AST 2084 - The Terrifying Shadow Demon, Competing Speed in Shadow Demon Fists

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2084 - The Terrifying Shadow Demon, Competing Speed in Shadow Demon Fists

His speed was incredible, even surprising Qing Shui. Qing Shui looked at his opponent and said, “We’ve already agreed before that it’s a fight to the death.”

“He’s already lost,” The Shadow Demon King’s descendant said firmly. 

“Oh, he has? Then forget it. My lady, let’s go!” Qing Shui smiled, turned and started walking away. 

“Hold it!”

Qing Shui looked back at the Shadow Demon King’s descendant, confused. “Is there anything else?”

“Hand over that sword and the Frigid Jade Stone Bed. I will not pursue the matter of you hurting Tong Yuan if you do so,” The Shadow Demon King’s descendant said matter-of-factly, looking at Qing Shui.

“This is mine. No one can take what’s mine from me,” Qing Shui stared back at him and replied.

“In that case, I will have to try.”

This Shadow Demon King’s descendant was straightforward. The moment he said he would act, he began his attacks. His figure immediately appeared beside Qing Shui, punching towards Qing Shui, aiming directly at his head. If this punch made contact with Qing Shui, it would definitely result in a quick death. 

Though his speed was downright ridiculous, Qing Shui revolved the Heavenly Vision Technique to its peak immediately, and shifting oddly, he managed to avoid the punch. 

This had surprised the Shadow Demon King’s descendant who believed that it was impossible for Qing Shui to avoid his Shadow Demon Punch. 

The Shadow Demon Punch was the fighting technique that was used the most by the Shadow Demon King. Trained to its maximum, this fighting technique and footwork could make one practically invisible. Killing someone could be done without any difficulties, and someone of equal strength would not be able to avoid the Shadow Demon King’s punch, much less Qing Shui, whose abilities were far from the Shadow Demon King’s. 

Speed was power. Moreover, the Shadow Demon King’s descendant had power as well. That casual punch of his already had the effect of rendering one powerless. It was too fast and too vicious, and if one got hit, there was no possibility of staying alive.

Qing Shui’s body was already soaked in cold sweat and he quickly used the 9th Lotus Manifestation Stage. Previously, he had kept it away as he didn’t take the Shadow Demon King’s descendant seriously. Although he knew that he was swift, he didn’t expect him to be that agile. In that sense, he had been careless. 

The 9th Lotus Manifestation Stage could resist, spin around, and strangle nearby beings, buying time for Qing Shui. It was best for facing such monstrous speed. If he had just used the 9th Lotus Manifestation Stage previously, he might not have been reduced to such a pathetic stage now. 

Luckily, there was still the Heavenly Vision Technique. Otherwise, his first move would have to be to use the Paragon Golden Armor. 

Art of Pursuing, Emperor’s Qi, Area Dominance!

Qing Shui didn’t mess around and hurriedly unleashed these onto the Shadow Demon King’s descendant. 

The Shadow Demon King’s descendant looked at Qing Shui with disdain as a milky white halo appeared on his body. He looked at Qing Shui, slightly surprised. The suppression exerted on his body could only be blocked a little. 

However, the Shadow Demon King’s descendant didn’t panic. Instead, he raised his hand, and a gust of wind-like energy blew towards Qing Shui. He wanted to duck, but was too slow and got hit by it. It was as if his body had been filled with lead and he felt extremely heavy. However, the white qi let off by his body had allowed him to recover rapidly. 

Area Dominance was still stronger. Qing Shui slowly felt his body recover. 

The Shadow Demon King’s descendant was utterly unaware that his secret arts had been neutralized. 

Qing Shui was also inwardly shocked. Not only the Shadow Demon King’s descendant was already so overwhelming, but he also had occult sorcery to weaken the opponent’s speed while increasing his own. Furthermore, he had more than one way of doing so. 

It was a pity that it had been neutralized by Qing Shui’s Area Dominance. This made the Shadow Demon King’s descendant feel despair to the point where he wanted to vomit blood. It was like two people fighting, where the opponent’s knife had easily slashed your own into pieces. Now, to fight against an opponent wielding a knife with only your bare hands, it was natural to despair.

Qing Shui’s speed had already become exceptional, especially now that the formation and the Battle God Halo were used to increase speed, standing at the Speed Position. Qing Shui’s speed slightly exceeded that of the Shadow Demon King’s descendant. 

