AST 2096 - The Effect of Having Qing Shui, Instantly Killed Two Guys

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2096 - The Effect of Having Qing Shui, Instantly Killed Two Guys

Seeing that they were unable to break the barrier, the Golden Yakshas stopped their attacks. The gigantic man gave Qing Shui a weird look. He was aware that this was a kind of defensive formation. Among the human warriors, some of the strong ones were usually capable of setting up terrifying Formations.

There were countless different races across the continent. Humans could be considered the weakest in terms of their innate talent. No matter how much potential they might possess, it still couldn’t be compared to the demonic beasts or fairy tribes. Actually, with humans as the only exception, the remaining races could be considered as demonic races. When the demonic beasts cultivated to a certain extent, they would gain the ability to shift into a kind humanoid forms. Despite that, they still retained the characteristics of demonic beasts. It was just their intelligence that could now be compared to the humans.

Even though the humans might not be comparable to demonic beasts in all of those which stated above, but they excelled in one thing. They had the most potent learning abilities among all the races. They could set up formations, knew how to use poisons and when they cultivated to a later stage, their body toughness could rival even the demonic beasts.

There were Beast Tamers and Alchemists among humans. With these, they were able to complement for their gaps between the demonic beasts. Beast Tamers could tame the beasts right away so that they could battle for them; whereas the Alchemists would refine formidable medicinal pills to make up for their weaknesses.

Even after the Demonic Beasts attained the intelligence of humans. It was like the doings of the gods, very few beasts would know about formations. Moreover, the Demonic Beasts could only unleash their full power once they reverted back to their Beasts Form. This meant that they would have to sacrifice their weapons to achieve that.

Humans, on the other hand, could make up for their lack of sharp teeth and claws with the weapons.

Once the demonic beasts became strong enough, its claws and teeth would be comparable to Divine Artifacts.


The opponent stopped attacking. Though that might be the case, Qing Shui and Cong Yunlong didn’t dare let their guard down. In terms of mentalities, Qing Shui was calmer as he was confident with his own formations. Cong Yunlong, on the other hands, was quite nervous since he didn’t know much about Qing Shui’s ability.

Right at this moment, the huge guy said to Qing Shui, “Young man, I have indeed underestimated you. To think that you would go to such extent to set up this trap, but you know what? This formation wouldn’t be enough to stop us.”

By the time the opponent finished speaking, a long spear appeared in his hand. It was spiral-shaped, especially at its tip. It was three feet long with black color and had the form of a drill, looking very unusual. An overwhelming aura could be felt being emitted from it. Moving on, he immediately shot the spear out towards the barrier.

Qing Shui didn’t know what kind of spear that was. But he knew that it was capable of breaking through the barrier.

Cong Yunlong’s expression changed, “The Poisonous Dragon Drill!”

“What? That’s the Poisonous Dragon Drill?” Qing Shui, though a bit surprised, asked with curiosity.

“This is a very unusual weapon. Its name is the Poisonous Dragon Drill, and its main feature isn’t on its offensive prowess, but its toughness. There is almost nothing which can destroy it. However, it isn’t sharp, nor does it have any unique abilities. It gets its name at a time when it just so happened to break through the barrier of a formidable warrior who cultivated his body. Ever since then, it’s discovered that the Poisonous Dragon Drill is used specifically to break through barriers and strike cultivators with strong physical bodies. Even though it may not be sharp, it is very powerful when it comes to striking barriers and things with great elasticity.”

Qing Shui was very curious about the Poisonous Dragon Drill. He planned to investigate it when all of this was over. For all he knew, it might turn out to be a treasure.

When the Poisonous Dragon Drill was shot towards the barrier, it started producing ripple-like waves. After that, the Formation vanished into the air.

“Hahaha! Take that! I told you this thing wouldn’t be able to stop me!” The gigantic man talked to Qing Shui in an arrogant tone.

“Yeah, it has been broken. So what? I have warned you before that so long as you guys dare step into my territory, I will make sure that you never get to go out ever again.” Qing Shui answered calmly while looking over at the gigantic man.

The gigantic man was stunned. Under normal circumstances, a person should start to panic after seeing his barrier destroyed. However, the young man managed to still remain calm like before. The gigantic man couldn’t help but feel a bit confused and alarmed. As he waved his hand, two Golden Yakshas appeared.

Qing Shui moved casually and smiled at Cong Yunlong, “Big brother, when you are fighting later, kill your opponents immediately without any hesitations. I will support you from the back. Remember, kill them instantly!”

