AST 2097 - A Full-on massacre, Poisonous Dragon Drill

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2097 - A Full-on massacre, Poisonous Dragon Drill

The gigantic man remembered what Qing Shui had said previously, “I will make sure that you guys never go back out again as soon as you step into my territory.” What he said was like a curse. For a moment, it caused the gigantic man to be at a loss. He didn’t know what he should do.

Initially, he thought that it wouldn’t take them much effort to eliminate Cong Yunlong and his wife. It was until this young man showed up out of nowhere that everything started to get complicated. If the Golden Yakshas were to retreat now, they would lose all the respects from the people who regarded them highly.

Despite feeling a bit nervous, the gigantic man wasn’t a person to be intimidated so easily. He looked around, “Get ready and charge in all at once! I don’t believe that they can withstand an all-out assault from us! When you have the chance to kill them, do not hesitate to do so!”


Qing Shui had already predicted for the gigantic man to charge in with all his troops. Thus, he informed Cong Yunlong who was beside him, “In a while, we are going to wander in between them and break through each of them one by one. Elder sister, stay here and DO NOT MOVE! You must keep that in mind because NO ONE will be able to get close to you.”

The moment Qing Shui finished speaking, he inserted a few flags into the ground. It erected a barrier in the surroundings, and no one was able to get close to Tong Ruo.

“Big brother, remember to follow me and don’t wander off around the place. You must always stay ten meters around me.” Qing Shui reminded Cong Yunlong again.

By now, Cong Yunlong would listen to whatever Qing Shui said. The life of his entire family had been put in the hands of this very young man. At the moment, he was filled with fighting spirits and felt that it was totally worth it to know a brother like him. Even if he were to die in battle today, he still wouldn’t regret it. The only thing which he would blame himself for was dragging this little brother of him into this mess.


The gigantic man waved his hand and immediately, all of the Golden Yakshas approached the manor. At this moment, Qing Shui smiled and clapped a few times. The mists started spreading out across the area and soon, the entire landscape changed. They were all in a hot desert. The fierce sun was heating up the ground, burning them. Despite being formidable warriors, they still couldn’t get away from the heat, feeling scorched from the sun.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. After all, at this level of cultivations, even if they were aquatic beings, they still shouldn’t fear being shone upon by the sun. Thus, the moment they stepped into the desert, they immediately knew that it was an illusion. But how come the illusion looked so realistic? It looked even more real than the reality itself.

The sun in reality didn’t have this much power, but the one here was a different story. They were convinced that had it been a bit hotter, they would definitely be hurt by it.

It was them! The Golden Yaksha seemed to have only realized the problem now. As he turned his head around, he answered his own question. Since when had there been a ‘them’? It had always just been HIM!

By now, he was in a panic. Anyone would feel uneasy whenever they arrived at a new place, especially when they arrived at a dangerous place. It would make them feel all the more worried. Suddenly, two people appeared right in front of him. Seeing those two, the Golden Yaksha took a few steps backward in great fear.

Naturally, these two people would be Qing Shui and Cong Yunlong.

The current Cong Yunlong could effortlessly slaughter a Golden Yaksha. Thus, with just a Dragon-capturing Hands from Qing Shui, the Golden Yaksha would have died under Cong Yunlong’s sword.

This was already the fifth one. Cong Yunlong never thought that there would come a day when he could fight like that. He found it unbelievable. Initially, he was only supposed to be able to face off against two Golden Yakshas at most and when a third one appeared, he would start to be exhausted by it. As for the two warriors who led the Golden Yakshas, he was equal to them in strength. Prior to this, he had been only focused on escaping for the sake of his daughter and his unborn child. Furthermore, he only managed to run away after his potential had been unleashed.

But now, he was slaughtering the Golden Yakshas like slaughtering chickens. As the Golden Yakshas fell one after another, Cong Yunlong calmed down. By relying on these unusual abilities, his little brother whom he just recognized would be able to be an honored guest in a lot of formidable forces. Even if he knew nothing else, this ability of his, which could help boost one’s power, would have been enough for him to earn respect from many forces.

