AST 2100 - Stepping Over The True Great Entrance of Heavenly Dao

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2100 - Stepping Over The True Great Entrance of Heavenly Dao

With all of that in his mind, Qing Shui was at a loss. He remembered that since he already had an Imperial Cuisine Hall in Azure Rainbow City, he felt that it would be more appropriate if he opened another one in Northern Blue City. His plan was to let his force slowly infiltrate into the Nine Continents World. With the Flying Swords successfully forged, he was able to cover quite a long distance with ease.

Speaking in general, there was no need for him to waste time here. Thus, after a while, Qing Shui made up his mind to leave.

He remembered Shen Huang and began to wonder if she had come out of her seclusion. Thinking about her strength, she would definitely have become even more terrifying by the time she came out of her seclusions. In the future, they should be able to meet each other again in the Nine Continents World. He then proceeded to write a letter and sent it to Phoenix Mountain to inform her that he would be leaving.

Before departure, he also left a bit of instruction here. Since this manor was owned by the Kong Clan, Qing Shui planned to let the people of the Kong Clan take care of this place. If anyone came looking for him, they would only need to tell them that he had left.

He then stayed for yet another two days to close down the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

Deep down, he wasn’t sure about how exactly he felt about this. After all, so far, the Imperial Cuisine Hall had run its businesses fair and square. Back then, a lot of people from the Kong Clan had also come to provide him with some support. But now, the business had to come to an end. Even though overall, it was still a good thing because he attained the Flying Sword, deep down, he would still feel a little bit of discomfort.

For the past two days, Qing Shui had been resting. Adding on the different time flow in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, Qing Shui’s body had gotten the time it needed to recover. After being nurtured well, the strength of the Flying Sword was also improving at a fast pace. Even though Qing Shui couldn’t tell if the Flying Sword was divided into realms, he knew that so long as the Origin Qi True Fire continued to nurture it, it would slowly become more and more fearsome.

Within such a short time, Qing Shui was unable to look for materials which could help to raise the strength of the Flying Sword. As he cultivated spiritually and mentally, he gradually recovered from the joy of attaining the Flying Sword and immersed himself in a calm and tranquil state. It was one’s responsibility to cultivate his mind to practice the Dao.

Qing Shui’s Imperial Cuisine Hall was officially closed. With that, he felt a lot more relaxed. He tried to relax both his mind and body. All along, he had always felt all tensed up and restricted. He had never gotten a chance to loosen up himself.

This kind of relaxation wasn’t something which could be attained so easily. There were a lot of people who were unable to feel relaxed until the last moment of their life when they were at the brinks of death.

For the time being, Qing Shui didn’t have anyone around him. He couldn’t help but start to think. Strength, he was satisfied with it. Killer-moves? He had also gotten a few which belonged to himself. Each of his women was beauties who could topple over cities, and he also had children of his own. Both of his parents were around. Although he might not have a lot of friends, he felt that his life had been worth living.

While thinking about all of these, a faint satisfaction emerged within him. It was always been a saying that one should be content with what they have. Actually, that wasn’t the case. In fact, it might cause a person to stop making progress and halt their steps. This was only a state of mind, a state of mind which emphasized one to be happy and stay positive. 

Jealousy hurts one’s mind, spirit as well as body. So did anger and hatred.

God had given him enough. Slowly, an indescribable feeling started spreading across his body. He felt as though he was riding on a cloud. His entire body was being refined; each of his body structures was also changing very quickly.

Qing Shui only came back to his senses after a long time. His entire being was giving out an extraordinary temperament. That was a kind of aura which words couldn’t describe; it was as though he had gotten rid of every kind of desires. He resembled a buddha… a saint… and also a Great Confucian.

“So this is how it feels like when a person truly steps across the great gate of Heavenly Dao.” Qing Shui let out a harsh breath.

All along, Qing Shui had felt that he had accomplished quite a lot on his Heavenly Dao. He even felt that he was already outside of the entrance into the palace hall, not far away from reaching the heaven itself. It was until now that he realized how ridiculous his assumptions from before were. The difference between his current state and his state before was like the distance between heaven and earth. The gap between them was immeasurable. It was like comparing a phoenix to a sparrow.

