AST 2098 - Star Light Fragments, Refining the Flying Swords

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2098 - Star Light Fragments, Refining the Flying Swords

On the following days, the number of people who came to the Imperial Cuisine Hall to accept their treatments increased. It was not known whether or not it was thanks to the old man from before for advertising it so well. Moreover, the people who came would basically have their illnesses cured almost immediately. Thus, from here, the Imperial Cuisine Hall started to slowly build up its own reputation.

Qing Shui had never been worried that no one would visit the Imperial Cuisine Hall. The only problems now were its recent opening and the fact that he was running the place all alone. Without any helpers, no one would bother coming to the clinic. Why so? From others’ perspectives, the more crowded a clinic was, the more patients would go there and get their illnesses treated. And having more patients would directly reflect to the doctor’s medical skills. 

When he had been living in his first incarnation, Qing Shui had seen some clinics before. Usually, the doctors would have been specialized in one medical aspect. For example, one that specialized in pediatrics. The doctors would basically diagnose the illnesses in the clinic and prescribe medicines for the patients. As for taking injections and making up the prescriptions, they didn’t need to worry about those. 

For the time being, Qing Shui would personally attend to important matters. He felt that soon, he would need to look for some assistance to help him make the prescriptions and clean up the area. Since the business of the clinic was still not so busy for the time being, he treated it as a way to gain experience.

After being busy for an entire day, Qing Shui entered the realm at night. Since that day, he hadn’t actually checked out the things which he gained from the Golden Yakshas. Now that he was quite free, he might as well take a look at them as a way of finding joy to his boring life.

Warriors at this level would definitely have some decent stuff. But at the same time, a lot of the warriors would also start to be picky with their treasures, just like the current Wing Shui. However, he still managed to find some good stuff from the Interspatial Space Sachets of the Golden Yakshas.

Sacred Jade Divine Stone! To think that Qing Shui would actually get such a huge Sacred Jade Divine Stone. In the past, he had ever gotten one before. After refining a few Sacred Jade Divine Stone Rings with it, he had given them to the others. This was a useful treasure. The Sacred Jade Divine Stone Ring could be controlled by one’s consciousness. The one he made back then could allow him to traverse a hundred times a day. Other than using it to run away, it also served the purpose of sneak attacking the opponents.

In the end, Qing Shui gave even those to his women. However, he couldn’t guarantee that every one of them would get one. Thus, he got very agitated when he saw a Sacred Jade Divine Stone which was the size of a human’s head. This thing could be refined to a lot of Sacred Jade Divine Stone Rings.

Another mentionable stuff was the huge varieties of medicinal herbs, weapons, and ores. Even though Qing Shuin considered them to be decent, he wasn’t too excited by it. In the end, Qing Shui settled his sights on the Poisonous Dragon Drill.

Qing Shui stunned when he examined it with his Heavenly Vision Technique after playing with it for a while.

The weapon itself didn’t have a name, but there was a brief introduction about something from its back.

Star Light Fragments!

Qing Shui was overjoyed. Wasn’t this the material for Flying Swords which he had been looking for?”

The Star Light Fragments were fragments condensed of the lights in a star. It was a very unusual material. It was incomparably tough before it was refined, but would have a sharp characteristic once it was done. In any case, it was the first time Qing Shui saw something that was formed by the starlight. This was a very, very rare substance across the World of the Nine Continents. The fact that it was able to remain after dropping down from the sky already showed how tough it was.

Qing Shui couldn’t help but wonder who was the one that forged the Poisonous Dragon Drill? It was so simple to the point that the power of the Star Light Fragments was totally kept dormant.

All along, Qing Shui had been scratching his head thinking about how to use the Star Light Fragments. With the Flying Swords, Qing Shui’s strength could potentially go up by a few levels. This was indeed necessary as his current battle prowess wasn’t that efficient when it came to releasing its power. Although the Nine Continents Mountain might be quite tough, without the boost from the Shield Attacks, an expert on the same level as Cong Yunlong wouldn’t be bothered by it. 

