AST 2085 - When Shen Huang Strikes, Complete Annihilation

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2085 - When Shen Huang Strikes, Complete Annihilation

Qing Shui ended the Shadow Demon in one blow. Against such an opponent, one had to be merciless. A single fight would consign them to damnation, leaving Qing Shui no choice but to never allow them to survive.

Even though the Shadow Demon’s cultivation was not entirely destroyed, his cultivation had been severely set back. Furthermore, it would be impossible to recover to its original state as well as leaving hidden wounds. He would have no future as a warrior and most likely meet a tragic end.

In just a while, two opponents were defeated which made Tu Fu and that young man astonished. At this moment, they saw Qing Shui as a formidable foe as he couldn’t have gotten lucky twice. They began their retreat.

The young man suddenly drew his Violet Gold Dragon Snake Bow with determined eyes, his gaze tightly locked onto Qing Shui.

Tu Fu’s eyes seemed even more fiendish, looking at Qing Shui with indescribable hatred. The stalwart Tu Fu held a pair of axes in his hands. Though the axes appeared normal, Qing Shui knew that this pair of axes were anything but ordinary.

“Are you two trying to rob me?” Qing Shui put up a tough face as he looked at Tu Fu and the young man.

“Messing with our Demon King’s palace, you will die a terrible death.” Tu Fu glared fiercely at Qing Shui with his triangular eyes.

Qing Shui’s 9th Lotus Manifestation stage continued rotating with the Arrow Demon staring him down. He had already used the Nonet Golden Lotus Armor. The next fatal attack would put him in grave danger. Furthermore, with the Arrow Demon’s powerful killing move, Qing Shui would not even be able to avoid it.

Upon hearing his opponent’s words, Qing Shui’s face turned pale. The Battle God Palace and the Demon King’s Palace were opposing forces. He had never planned to kill these people since killing them with his abilities might cause even more trouble. However, it seemed as though he had no choice but to kill them or be killed himself.

“Let’s see who will die today.” Qing Shui said as he looked at the young Arrow Demon.


Tu Fu let out a battlecry as his body size doubled. A gigantic fatso swung his pair of enormous axes around and rushed toward Qing Shui.

A strong binding force trapped Qing Shui, akin to being trapped in a gigantic net.

At this moment, the Arrow Demon swiftly cocked his bow and shot his arrows at Qing Shui.

Each arrow looked like a dazzling shooting star that headed for Qing Shui.

Qing Shui’s expression changed but at the same time, Shen Huang’s silhouette flashed and appeared beside Qing Shui. She immediately drew her flower sword and deflected the arrows that were headed for Qing Shui.

The arrows flew into Shen Huang’s Flower Storm Strangling Formation and had a large part of their killing ability removed. One strike from Shen Huang’s sword and the arrows all broke apart.

Right at this moment, Tu Fu’s enormous ax fell toward Shen Huang.

“Qing Shui, leave these two to me.”

Shen Huang then swung her Flower Sword at the enormous ax, the Flower Storm Strangling Formation around her forced Tu Fu to stumble backward.

Shen Huang’s powers, with Qing Shui’s assistance, had become a force to be reckoned with. Compared to her opponents, she was much stronger. Additionally, with Shen Huang’s amazing skills, it was easy for her to deal with these people since they couldn’t break the Flower Storm Strangling Formation.

Shen Huang’s Flower Storm Strangling Formation was much stronger than the previous Flower Demon. It would take someone more powerful or through resonance to break this formation.


Shen Huang’s ability could easily deal with strong weaponry such as the Tu Fu’s ax. It blocked the ax’s strike, nearly causing it to fly out of his hand.

Tu Fu and the Arrow Demon knew that they were no match for this woman. Just as Tu Fu thought of retreating, a streak of rainbow flashed, then disappeared. Tu Fu felt a cold breeze on his neck, then lost his senses.

Rainbow Divine Dragon!

This was the Rainbow Divine Dragon revealing itself. This rascal was not small now, but since only its wrists were thick, it looked exquisite. Qing Shui immediately thought of that snow-white butt, and could not help but to look at the snow-white butt that was under the Luan Phoenix Dress. The shape was not pompous, but the curves were astonishing. The way it was raised made Qing Shui a little parched.

As though she felt Qing Shui’s passionate gaze, Shen Huang suddenly turned backward and shot him an annoyed glare. She had picked up on Qing Shui’s dirty thoughts.

Shen Huang suddenly rushed toward the Arrow Demon, and her silhouette simultaneously rushed forward as well. She elegantly evaded the arrows that the Arrow Demon shot while retreating.

Shen Huang had evaded the arrows smoothly, as if she could read the Arrow Demon’s thoughts. This was the exact advantage of knowing one’s opponent’s thoughts on the battlefield. This was an example of how knowing oneself and the enemy can ensure victory.

Qing Shui conveniently applied his Art of Pursuing and Emperor’s Qi on the Arrow Demon which almost made the Arrow Demon fall over. He then simultaneously sent Area Dominance toward Shen Huang and the Arrow Demon.

Area Dominance could increase or decrease the target’s speed and power by two times, all within Qing Shui’s choice at the moment.

The Rainbow Divine Dragon struck again and the Arrow Demon immediately fell. It had a strange poison that caused its opponents to lose their ability to fight, and they would die if aid was not given within a moment. It could detoxicate with just a drop of its own blood. Perhaps Qing Shui could do so as well, but it was difficult to say.

The Rainbow Divine Dragon was not like itself in the beginning. It was much stronger now. Furthermore, Shen Huang was not actually bitten with venom. It was an act to recognize its owner. So even if Qing Shui did not suck out the venom, she would be fine. In the first place, this type of venom could not be sucked out.

Tu Fu and the Arrow Demon were doomed, especially Tu Fu. He had committed way too many evil acts. The Arrow Demon’s abilities were actually quite something, especially since he was capable of shooting arrows while hiding. However, it was unfortunate that he had met Qing Shui and Shen Huang, who could easily block the batch of arrows he shot.

The Arrow Demon and Tu Fu ended up in pathetic states with one tied up, the other nearly dead. The Tu Fu’s bind was a vital skill. Typically, they would be bound while trying to attack and end up being smashed by his gigantic ax.

The thing that took people by surprise was when they escaped death but badly hurt, losing their opportunity. Furthermore, Tu Fu had a continuous chain of fatal attacks, establishing some control through his overbearing attacks, making it an overwhelming mace. Sadly, he died before he could even use it.

After killing Tu Fu and the Arrow Demon, it was only natural that the Shadow Demon and Sword Demon had to be killed as well. This task was left up to the Rainbow Divine Dragon torching this place to ash, leaving no traces. Qing Shui then brought Shen Huang to an isolated place.

Shen Huang took out the Frigid Jade Stone Bed.

Qing Shui used his Heavenly Vision technique and saw that the Frigid Jade Stone Bed had a frozen drop of blood underneath it. It was the Demon King’s Blood left behind by the former Demon King. Only those who were Demon Kings could feel the Frigid Jade Stone Bed, or maybe they felt that they could not break the formation, but there should have been someone watching them. Hence, once Qing Shui broke the formation, a few of the Demon King’s men came chasing after. It was a pity that they were not strong enough, or it could be called unlucky. If Qing Shui’s Heavenly Dao did not break through, he could not have fought against any of them. However, Shen Huang was there, ensuring a safe ending.

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