AST 2104 - Joining The Divine Palace

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2104 - Joining The Divine Palace

Qing Shui smiled and stopped. The big guy stood up awkwardly, “You are really an alien, a devil.”

The few members of the Battle God Team looked at Qing Shui in disbelief too. It was frightening. This young man could simply beat the Violent Battle God until he was unable to fight back. It was as if he was a grown up man playing with a kid…

“I never expect there is someone as good as you. It must be the fortune of Divine Palace,” A voice was heard suddenly. Qing Shui startled, he never noticed when this person arrived. With that, Qing Shui was sure that he was weaker than the man who just spoke.

Qing Shui saw a giant. If the previous big guy surprised Qing Shui, this man shook him. He was half a foot taller than the previous Violent Battle God, but his figure was about the same. Yet, Qing Shui knew that this giant who appeared suddenly was definitely several times heavier than the Violent Battle God.

This was pure weight. This was caused by the extreme density of the body.

The giant had the eyes of a tiger, a tall nose, and thick lips. A scarf was tied around his square face. He looked very steady and mature. Though not arrogant-looking, he did not look like an easy-going man either.

The Violent Battle God sounded embarrassed as he saw the old man, “Elder!”

“Niu Mang, how do you feel?” said the giant while smiling.

Niu Mang liked to battle and was willing to fight with anybody. He was not very old, thus, he had always been slightly proud. Those who could win over him were twice older than him. Today’s situation was his first.

He was upset, everybody would be the same. To be beaten by a young man that easily and almost getting played like a little bunny, it would be abnormal to not feel defeated.

“Now you know there is always someone better, train harder!” The giant noticed that Niu Mang was already demotivated and could not take any further impact.

Qing Shui figured out the type of Battle God this giant belonged to.

Hill Moving Battle God!

Qing Shui felt the violent strength, but little did Qing Shui know that he owned amazing techniques besides having an incredible strength. The technique of moving a hill, that was a wonderful skill. He could empower his existing strength to bring a more dreadful outcome. That was the Hill Moving Battle God, a Battle God with great skills but acted clumsily.

This was the strongest man Qing Shui had ever met. He was stronger than Yunlong. Even after being boosted by Qing Shui, Yunlong could never win against this Hill Moving Battle God.

Qing Shui was extremely excited. He found the Divine Palace and the organization now. However, he wished that there were no restrictions on his freedom. He planned to observe for the time being. After entering the Divine Palace, there must be some regulations.

“Surprisingly, you are the Golden Battle God too. That’s great, we have two Golden Battle Gods now,” said the Hill Moving Battle God happily.

“Ah, Elder, did you say he is the Golden Battle God?’

Niu Mang could only see that Qing Shui was a Battle God but he could not define his type. In the previous battle, he thought Qing Shui was a Battle God of powerful physique, something similar to himself and the Hill Moving Battle God. However, he doubted that guess considering that Qing Shui had a lean body. How could a relatively thin and frail body own a daunting strength like this?

“Hi, I’m Yuwen Da. Welcome to the Divine Palace,” replied the Hill Moving Battle God with a smile.

“I’m Qing Shui, I wonder if there are any regulations and restrictions after joining the Divine Palace?” Qing Shui pondered and asked.

Yuwen Da smirked, “No restrictions, no regulations. The Battle Gods are like siblings. There is only one thing. We wish you can step out and protect the dignity of Battle Gods when the Divine Palace needs you. We are enemies with the Demon Gate.”

Qing Shui understood, he smiled and continued, “I have a few friends who are Battle Gods. I’ll ask them over later.”

Yuwen Da was not surprised this time, he nodded, “Come, let’s go and know the rest. This is the Divine Palace, all the Battle Gods who know about the organization will come.”

“Elder Brother, is there another Divine Palace in other places?” Qing Shui thought that in such a big world, the Battle Gods were not alone. Hence, it was not a strange thing to have a Divine Palace in other places.

“Of course, but we have the same mission. It is the same as the Demon Gate, it is not the only one. However, the Demon Gate and Divine Palace are already the highest organizations of the Demon Kings and Battle Gods. Hence, there will only be Demon Gates and Divine Palaces. Yet, we will merge and reorganize once we discover another. We can upgrade our forces that way.”

Yuwen Da sighed and paused, then he continued, “Still, the Battle Gods are still humans. Unpleasant things could happen because of individual benefits. Things such as that happened from time to time since a long, long time ago.”

Qing Shui was not surprised. These things were normal but heart-wrenching at the same time. Once such things triggered an internal conflict, injuries and death were common

“Is there no way to control this?” asked Qing Shui.

“It’s about controlling desires which are very hard to achieve. Once obsessed with desires, it is the same as the Demon King of Demon Gate,” The Hill Moving Battle God sounded depressed.

While chatting, they had reached the peak of the mountain. It was the Divine Palace here. There was a tall and grand hall at the peak. It was a vast area with many halls. The Battle God Teams made up most of the population. Yuwen Da told Qing Shui that there were 21 Battle Gods here. Including Qing Shui, there would be 22 of them in total.

Yuwen Da was not the one in charge here. The affairs were handled by the Golden Battle God who was also the Lord of Divine Palace. He was elderly, but he had a very long lifespan and was the strongest. Now, Yuwen Da was leading Qing Shui to meet this Golden Battle God.

The centermost hall was the most majestic one. Yuwen Da led Qing Shui and Niu Mang into the hall. They could see an elderly stood in the middle of the hall as soon as they entered as if he was expecting their arrival. He smiled and looked at them.

“Lord, this is Qing Shui,” Yuwen Da did not make a further introduction. He could see it, let alone the Lord who was stronger.

“Lord!” Niu Mang bowed and greeted.

The elderly waved, “Don’t have to make these greetings, they are pointless.”

As he finished, he stared at Qing Shui with a smile, “You and I are similar. How was it? Do you want to join the Divine Palace?”

The elderly gave a signal. Yuwen Da and Niu Mang left after saying their farewell.

Qing Shui smiled and said, “Yes, but I enjoy freedoms and I have some other affairs to deal with.”

“Joining the Divine Palace won’t leave any impact on you. The Divine Palace used to be strict and led by the superior’s individual desires. However, the Divine Palace practices the casual way later on. If the Lord is right, you follow. If you’re here for your own power or desires, you can reject and leave straight away,” The elderly laughed.

Qing Shui did not expect that the management was based on Laozi’s theory of non-action. However, the bad part was once the people slacked, the efficiency would be influenced. Everything was two-sided, there were pros and cons. Moreover, the capable ones would be reluctant to be highly restricted at this level.

That was great too, Qing Shui preferred it this way. Though it was his first time here, Qing Shui felt good and decided to stay. If possible, Qing Shui would bring Yin Tong and the others over here. It would be even better to train and practice here.

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