Comparing to Cong Yunlong, Tong Ruo was even more dumbfounded. She was standing outside of the formation, and Qing Shui had also given her the visions to look into the battle. The only thing she saw was the Golden Yakshas running all across the area in panic and fear. Following on, they were slaughtered by Qing Shui and Cong Yunlong.

She wasn’t a normal human but a member of the Water Silver Dragon Tribe. Though she had read and learned about the formations from books and legends, it was her first time witnessing it. Until now, she still didn’t understand them. Nevertheless, she was happy to know that Yunlong and herself wouldn’t have to die.

“Ta La, you never thought that a day like this would come, did you?”

On top of a quiet mountain valley, both Qing Shui and Cong Yunlong were facing off against the gigantic man. Despite having the Poisonous Dragon Drill, the gigantic man already seemed to be quite exhausted by now. He also didn’t know what exactly he had encountered in the formation.

“Young man. With the amount of talents you have, I will give you whatever you want if you follow me. You must believe in the Golden Yakshas Tribe. The person, who is currently in front of you, Cong Yunlong, is only a member of the Water Silver Dragon Tribe who is about to go extinct. They are nothing compared to us.”

Qing Shui never expected the gigantic man to try to bribe him. He responded with a bone-chilling smile on his face and said, “Since you are so powerful, why would you still want to attempt a sneak attack around here? You could have challenged us head-on.”

The gigantic man choked for a moment when he heard Qing Shui’s words. Soon, he revealed a generous smile on his face, “Young man, think carefully about it. At the end of the day, you are still only a human. The Golden Yaksha isn’t a tribe which you should mess with. Ordinary Golden Yaksha may not be a challenge for you, but Cong Yunlong killed our Third Young Master who is a member of the Ye Clan. I am not sure if you have heard about them, but the term Golden Yakshas, is precisely made up of four surnames, Huang, Jin, Ye, and Cha. All of the above surnames, which made up the name, were the four most formidable clans among the Golden Yakshas.

Qing Shui knitted his brows. Based on the things which he remembered, he knew that the gigantic Golden Yaksha was actually telling the truth. But even if that was the case, Qing Shui wouldn’t be intimidated by his words.

“Alright. With all said and done, it’s time for you to go. I have told you before that once you enter this place, you should never dream about going out again. Big brother, let’s make our moves.”


The entire place became silent. After taking away the Poisonous Dragon Drill, Qing Shui burned all the corpses. A few Interspatial Silk Sachets remained in the aftermath of the battle. Qing Shui initially planned to share with Cong Yunglong but got rejected by him. Cong Yunlong also reminded Qing Shui to make sure that he didn’t reveal the Poisonous Dragon Drill so easily.

By the time the formation was removed, nothing seemed to have happened around here. Nevertheless, Cong Yunlong still made up his mind to leave, knowing that he must inform his clan about it. Qing Shui didn’t convince him to stay, but he gave Cong Yunlong a few medicinal pills. Among these pills, there were some that could buff up the movement speed of his mounts, while some increased its endurance. There were also some which contained poisons. Once the cap of the bottle was opened, the toxic would diffuse across the area. Even though it wasn’t toxic enough to kill people, it was still very useful during an escape plan.

Cong Yunlong left. Qing Shui returned to living his usual life again. He planted a seed today in hopes that he could open a door in the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain in the future. With that, it should be easier for him to go in and out of the NIne Continents Star Ocean Domain later.

Qing Shui thought very highly of Cong Yunlong. There was a high chance that he would accomplish great things in the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain. This was an exciting world, but at the same time, it also came with a lot of risks. Qing Shui hoped that he could establish more good relationships while he was here. This was precisely the reason why he chose to walk the path of physicians. He hoped that he could get a unique spot for himself so that no one would dare to lay their hands on him.

On the next day, the Ji Clan and the Kong Clan came. Since they didn’t say anything, Qing Shui also wouldn’t mention about yesterday’s stuff. After all, it was against Qing Shui’s wish for the Golden Yakshas to come looking for him so soon. Even though there shouldn’t be any problems for him to escape, a formidable tribe would usually be equipped with strong warriors or treasures. Sometimes, an instant was all that was needed to decide on a person’s life and death.

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