AST 2095 - Golden Yaksha Tribe, Qi Barrier

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2095 - Golden Yaksha Tribe, Qi Barrier

There were many kinds of Formations. And the current Formation which Qing Shui was using was the Trap Bewitching Formation. It was capable of stopping enemies from intruding the area. Even if they successfully broke through it, they would end up being confused and misdirected by the formation. This Formation consisted of both the Bewitching Formation as well as the Illusion Formation. It was full of mysteries and very dangerous.

However, there were also downsides for this kind of formations. First, they tended to be straightforward and also required a special kind of terrain. Second, a fair amount of materials was also needed to set it up. In this case, the formation consumed the materials as the fuel to keep it running. If the opponent was too strong and the energy used to supply the formation wasn’t concentrated enough, it would collapse after a while.

Most of the materials, which were essential to display the unique power of the formations, were highly valuable. Some of them couldn’t even be bought from the market.

Thus, formations like the one Qing Shui set up wouldn’t have significant wounding prowess. It mostly served as a Trap Formation. If he wanted to increase its power, he would need some special materials to do so. For the time being, the most it could do was only showing illusions to the victims. If the opponents happened to have strong Spiritual Energy or Magic Weapons, the formation would significantly reduce in its effectiveness.

As of now, Qing Shui’s Formation Eye Stone had achieved the 7th grade. It was, without doubt, a Divine Artifact for setting up formations.

Other than this formation, there was also the Duality Formation, Tri Formation, Four Symbols Formation, Five Elements Formation and so on. Just as their names implied, each of the formations would require at least two, three, four or five people who rivaled each other in strengths to set it up.

Taking the Duality Formation as an example, it mainly required two people to connect their hearts with each other. Only by doing so would they be able to perfectly in sync with each other and unleash their power at an extraordinary level. As for the amount of strength which it could help increase, whether it was 10% or 20%, this would depend on the comprehension of the users. With the Formation Eye Stones, the boost would multiply by seven times.

By principle, this was how it would work. The power of the Formation Eyes Stone mainly focused on the formation’s resistance, endurance, and duration. Of course, it could still provide aids to other variations such as the Four Symbols Formation, and it was effective. Some of them would receive seven folds boost in power. Taking Qing Shui for example, if he initially possessed an overall strength of ten billion Dao Force, a 10% increase would be one billion Dao Force whereas a 70% boost would be seven billion Dao Force.

This was how things were supposed to work, but Qing Shui had tested it himself. Indeed, some of the formations’ effect could be boosted by seven times as much, and for the others, only two to three times. Qing Shui had a feeling that this occurrence might be the limitations which existed in certain formations. Nevertheless, he was already satisfied enough with the results.

Now that Qing Shui had the formations activated, he felt a lot calmer than before. He moved his sight onto Cong Yunliang and Tong Rong who were still nervous. “Big brother, have faith in my formation. It is just as outstanding as my cooking skills. And I can assure you that everything will be fine.” Qing Shui calmly told them to be at ease.

Cong Yunlong smiled in response to that. Deep down, he knew that even with Qing Shui’s help, Tong Ruo might not necessarily be able to run away. He felt that it was his responsibility that Qing Shui got involved in this mess. Looking over the enemies, it was the Golden Yaksha they were talking about. He wasn’t convinced that the formation would be able to stop them.

“Younger brother, it’s my fault that you are dragged into this.” Cong Yunlong said in an upset tone.

Similarly, Tong Ruo also gave Qing Shui a helpless look before she proceeded to speak to Cong Yunlong, “Let’s go and distract the enemies now. This way, at least we won’t have to drag Brother Shui into this mess.”

Cong Yunlong eyes brightened, “Alright!”

“Big brother, it’s too late now. Besides, do you have so little faith in me? Are you willing to let things end like this? Don’t you want to enjoy your life with big sister and your child?” Qing Shui looked outside as he was speaking. By now, there were almost a hundred warriors sighted in the sky.

Cong Yunlong was depressed. This was not how he wanted things to end. Considering that he was the only son of his family, if he could have a child of his own, his old man would be overwhelmed with joy. But if even he died, would his father be able to take the hit of losing his only son? His father might be powerful, but he had no heirs to continue his legacy. The things which he had worked hard for until now would only benefit the outsiders in the end.