It felt as if the strength across his entire body had been refined. Even though nothing had changed about his power, the current Qing Shui had a feeling that his destructive prowess was significantly higher than before.

Qing Shui never expected himself to not only end up staying here for a few more days but to also realize such an important aspect about his Heavenly Dao. One would need a lot of luck to take this significant step. Sometimes, it was a good thing to rest for a while to understand the meaning of life. In fact, one would miss out on the sceneries if he chose to rush through his journey, whereas if one focused too much on it, they would halt their steps and stop moving forward.

Given that he was a few days behind his journey, he felt that it was about time he left. There was no need for him to keep his stuff. He walked out to the yard, looked into the sky and made up his mind to leave on the next day.

While in the pavilion, Qing Shui was alone enjoying his tea. By now, it was already late autumn. The weather was a bit cold, and the trees had lost almost half of their leaves, leaving behind only those yellowish leaves. From time to time, they would flow alongside the wind and drop down onto the ground.

“A falling leaf returns to the roots”. Seeing such a scene, it was inevitable that he would feel homesick. Maybe because he was still young, he didn’t feel too emotional. Sensing the sudden energy fluctuations in the air, he looked up to the west. Although he didn’t care much at first, he was surprised to see some people coming after him.

The was because Qing Shui saw someone familiar. It was Young Master Pan, along with two middle-aged men. As for Martial Junior Song, he didn’t seem to be around today.

Until now, Qing Shui wasn’t sure who exactly Young Master Pan was. At one point, he sealed his Yang Meridian before. Why had he decided to come today?

Qing Shui didn’t feel strange that Young Master Pan was able to find him. Judging by how he openly he had been doing things, it would have been weird if Young Master Pan was unable to track him down. Like usual, Qing Shui couldn’t care less about them and continued to enjoy his tea.

The group of people stopped right above the manor and lowered their head to look at Qing Shui. It felt good looking at other people from a higher view. It was like standing on top of the roof talking to the people below it. This was why humans often enjoyed climbing their way up high places. But regardless of whether it was standing from higher grounds, or holding a high status, both felt great.

Qing Shui lifted his head to observe these people. It didn’t feel good looking at a person from below. It was not that Qing Shui found it tiring, he just didn’t enjoy the feeling when he was doing it.

Even though he might feel unpleasant, Qing Shui could still see the leaders of the group. They were two men who were halfway through their middle-age. The old man on the left had a pair of thin eyes. A cold aura could be felt flashing across them. Normal people wouldn’t dare to make direct eye contacts with them.

The other old man had a slightly fat figure. There was a seemingly eternal grin hanging on his face. His eyes were thin and slender, and even those were shaped like a smile.

“That’s him! Grandpa! That’s him!” At this moment, Young Master Pan’s finger was pointed towards Qing Shui.

Qing Shui never expected that he would run into this group of people right on the day before he left. If these people still refused to show up, Qing Shui felt that he might even have forgotten them.

“If you guys don’t leave or continue to remain up there, I won’t mind striking all of you down.” Qing Shui lowered his chin and said while taking a sip of the tea.

“You little bastard. Don’t expect that you can act wantonly when you are in front of my grandpa.” Young Master Pan’s voice was shrill and deafening.

Qing Shui smiled and grasped the air with his hands all of a sudden.

Dragon-capturing Hands!

An enormous Golden Dragon revealed its teeth and leaped onto the demonic beast, violently grabbing it and pushing it down onto the ground. This was the first time Qing Shui unleashed his moves since he achieved True Heavenly Dao. Even he was dumbfounded upon seeing its effect. Its power was on a totally different level from how it used to be.

The Dragon-capturing Hand from before was actually a subconscious act by Qing Shui. In the past, his Dragon-capturing Hand would have never been able to release so much power. But just now, it was as if a voice was telling him that he could do it. Even Qing Shui himself was uncertain whether it would really work at the instant when he unleashed it.

As the Dragon-capturing Hand was unleashed, the enemies’ orders got disrupted by it. Even though they might still be floating in the sky, it was very obvious that they had all lowered down a lot from where they were before. If Qing Shui was to release the same move again, they would very likely lose their faces.

“Young man, do you know who we are? You have gotten yourself in a big, big trouble.” The elderly man beamed at Qing Shui as he was speaking.

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