AST 2101 - Blasting Off The Demon Cloud Palace, Northern Emperor Domain, Redcloud Valley

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2101 - Blasting Off The Demon Cloud Palace, Northern Emperor Domain, Redcloud Valley

“Young man, do you know who we are? You have invited trouble, a great trouble,” said the elderly who kept a smiling face to Qing Shui.

“Don’t know and I don’t want to know. Say it quickly if there is anything. Otherwise, get out. Don’t affect my mood,” replied Qing Shui impatiently.

“Bastard, you are too cocky. We are from the Demon Cloud Palace,” answered the smiling elderly in a cold tone.

Demon Cloud Palace, Qing Shui did not know about it. He had no idea about the five greatest forces in this Northern Blue Domain. So what if the Demon Cloud Palace was one of them? Qing Shui was not afraid of the forces in the Northern Blue Domain now.

“Demon Cloud Palace? Never heard of it,” replied Qing Shui honestly.

The elderly choked. The Demon Cloud Palace was not really famous in the Northern Blue Domain, it was a hidden Sect. However, it was stronger than the five greatest forces. The men from the Sect rarely moved around outside; thus, the five forces were more popular than the Demon Cloud Palace.

“The Demon Cloud Palace is much stronger than the five greatest forces in the Northern Blue Domain. We are here for one thing, break his restrictions and any problems between us are resolved,” The elderly was smiling with pride.

That was something to be proud of. If they were stronger than the five greatest forces in the Northern Blue Domain. In this Northern Blue Domain with countless people, it was almost unrivaled to be greater than the five forces.

Qing Shui smiled, “Everyone needs to be responsible for his own acts. Go! I won’t break it for him.” Qing Shui waved.

“Bastard, we keep bearing with you. Even when you started the fight previously, we kept up with you. Don’t think we can do nothing to you just because you are strong. It is as easy as flipping hands to make you vanish,” said the cold elderly angrily.

Qing Shui stood up slowly, “A matter of flipping hands. I would like to see who can do that, you?”

Being locked by Qing Shui’s spiritual sense, Pan Dongyan was uneasy as if he was caught doing bad things. However, he was a man with status and a strong warrior. He could not admit being frightened by Qing Shui.

“Don’t make me do this,” Pan Dongyan squinted and stared at Qing Shui.

With a smile in his face, Qing Shui activated his awareness and flung the sword towards Pan Dongyan.

Pan Dongyan was dumbfounded, the flying weapon was so fast. Still, he was prepared. He evaded and blocked with a sword in his hand.


A loud and clear clashing sound was heard at once. Next, Pan Dongyan’s sword broke into two pieces and one of his arms was chopped off. The flying sword returned and vanished in Qing Shui’s body.

“There’s only one chance for you. I will chop your head off next time. I don’t care who is coming next, I will never show mercy again. Go, you can’t fight with me. Don’t spoil your entire Sect for a bastard. You won’t have the chance to cry by then,” There was a strong power in Qing Shui’s calm tone.

Pan Dongyan was stunned. To his surprise, he was unable to fight back. He wondered what was the background of this kid. At this moment, he felt this young man was extraordinary. He had a majestic aura and graceful sense. He was giving an otherworldly feeling.

Immortal, that was a sense of an immortal man.

Pan Dongyan’s bleeding was stopped by the elderly beside him. At this moment, he frowned and hesitated. They were caught in the dilemma now. Pan Dongyan finally made a decision, “Let’s go!”

Qing Shui’s final statement awakened him, but it was too late now that he lost one arm. Yet, it was nothing compared to losing a massive Sect.

He would not be afraid of the others who made the same statement, but this young man gave him an unspoken feeling. This feeling was intense, implying that he could really wipe out the Demon Cloud Palace.

The Demon Cloud Palace was the top force in the Northern Blue Domain and stronger than the five greatest forces. Nevertheless, they were not unrivaled. There were too many who could destroy the Demon Cloud Palace easily in the Nine Continents World. Hence, he did not dare to make this bet. He trusted his instinct and the young man’s skills.

The men from Demon Cloud Palace came and left quickly. Qing Shui was not surprised by their departure. Besides the flying sword, he experienced a huge transformation in the realm of Heavenly Dao. Thus, he was more determined to leave now. He was confident that he could destroy the Demon Cloud Palace with a simple blow.

This small incident did not affect Qing Shui. The next day when he left, the Kong Clan sent someone to take care of this manor. Qing Shui left straight away after giving some instructions.

This time, he headed to the True Nine Continents World, a vast and complicated place. The previous Northern Blue Domain and Blazing Fire Land were only at the periphery of the True Nine Continents World.

In the spaces of five elements, Qing Shui fixed a spot at the deeper part of the Haohan Continent.

Previously, Qing Shui studied the map of the Nine Continents for a long time. He figured out this location earlier on. He knew that he would need this spot later whether he was heading somewhere further or not.

Apart from that, it was not far away from the Redcloud Valley. Indeed, the distance was based on the fact that Qing Shui had the Nine Continents Steps. The Tribulation Evasion Pill was not refined yet; thus, he decided to collect the Redcloud Grass first and maybe the Lightning Fruit. As for the Tilted Moon Branch, he had to ask around for more details.

After a full preparation, Qing Shui left the Northern Blue Domain using the Five Elements Divine Flag.

It was high up in the sky. Upon his arrival, Qing Shui felt an oppression in his comprehension of the Heavenly Dao. It did not occur in the Northern Blue Domain, but it was present here. Qing Shui would probably not feel the oppression without the massive advancement of his Heavenly Dao. Though he sensed it, he had no idea what it was.

Qing Shui knew nothing about the cities here. He acquired a rough idea from the map that it was the Northern Emperor Domain.

As for the name of the city, he had no idea. Qing Shui was slightly amazed. It was an ancient, outstanding, and flourishing city. The majestic aura was very prominent. Tall buildings were arranged in rows and filled up the boundless city.

Following the visitors' flow, Qing Shui walked down the street, looking around aimlessly. Qing Shui was indifferent when he first arrived. He felt relaxed and casual. That was because of his strength, talented persons were usually bold.

He had no worries here. Though he knew no one, he had zero burden now.

He walked around casually and decided to visit the Redcloud Valley. He had to visit there sooner or later. Hence, he decided to find a shelter as he returned.

Using the Nine Continents Steps, Qing Shui disappeared rapidly and headed towards the fixed direction.

The Redcloud Valley was not in the Northern Emperor Domain but in the vicinity. The Redcloud Valley was huge, sitting between the mountains. It was surrounded by red clouds and mountain ranges. Red clouds were blazing like fire in the sky, for this reason, it was called the Redcloud Valley.

Qing Shui arrived at the Redcloud Valley on the second day despite having the Nine Continents Steps. It should be the Redcloud Mountains here.

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