Qing Shui looked up into the sky to observe the group of people in golden armors. They were roughly three meters in height and had huge figures. The only unique thing about them was their fierce and ugly look. It was the exclusive feature of a Yaksha.

The Yaksha Tribe was unusual. The male Yaksha looked extremely ugly, but the female Yakshas were the complete opposite. They were beautiful and smaller in size compared to the male Yakshas. Their height was the same as ordinary humans'. Of course, there would be a few female Yakshas with figures taller than usual.

The Yakshas had tremendous fertility, and this trait belonged also to the Golden Yakshas. Considering that ordinary Yakshas already possessed decent strength, the Golden Yakshas were even more formidable than them. The king among the Golden Yakshas was, without a doubt, a being which could rival a true Dragon Tribe warrior in battles.

The group of Golden Yakshas, which were here at the moment, didn't have a king amongst them. However, each of them possessed formidable strength, especially the two that were at the very front. Their power could even rival Cong Yunlong.

At the moment, one of the strongest Golden Yaksha on the left looked around sharply. He cast his eyes downwards to look at Cong Yunlong, “Cong Yunlong! You have killed our Third Young Master! And today, you must pay for what you have done!”

Qing Shui was unable to guess how old he was. Golden Yakshas had strong life forces. However, while they had such rich fertilities, their lifespan was only one-third of the beings equal to them in strengths. The Golden Yakshas Tribe was also one of the major forces within the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain.

Cong Yunlong didn’t respond. His heart was filled with mixed feelings. By now, he didn’t know what he should do. At this time, Tong Ruo came to stand beside him, holding his hand. Even though she didn’t say anything, Cong Yunlong could already understand her thought reading through her eyes, “We will face this together.”

The two of them turned to look at Qing Shui, helplessly wanting to apologize. “Younger brother, not only were we not able to pay your kindness back, but we even dragged you into our mess.”

Qing Shui only smiled for a bit before turning to look at the people outside. He said, “Stop shouting and come in if you dare! But bear in mind. The moment you step into my territory, you will not have the chance to leave.”

“Little brat! You are supposed to have a long life ahead of you. But now, you can only blame yourself for being so blind and reckless.” The rough and violent voice rang out again.

Despite the commotions that were going on around here, nobody had appeared. This was perfectly normal. It would have been weird if anyone had shown up. If the Golden Yakshas were here to slaughter humans, there would be people coming to stop them. But even so, they couldn't just arrive right away, let alone this time, the Yakshas were only after two beings from the ocean world. It was unlikely that anyone would come here to help.

Even the Ji Clan and the Kong Clan, who shared decent relationships with Qing Shui, wouldn’t show up. If they dared to offend the Golden Yaksha Tribe, putting their own clan aside, even the entire Northern Blue Domain together wouldn’t stand a chance in easing their rage.

It was futile even if Qing Shui asked them to show up by making use of the favors which they owed him.

“Alright! Come inside if you have the balls, you brainless man!” Qing Shui grinned mockingly at the gigantic man, taunting him.

The gigantic man became furious upon hearing that. The Golden Yakshas had decent talents and were strong physically. But that didn’t mean that they were stupid. Their ugly look was their only problem. “Well-developed limbs, but the head of a moron". As the saying implied, those two were usually connected with one another. It was for this reason that the Golden Yakshas’ leader got so furious when he had heard Qing Shui calling him a brainless man.

“Charge in and kill them! When that’s done, we can all head back. The clan’s head is still waiting for our good news.” The gigantic man swung his arm.

The Golden Yakshas let out a warcry before they charged towards the Imperial Cuisine Hall.


A series of noises of collisions came through. Each of the Yakshas got blown away by the barrier. It seemed to contain formidable energies.

Witnessing that, Cong Yunlong froze in shock. It was beyond his belief that the formation was actually able to push away those formidable warriors.

Deep down, Qing Shui was actually surprised with their battle prowess. Without the Formation Eye Stone, it would have been impossible for the barrier to hold against their rampage. Luckily, this barrier received a seven times increase in durability. Which meant that even if they were to clash against it with force, it was not something which would break so easily. And even IF they managed to break through the formation, Qing Shui was also confident that he could catch them off guard and eliminate them one by one.

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