AST 2102 - Northern Emperor and Northern King, Battle God Team

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2102 - Northern Emperor and Northern King, Battle God Team

The Redcloud Mountain was also the biggest hazardous place around here. Explorers came in and out continuously. It was the border between the Northern Emperor Domain and Northern King Domain. Most people who entered the Redcloud Mountains originated from the domains.

The Northern Emperor Domain and Northern King Domain got their names from the two strongest powerhouses in the Domain and kept them until now. Currently, the strongest powerhouses in these two domains were still the Northern Emperor and Northern King. Previously, those were their titles which became surnames later as they proclaimed their territories.

The strongest force in the Northern Emperor Domain was the Northern Emperor Clan. Qing Shui heard of them a long time ago and that was the reason he was here. The current dominating force of the Northern Emperor Domain was the Taiyi Immortal Palace with the Northern Emperor Clan as their head.

The Northern King Domain was ruled by the Northern King Clan. That name brought excitement to Qing Shui as well. The Five Tiger Immortal Palace, Qing Shui heard of it previously. Qing Shui was unsure if it was the Five Tiger Immortal Sect that he heard from Tantai Lingyan, so he wanted to bring her here.

The previous incident of Five Tiger Immortal Sect had always been a sore spot in Tantai Lingyan’s heart. She had no news of the Five Tiger Immortal Sect so far. Qing Shui had yet to confirm it was the one he met today. He tried to ask if the Five Tiger Immortal Sect changed its name to Five Tiger Immortal Palace, but nobody answered.

Qing Shui did not know how long did Tantai Lingyan sleep in the crystal coffin and he never asked. He reckoned it was neither too long nor too short, it should be around a hundred years.

A hundred years were way too long for Qing Shui in his past life. A change of dynasties would have occurred. However, it was relatively a brief period in the Main Continents. It was more than half of an ordinary man’s life, but it was nothing for a warrior.

Qing Shui planned to fetch Tantai Lingyan after getting the Redcloud Grass. Though he used the Five Elements Divine Flag once as he came, it was applicable to each location for three times every month, so it was sufficient.

As for the winner between the Taiyi Immortal Palace and Fiver Tiger Immortal Palace, he had no idea. Apparently, the Northern Emperor was stronger than the Northern King. After all, an emperor was stronger than a king. Practically, the winner remained unknown, words could be meaningless. Over these years, it was hard to tell which one was stronger even if the Northern Emperor used to be the winner.

People entered and left the Redcloud Valley in groups. Some were in groups of five and some were alone too. From time to time, several victims of casualties came out either by walking or being carried out, covered in blood.

This was the entrance; thus, the crowd was huge. Usually, people would rest and make their preparations here before entering. It was also where people gathered. There were several thousands of people, excluding those flowing visitors.

“Is there any doctor here? My friend is badly injured and it is hard for him to survive to the city. Please help us, the Battle God Team would greatly appreciate it,” A loud voice was heard and a team of seven people came out, one of them lying on the stretcher.

Battle God Team? Qing Shui looked over and detected no Battle God. Yet, he was ready to lend a hand.

“I’m a doctor, let me see.”

“I’m an Alchemist. I’m not boasting, but there is no injury that I couldn’t heal.”



Qing Shui gazed at the people surprisingly. Several tens of people went over. He got it now, these people must have waited here to see patients. The charges here were expensive, there were no fixed charges for the treatment here. At least, it was definitely more rewarding here than in the city.

These people changed their expressions instantly as they saw the terrible look of the man on the stretcher. Some of them turned around and left. The remaining ones were tempted to try but hesitated.

“Do it fast if you can heal it. Don’t drag the time if you can’t, or you have to be responsible if he dies,” said a member of the Battle God Team hastily to the doctors who seemed to be dumbfounded.

After that, even the remaining people left. The man on the stretcher seemed to have a soft body. Bones were shattered in many body parts. His flesh and blood were indistinct and his chest was sunk inside. If he was not a warrior, he would have died long ago. Luckily, his survival strength was strong;thus, he could even stay alive in this state.

Initially, somebody was tempted to try, but he refrained since all the previous men were out of ideas. Moreover, many people saw the victim’s condition now. After all, it would be unfortunate if they delayed the treatment time and got the blame.

Qing Shui did not really want to help, but thinking of the Battle God Team, he approached them, “Let me try!”

Perhaps, no one intended to treat him anymore. Without treatment, he would definitely die. Now that someone offered to help, the other six men did not reject it. This was their last option.

Qing Shui took out his golden needles as soon as he stepped forward. The invisible Divine Needles circulated within the internal organs. The Force of Rebirth activated the regeneration power in his body. He even took out a pill and gave it to the injured man.

Next, Qing Shui’s hands became instantly transparent, giving out a jadelike translucency. Then, he touched the man’s bones quickly. By holding out his hands and feeling the bones, he could rearrange and unite the broken bones.

The moves were so fast and blurry with an unspoken harmony. Everyone gaped in astonishment. What kind of Art of Healing was that? After finishing everything, Qing Shui heaved a sigh of relief and treated the wounds.

All these seemed to happen in split seconds, but half an hour had passed. At this moment, everyone noticed that the man survived. Nobody knew if he would have side effects or hidden illnesses, but this young man could be a Miraculous Physician with his Art of Healing.

“Mr, you are really a Miraculous Physician. You opened up our horizons today. Thanks for saving my friend. I wonder what do you need so that I can repay your favor,” said a middle-aged man to Qing Shui courteously.

“Can we have a moment to talk in other places,” Qing Shui looked at his surroundings and said.


The group stepped further away and the man said again thankfully, “I’m Hu Jiang, the leader of Battle God Team. Do you have any request, Mr?”

“I’m Qing Shui, no worries. Elder Brother Hu. I’m just curious why your team is called the Battle God Team,” Qing Shui thought and said, some things were not meant to probe too far.

Hu Jiang was stunned, he did not expect Qing Shui’s question. After thinking a while, he replied, “We are the seventh of the Battle God Team in the Divine Palace.”

This was not a secretive matter, so Hu Jiang said it frankly.

Qing Shui trembled. the Divine Palace? Could it be the Divine Palace that he was looking for? It was really the Nine Continents World, anything would emerge suddenly. It was way too fast! He had been wanting the Divine Palace to appear quickly, but this feeling was surreal, he felt uneasy as if its emergence was improper.

“Is your Divine Palace in the Northern Emperor Domain?” Qing Shui became more curious.

Hu Jiang looked at Qing Shui in confusion. He knew that this man was a visitor, but he wondered why did Qing Shui ask about the Divine Palace since it was in a weaker position now.

Seeing Hu Jiang frown, Qing Shui smiled, “Don’t worry, I have no bad intentions. My friend is a Battle God Inheritor and wants to join the Divine Palace, but he doesn’t know where it is.”

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