qing Shui said as he looked at this beautiful woman. He was smiling.

Qing Shui’s previous words were really quite powerful, especially the last few, which rendered Shen Huang embarrassed beyond words. At that moment, she saw where he was touching. She knew that he was helping to suck the poison out of her body, but she had no idea where exactly she had been bitten. At that moment, she wanted desperately to take out the Rainbow Divine Dragon to beat him.

“Who are you calling shy? I’m not shy,” said Shen Huang softly.

“How beautiful, I’m actually quite tempted. Let me kiss that,” Qing Shui said and slowly inched forward greedily.

Qing Shui’s actions were actually to give Shen Huang time to hide. It was like those in his past life who said they were shameless. In reality, those who said these words cared the most about their reputations and wanted to save their faces the most. They merely used such a method to silence others and make them feel that they had a thick skin so that they would not be ridiculed, as thick-skinned people would not be affected by insults.

In reality, a lot of people were like that. Take someone overweight for instance. He would frequently talk about his weight, upon meeting and introducing himself, and would state that he was fine with being called a fatty. Actually, this sort of people cared the most about being called fatty. Someone bald, saying that he was unbeatable in intellect and mocking himself, would actually silence many people. This would be done with the intention of not letting others mock him first.

Shen Huang didn’t move and merely looked at Qing Shui placidly. With only a few inches between them, Qing Shui couldn’t move forward anymore. He didn’t know why, but he retreated awkwardly, saying, “We just ate, your mouth smells bad.”

“You have evil intentions but no heart to carry them out,” muttered Shen Huang lowly.

Naturally, Qing Shui heard her words and longed to pounce forward. In the end, he still controlled himself. There were still official matters to attend to. The two of them sat down in the room. Shen Huang’s brows furrowed slightly, and she said after a while, “Those people are probably here because of the Demon Palace.”

“I’m not afraid of them rushing to the Demon Palace. I’m just afraid that they will go to the Phoenix Pavilion once they’ve discovered that the Palace has been destroyed,” said Qing Shui after thinking for a while.

Although Shen Huang’s power was quite strong, it still depended on who she was comparing it with. If these people really were attacking the Palace, there was the possibility that amongst them were descendants of the Demon Kings, as Qing Shui knew that they were after the Frigid Jade Stone Bed.

In the Demon Palace, the Frigid Jade Stone Bed was a holy bed and could suppress the demonic tendencies in one’s body. With the Frigid Jade Bed, one’s demonic tendencies could be suppressed, allowing you to avoid losing your true self while ensuring that the growth of one’s abilities would not slow down.

Hence, the Frigid Jade Stone Bed was invaluable in the eyes of the Demon Kings’ descendants. Suddenly, Qing Shui’s expression changed. He stared directly at Shen Huang unblinkingly.

Shen Huang was scared by Qing Shui’s gaze, and asked in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

“If I didn’t guess wrongly, there’s definitely someone in that group who can sense where the Frigid Jade Stone Bed is. We’re probably being watched.” Qing Shui looked around.

The gears in Shen Huang’s mind whirred, and she said softly, “Are we going to see them, or just leave directly?”

“Since we’re being watched, we can’t leave. If I leave they will definitely go to the Phoenix Pavilion. Why don’t we take a look at what they intend to do?” said Shen Huang after thinking for a while.

“Let’s go then, they’re already waiting for us up there.” Qing Shui pointed upwards.

The two of them walked out of the room, and immediately appeared in mid-air. They saw that there were only four people in the vicinity. They weren’t surrounding them, rather, they were standing together. Upon seeing Qing Shui and Shen Huang appear, they smiled happily.

“You two know why we’re looking for you, right?” The one who spoke was a man wearing a long black coat. His age was indiscernible. He appeared to be very old, yet very young. His eyes were bright and black, attractive but abnormal.

Qing Shui shook his head, “We don’t know why you’re looking for us. Who are you, do you know us?”

“We don’t know you. Something that belongs to us was taken by you at the Phoenix Mountain. We’re here so that it can return to its rightful owner,” said the man warmly.

Upon looking at Shen Huang, something strange stirred in the man’s eyes. It was a kind of astonishment at her beauty and a kind of maniacal greed that was difficult to detect. This kind of gaze didn’t induce a great reaction in Qing Shui. It was normal, extremely normal. In fact, such a display was already considered very good.

This showed that this man was very powerful, as anyone who could have such thoughts in front of Shen Huang definitely wasn’t normal. Most men, upon seeing Shen Huang, would first be stunned by her beauty, and feel that she was too beautiful. They would then feel that they were completely unworthy of such a woman. Such a woman would never like them anyway, and it would be impossible to have any sort of interaction. Most men would not dare to taint her.

Men who had such thoughts upon seeing Shen Huang usually were of a high caliber, except for the few arrogant boneheads out there. This man definitely was not of the latter.

“I can feel that what we’re after is with this young lady. This thing is very important to us, and I hope that this miss can return it to us.” The man was extremely polite.

“I say, Tong Yuan, did you get any ideas because you saw this girl’s beauty? Why are you wasting your saliva? Just snatch her. If you’d like you can even grab the girl,” said a slightly plump fatty.

This man looked ugly and ferocious. Some overweight men looked like Buddhas, giving one a good impression and making you feel close to them. However, this man just made people feel disgusted. He had triangular eyes, droopy eyebrows, and his nose was a lump of flesh. When he spoke, his mouth was like a small tub, though his teeth were very white. However, they were sharp and uneven and he had about one-third more the number of teeth a normal person had. Looking at him really made people uncomfortable.

“Tu Fu, I’ve taken a fancy to this woman. I want to marry her and I forbid you from talking nonsense.” said the man without looking back.

“This woman is worthy of you. I don’t object to you marrying her. This is a true lady amongst women.” spoke one of the four men, one who looked callous and unfeeling.

The last man was a middle-aged man, who didn’t have any distinguishing features. Standing there, it was easy for him to be forgotten. He stood at the very back and appeared to blend into the surroundings. He was obviously present, but there was a sort of strange feeling that there was no one there.

The one Qing Shui took special notice of was that man. This was the Heavenly Dao Realm, coincidentally the one that Qing Shui had broken through. He knew this person’s history; he was an assassin descended from the Demon Kings.

The Shadow Demon King’s descendant.

As expected, they were the descendants of Demon Kings and these people were a lot more powerful than other Demon King descendants that Qing Shui had met before. Compared to Qing Shui at present, their power on the surface level was strong. A Battle God descendant and a Demon King descendant coming into conflict, each would naturally have their own trump cards, and terrifying ones at that.

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