With a Flying Sword, Qing Shui felt that he might be able to defeat whatever that stood in his way.

Without realizing it, Qing Shui had begun to feel really eager to own a Flying Sword. By the time he came back to his senses, he also realized that he might have been thinking a bit too much. Flying Swords were formidable and with them, Qing Shui would have no problem slaughtering the Golden Yakshas today. If the opponents were hit directly by the Flying Sword without putting up any defenses, its sharpness would most likely be comparable to the Dragon Slaying Beast’s claw.

Most importantly, the speed of the swords was significantly faster than the Dragon Slaying Beast. The only problem was the huge energy consumption; thus, Qing Shui decided to only get into its overall state once he finished refining it. So long as it contained tremendous prowess, he wasn’t worried about spending his energy as he had some Magic Weapons and martial techniques which could help reduce the consumption.

Qing Shui recovered his body to its best state and started to prepare some materials. Refining the Flying Swords was a complex process. Even though Qing Shui might have already practiced it countless times in his mind, he still acted very carefully when he was really doing it. He was worried about making any mistakes which could potentially lead to the entire process failing.

After refining every single one of the materials, Qing Shui melted the Poisonous Dragon Drill. Moving on, he also took out the water of Great Sacred Buddha Stones and a few things which helped to raise the success rate of weapon refinement.

He did all of these step by step. Since he was in the realm, he wasn’t worried that anyone would bother him.


After a few days, Qing Shui offered the Big Dipper Sword as a sacrifice to the Demon Refining Furnace.

Qing Shui often used the Demon Refining Furnace to refine treasures. This was how he realized some of the formidable features of the furnace. With this treasure in play, he was assured of the success he would have on refining the Flying Swords.

Qing Shui mixed his Spiritual Sense into the Big Dipper Sword and slowly blended it with other stuff little by little.


After a week, the Flying Sword that had just started taking its shape was still being refined by Qing Shui’s Blood Essence. And every day, Qing Shui had to drip one drop of his Blood Essences into it.

Following on, he spent the rest of his time imbuing his Blood Essence into the soon-to-be Flying Sword. As for how many days he could last? Qing Shui himself also wasn’t sure about it. Once he maintained it for 49 days, the refining process would have been a success, but its quality could only be called decent. However, If he could hold on for 64 days, the weapon forged from it would have been outstanding. And when he continued refining it, later on, its strength would increase even further.

As for 81 days, this would depend greatly on his luck and perseverance. It was very difficult to hold on for so many days.

Time went on little by little. Qing Shui had dedicated his entire heart to it. The Flying Sword played a major role in deciding his future path. Thus, he dared not be careless about it.


A loud and clear noise came through. This indicated that the Flying Sword had successfully been refined. He had done it for 49 days. Upon hearing this noise, Qing Shui let out a sigh of relief. In any case, the Flying Sword had been forged. Even if its quality was only decent, Qing Shui was still feeling excited because of the fact that it was a Divine Artifact. If he continued refining it with his Blood Essence, it would still turn out to be a fearsome weapon.That was why he persisted in continuing the arduous refinement process.

The time ticked constantly. Qing Shui was aiming for the next refinement grade of 64 days. As for 81 days, Qing Shui actually felt that it was totally beyond his capabilities. To be fair, Qing Shui was already satisfied that he could only hold on for 49 days. That was his first aim before going for 64 days.

He couldn’t imagine how powerful the Flying Sword would be, as it was refined using his Blood Essence and Nine Yang True Flame. On top of it, his Nine Yang True Flame even had a trace of the Primordial Flame mixed within it.


At the moment when the noise came through once again, Qing Shui let out a satisfied grin on his face. It had been 64 days in total. By now, his Flying Swords could already be considered a top-notch Divine Weapon. Moving on, Qing Shui felt like he was finally able to throw away all the burdens which he used to have. He was already satisfied to be able to refine this weapon.

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