AST 2103 - The Divine Palace Appeared, Qing Shui’s Repulsion Move

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2103 - The Divine Palace Appeared, Qing Shui’s Repulsion Move

“Don’t worry, I have no bad intentions. My friend is a Battle God and wants to join the Divine Palace, but he doesn’t know where it is.”

Listening to Qing Shui’s words, Hu Jiang stared at him in deep astonishment. After a long while, Hu Jiang said, “You said your friend is a Battle God and he wants to join the Divine Palace?”

Qing Shui nodded, “Is there anything wrong?”

“No no, we have been looking for Battle Gods actually. I wonder when can your friend come?” Hu Jiang was excited to hear Qing Shui’s reply. He was more excited than Qing Shui. The reward was abundant to invite a Battle God to join the Divine Palace.

“My friend stays a bit further from here, but he should be here soon. I will fetch him over in a few days, but I wonder if I could visit the Divine Palace now. Can I join the Divine Palace?” Qing Shui looked at Hu Jiang. He could not confirm if this was the Divine Palace he was searching for, but it felt right. It must be closely related even if it was not the right one.

“Of course you can, let’s go back together. I’ll introduce my leader to you,” Hu Jiang nodded.

Qing Shui planned to enter the Redcloud Valley initially, but he postponed the plan now. There should be Redcloud Grass here. He could collect it together with the Tilted Moon Branch and Lightning Fruit. If he failed, he could only search on his own later. Once decided, Qing Shui headed to the Divine Palace.

The Divine Palace was located in the Northern Emperor Domain, in the Northern Emperor City. The Taiyi Immortal Palace was here too. They were the two biggest forces in the Northern Emperor Domain, their relationship was also good. The situation of ‘a man cannot brook a rival’ did not happen to the Taiyi Immortal Palace and Divine Palace.

They were located far apart, at two different directions of the Northern Emperor City. However, they were both positioned at the North. Besides, they were situated on the same mountain across the Northern Emperor City, the Northern Emperor Mountain. Though they were both based in the mountain, they were far away as the Northern Emperor City was too big.

The Battle God Team was capable and had special rides, Qing Shui rode on the mutated White Tiger Eagle King and headed to the Northern Emperor Mountain.

The Northern Emperor Mountain used to be the Northern Yue Mountain. There was no exact origin of the name. However, it was changed to Northern Emperor Mountain because of the Northern Emperor Domain and Northern Emperor. This was the pride of the Northern Emperor Clan.

The Northern Emperor Mountain was the largest mountain range in the Northern Emperor City and also the Northern Emperor Domain. It lied across the Northern Emperor City and occupied more than half of the Northern Emperor Domain.

The group arrived at the foot of the mountain, Hu Jiang thought and said, “Mr. Qing, let me inform them.”

Qing Shui nodded, but he asked them to bring the injured man along and let him rest.

A while later, Hu Jiang came, followed by a bear-like man who was at least one feet taller than Qing Shui and double the width and thickness of him. As he walked, a thumping vibrating sound was heard as if a hill was walking.

Violent Battle God Inheritor! Violent Battle God!

Qing Shui knew he was the Violent Battle God at the first glance.

The big guy had normal attire. He looked humble, honest, and gentle. It was hard to imagine a man like this to be violent. However, one should never judge a book from its cover, Qing Shui trusted his instinct more.

“Didn’t you say your friend is the Battle God? Isn’t that your own identity? It is so troublesome to twist the words. Oh, you must be worried about the Divine Palace. I can understand that,” The big guy was very honest, but his eyes were so agile as he spoke. This was an active big man who looked very humble when he kept quiet.

Qing Shui was surprised that this guy could recognize that he was a Battle God at once. Listening to the big guy, the Battle God Team was extremely stunned. They looked at this young man in disbelief, how could he be the Battle God?

The big guy seemed to be interested in Qing Shui. He watched Qing Shui and said, “Do you wanna have a fight?”

Qing Shui was not surprised. The Violent Battle God was the most warlike among the Battle Gods, that saying was true. Qing Shui was keen for a fight too, he nodded, “Okay!”

It was the foot of the mountain, so it was very spacious here. The big guy gripped his fists and smiled at Qing Shui, “You can use your weapons, my fists are my weapons.”

“Okay, I will use my weapons when I have to, please!”

The big guy dashed towards Qing Shui directly. His steps were unique like a moving snake. It was weird for a big guy to do such moves, but he was extremely agile.

A snake’s steps and speed! The Violent Battle God got his name for the strong and terrific strength. The combination of strength and speed was daunting.

Soaring Attack!

The big guy was strangely fast. He gave out a fist attack like the lethal firecracker as he approached nearer to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui’s eyes brightened. This was similar to the Cannon Fist but not exactly the same. The violent strength was completely concentrated in this fist attack.

Qing Shui’s figure flashed.

Minute Subtlety!

In a close distance, he evaded and used the Taichi Cloud Hands, hitting on the big guy’s wrist.

This time, the breakthrough of Heavenly Dao led to a transformation in the realm of Qing Shui’s Minute Subtlety. Previously, it was mentally consuming to use it. Now, it seemed to be very relaxing. At that moment, Qing Shui realized that a battle could be enjoyable too. He understood the feeling of a fish released into the water, everything was at his fingertips. Qing Shui was feeling that immensely now.

The big guy noticed Qing Shui blocking his fist with bare hands. Though it was the wrist, the energy in his body came flooding out. He had to blast off the opponent’s palm with his wrist. His muscles were as hard as metal. With a huge body, he had a terrifying resistance and explosive power.

The big guy underestimated Qing Shui’s ability and his proficiency in Taichi.

Snap snap snap!

Upon contact, three loud and rapid snaps were heard. It was only a loud snap to the outsiders, but Qing Shui and the big guy knew there were three snaps. The unbelievable part was that the big guy was blasted off. As that happened, Qing Shui rushed over.

Taichi Repulsion! Repulsion Move!

At this moment, the big guy lost his balance. When Qing Shui pushed, it was like an advancing mountain. The enormous thrust pushed the big guy and made him stagger. He nearly fell and sat on the ground.

The thrust was not harmless. It was as if a huge mountain came gushing over. Though it was not fast, it could be harmful. For those who knew nothing and went hard against Qing Shui, they would probably vomit blood at once and even lose their lives.

Qing Shui’s realm improved and his strength advanced greatly too. It felt like turning the bad leaves into good ones. With the same speed and different realm, the techniques performed could have the difference between Heaven and Earth. This was the coordination, the harmony, and the nature of Heavenly Dao.

Qing Shui apparently merged into his surroundings like the fish in the water, the bird in the sky. That was the Heavenly Dao.

Qing Shui appeared beside the big guy in a flash and pushed him again, rolling him over like a bottle gourd. After the third time, the big guy was covered with minor injuries and abrasion wounds. He waved hastily, “I surrender……”

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