AST 2105 - Five Tiger Immortal Palace, Pretty Battle Goddess

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2105 - Five Tiger Immortal Palace, Pretty Battle Goddess

Then, Qing Shui smiled and said, “I’ll join the Divine Palace. Old man, is there any ceremony to join the Divine Palace?”

“Yes, but just a simple one. Gather everybody and have a worship ceremony in the Divine Palace, then you have to read a passage of oath,” said the elderly with a smile.

Qing Shui knew the rough context of the oath without even reading it. It was nothing more than making a vow to join the Divine Palace and fighting for the dignity of the Divine Palace in the future. Everyone must have solidarity and friendship to help each other and never betray the siblings, and so on.

Qing Shui saw several other Battle Gods soon and noticed five to six who were stronger than him, the rest were all weaker. Those people included the Hill Moving Battle God and the Lord of Divine Palace, the Golden Battle God.

As for one of the remaining three to four persons, Qing Shui was unsure he could win over this man. Hence, there were either five or six persons in total. One of them was a lady who looked like a mature, young married woman.

Qing Shui was uncertain of her exact strength, but she practiced an alluring technique which controlled the mind. It was that technique who made Qing Shui question his ability to fight against her.

The woman had a slender and curvy figure. Her body was fully matured and seemed to be extremely soft. The mountains on her chest were tall and firm, giving out a seductive charm. Her slim waist and ass formed a beautiful outline. Her round, perky ass and peaks were voluptuous but not plump at all.

Her two legs were straight and slender. Her face was as bright as peach blossom. She had the same charming eyes like Qing Hanye. Her brows were gentle and her lips were thick and juicy. Her lip line was beautiful and somehow made her lips seem pouty. That lips were highly stimulating. It made Qing Shui had evil thoughts about these wonderful lips…

There was a saying in the past life that a young married woman could ride on the clouds. That described the wonder of a young married woman. Qing Shui did not spend a long time looking at her but only took a single glance from her head to toe. Unexpectedly, this woman blinked her charming eyes at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui smiled awkwardly. There were only three Battle Goddesses in the Divine Palace and the two other women were on the bottom rank.

Next, Qing Shui read the oath. It was more or less the same as he thought, it was just a formality. After all, the oath meant nothing if many people were driven by desires and obsessions. At this moment, there were too many people who could violate the oath.

Still, it was the formality. What needed to be done had to be done.

Soon, Qing Shui finished reading the oath and knelt down before the ancestors of the Divine Palace. An Inheritor had to be grateful to receive the inheritance from the ancestors. Hence, the worship ceremony was mandatory. Then, he lit up the incense sticks.

With that, Qing Shui was one of the members of the Divine Palace and siblings with the twenty Battle Gods here. Qing Shui entered the last and ranked the twentieth. The Lord was not included since he was an older generation’s member. This ranking was based on the time of participation. However, he was unsure if there was an exceptional case.

Besides that, there were some powerful Elders too. Though they were not Battle Gods, they had daunting strengths too. Not all members of the Divine Palace were Battle Gods. For example, the Battle God Team had no Battle God in it. Plus, the Battle God Team had the most members.

Everybody welcomed Qing Shui’s participation and introduced one another. Besides the Lord, the Hill Moving Battle God was the strongest, followed by the Giant Spirit Battle God, Diamond Battle God, and the Tiger Knife Battle God. Excluding the Lord, three of them used the strength against agility. The Tiger Knife Battle God was a lot more powerful than Qing Shui and more inclined to the violent side.

Qing Shui would basically lose to these five people now, provided if he did not escape. Another one was the lady, the one who looked like a young married woman. However, Qing Shui knew she was not married, she was just giving out the matured and graceful vibe.

Qing Shui did not know if he could win over this woman, but it was not important. Currently, Qing Shui had a superior status in the Divine Palace. After knowing everybody, they had drinks together. Then, the Hill Moving Battle God led Qing Shui to his own hall. Every Battle God would have his or her own hall for training.

“Qing Shui, see if you like it here. You can change it if you’re not satisfied,” The Hill Moving Battle God laughed.

“I am satisfied. Thanks, Elder Brother Yuwen.”

“Oh ya, Elder Brother Yuwen. How is the Five Tiger Immortal Palace’s strength in comparison to our Divine Palace?” Qing Shui asked at once when he thought of the Five Tiger Immortal Palace.

“The Five Tiger Immortal Palace was not weaker than our Divine Palace. For example, the Taiyi Immortal Palace in the Northern Emperor City was slightly stronger than the Divine Palace. What’s wrong Qing Shui? Do you have anything against them?” asked Yuwen Da out of concern.

“One of my friends used to be framed by the Five Tiger Immortal Sect. After so many years, we still never heard of the Five Tiger Immortal Sect. We only know that it is in the Haohan Continent. I wonder if the Five Tiger Immortal Palace is the previous Five Tiger Immortal Sect,” Qing Shui did not hide a thing.

“I am sure of this. The Five Tiger Immortal Palace is definitely not the Five Tiger Immortal Sect. However, the Five Tiger Immortal Palace might know about the Five Tiger Immortal Sect you said. Let’s find out from the Five Tiger Immortal Palace when the opportunity arises,” Yuwen Da suggested.

Qing Shui nodded, “Thank you, Elder Brother Yuwen!”

“We are family, don’t be too formal.”

Qing Shui was contemplating to bring Tantai Lingyan over. As for Yin Tong and the rest, he would rather delay it. He had yet to find out the situation here. Qing Shui could only protect himself with his strength. In the case of hazardous situations, he would be ruined if they were here.

Hence, Qing Shui decided to go back later on. Initially, he planned to ask Tantai Lingyan and Yin Tong over immediately. Now, it was better to delay the plan since he was unfamiliar with everything here.

Qing Shui found Hu Jiang and asked him to ask around and gather some stuff either by collecting or buying them.

Three days later, Qing Shui told the Lord that he was leaving to open his clinic. The old man was surprised; then, he asked about Qing Shui’s Art of Healing. Qing Shui cured some of the hidden illnesses in the old man’s body at once. Also, he stabilized the old man’s Dantian and Meridians.

The Golden Battle God was astonished by Qing Shui’s mastery in Art of Healing. He smiled, “Go, make yourself famous. Oh ya, Nuolan is good in Art of Healing too. You can go with her. You’d probably be busy if you were alone in the beginning.”

Nuolan was the beautiful Battle Goddess who looked like a young married woman. Qing Shui did not expect her to be a doctor. She should be really good to receive the elderly’s compliment.

Indeed, Qing Shui needed assistants now, so he went to meet Nuolan straight away. He was definitely not messing with the serious matter.

Qing Shui knocked on Nuolan Dianyu’s door. He saw the remarkably beautiful face and the wonderful figure which led to a lot of imaginations. Qing Shui calmed his heart and mind down.

Nuolan was obviously stunned after seeing Qing Shui, she gave an alluring smile, “Little Brother, why are you here to look for Elder Sis?”

Qing Shui felt himself sweating, it had been ages since he was last called this way. He was speechless, “Cough cough, erm, I heard the Lord saying that you know the Art of Healing. I'm going to open a clinic in the Northern Emperor City and I would like to invite you along.”

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