“Alright!” With how things had developed, Cong Yunlong nodded, his eyes glowing with resolution. He had once again found his fighting spirits. He knew that he wasn’t a person who would just sit still and wait for his death.

The two Golden Yakshas descended onto the courtyard with huge forks in each of their arms.

They safely arrived in the courtyard.

Cong Yunlong was holding a long sword in his hand, and he was prepared for the fight. At this moment, however, the gigantic man let out a sigh of relief. The moment Cong Yunlong was prepared for the battle, it meant that they no longer had anything to worry about and could give it their all to take away his life.

The two Golden Yakshas were the stronger ones among the group. They wouldn't go down so easily even with Cong Yunlong being their opponent.

Qing Shui right away unleashed the Battle God Halo. As he did so, strong energies began surging through Cong Yunlong’s body. This gave him quite a surprise as his offensive prowess had almost doubled.

Qing Shui increased Cong Yunlong’s offensive prowess. Putting speed aside, the most important thing which Cong Yunlong required for the time being was a tremendous attack power. This way, he would be able to kill his opponents in one blow.

The Battle is approaching!

Qing Shui shouted out loudly, “Make your moves now and kill them immediately!”

Emperor’s Qi! Art of Pursuing!

Buddha Light Seal!

Qing Shui immediately cast the Buddha Light Seal on the Golden Yaksha who was in front Cong Yunlong, while he used his Dragon-capturing Hands to grab and stop the other one.

Control Ability was Qing Shui’s forte. Warriors only needed an instant to cross fists with each other.


Cong Yunlong immediately pierced through the Golden Yaksha’s thick skin with his sword. At this moment, the other Golden Yaksha might be able to move again, but half of its speed had been taken away by the Emperor’s Qi as well as Art of Pursuing. On the other hand, Cong Yunlong’s offensive prowess had been raised by almost two times.

The second Golden Yaksha barely managed to block Cong Yunlong’s first move. However, the next attacks followed up, and it was completely beyond his control. In just a moment, yet another Golden Yaksha got its throat pierced and died right on the spot.

By the time he returned to Qing Shui’s and Tong Ruo’s side, Cong Yunlong had a smile on his face. His eyes when he looked at Qing Shui also changed completely, since it was thanks to this brother that his strength managed to increase so suddenly. The fact that his opponent became slow like a snail would naturally also have to do with that brother of his.

Controlling Ability. A lot of warriors were equipped with this ability. However, he had yet to see anyone who was able to cultivate it to such a high level. For example, when it came to the abilities which boosted one’s strength. The amount of strength increased from his brother’s technique was too terrifying. But actually, he didn’t know that Qing Shui had the Formation Eye Stones. Without the Formation Eye Stone, though Cong Yunlong would still be surprised, it wouldn’t get to the point where he would actually be terrified with it.

Ever since Long Chen achieved this level in his cultivation, many things had begun to lose their purposes. For example, the Heavenly Talismans. It could only be used up until a certain level of opponents. Maybe because its level was low, it no longer worked on warriors at Qing Shui’s level. Regardless of whether the talismans were the ones that helped increased or decreased one’s strength, they would still be ineffective for him. Even though Qing Shui felt bad about it, but the talismans could still affect warriors at Martial Emperor and Martial Saint levels. Thus, Qing Shui gave a lot of them to the Qing Clan.

An instant kill!

At a blink of an eye, two Golden Yakshas got killed instantly. Without a doubt, they were supreme beings admired and respected by many. Yet now, they were slaughtered like grass that was being mowed down by a sickle.

The gigantic man looked down in disbelief. He couldn’t get his eyes away from the fierce Cong Yunlong. He was ultimately unable to believe that Cong Yunlong would become so formidable within such short time they hadn’t met. Before this, he saw the young man unleashed the Great Golden Buddha’s image. After the Buddha thrust out a seal, Cong Yunlong was immediately able to kill his people without missing a single beat.

The other Golden Yaksha, on the other hand, was captured by a hand which resembled a dragon. Moving on, even though the Golden Yaksha managed to get into close combats against Cong Yunlong, but the difference in strength was too big. Something was definitely off…

Suddenly, the gigantic man realized a problem. Cong Yunlong became very powerful. Meanwhile. They seemed to have been decelerated and was no longer as smooth with their movements like before. Otherwise, even if they were unable to go head-to-head against him, it was still unlikely for them to be defeated in such a tragic way.

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