At this moment, two daggers appeared in both the Shadow Demon’s [1] hands. 

One was black as coal, the other white as snow: A pair of Yin Yang daggers!

Qing Shui didn’t expect these people to have some pretty decent weapons. However, if he thought about it, it wasn’t such an unusual thing. At this a degree of skill, it would have been strange not to have appropriate weapons. 

Both the Buddha Diamond Seal and the Buddha Wisdom Seal hit out again. This form of Buddha Ultimate Art, even if only used once, could persist for a while. Although it wasn’t very long, it was very powerful in return. However, the energy it sapped was also considerable and the more powerful the Buddha Ultimate Art, the more energy it would require. Apart from passive battle techniques, there were a lot of things with zero energy consumption. 

Qing Shui’s had ample Origin Qi Energy and he wasn’t worried that he would grow weak later on. Moreover, his body’s recovery ability was strong. With the Yin Yang Image and the Arhat Rosary Beads, the mental energy sapped from Qing Shui could be reduced by more than seven times. Although Qing Shui’s body at present couldn’t continue indefinitely, even when using his Origin Qi Energy at full strength, he could still continue on for two to three days. It was quite scary. 

Qing Shui immediately moved into action and waved the Golden Battle Halberd in his hands. 

Buddha Bright Seal!

The Shadow Demon’s body split strangely into three, though with Qing Shui’s Heavenly Vision Technique, he could easily tell which was his original body. However, what happened after that would be a surprise as even if he hit the original body, the body and another illusory shadow would disappear, leaving behind an illusion as the original body. It would then transform again into another three. Even knowing this, Qing Shui still continued charging toward them. 

Qing Shui was sweating. A droplet of sweat flowed into his eye, causing him to momentarily close his eyes. It was at this point that the Shadow Demon began his moves. Although his speed wasn’t as fast as before, it was still hard to counter, especially as he was fighting with care. 

Spiritual Sense!

Then, Qing Shui’s Spiritual Sense opened and he could clearly see the three figures coming to attack him. 

While using his Spiritual Sense, he could still use his Heavenly Vision Technique, and directly following that, Dragon-Capturing Hands. 

Qing Shui thought previously that this Shadow Demon definitely had treasures on him, or else he wouldn’t be this strangely powerful.


The Dragon-Capturing Hands had grabbed onto the Shadow Demon’s original body. However, he still became one as normal and attacked once more. This time, he didn’t turn into three figures. 

Shadow Demon Absolute Annihilation!


A ray of golden light appeared along with the Paragon Golden Armor. Qing Shui was very calm at that moment. In the instant that the Yin Yang Duality Daggers materialized, they gouged forth with an incredibly ferocious speed.  

A mocking smile formed on the Shadow Demon’s face. Asingle word left his mouth.


When the golden light appeared, the Shadow Demon instinctively knew that he was going to be hit. He began to backtrack while flipping the dagger and aiming it directly at Qing Shui’s throat. 


There was a low ringing sound. This time, it was Shadow Demon who felt dizzy. As swiftly as a spark of lightning, Qing Shui elbowed the Shadow Demon’s Taiyin Acupoint. This was the death acupoint and the one that would stun his nervous system.

The hit came with the force of trying to split a mountain from afar.

Cloudhand, Quchi Acupoint!

Golden Battle Halberd, Baizhan Acupoint!

Qing Shui’s movements were as fast as a spark of lightning. The dizziness from the Gouging Strike had passed, but his body still felt impossibly stiff, as if it didn’t belong to him. His strength greatly eclipsed his opponent’s. If they were equal in strength, he couldn’t even count the number of times he would’ve died. 

However, he was much stronger than this youth. This youth couldn’t even break through his own defenses, but his body now was rigid and he could only take a beating. This young man’s strength was quite unusual. He was actually able to hit his body, causing his internal organs to suffer injuries. Not only was he bleeding internally but his organs had also been impacted, though it appeared as if he wasn’t hurt at all. 

[1]: The name ‘Shadow Demon King’s descendant’ felt long so from now on, ‘Shadow Demon’ would directly be used. ‘Battle God’s descendant’ would also become ‘Battle God’. Although they technically were descendants, they are basically Battle Gods and Demon Kings at this point.

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