AST 2113 - A Retard Is Here For Collaboration

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2113 - A Retard Is Here For Collaboration

“If your young master is looking for me, tell him to come here himself. Alright, you can leave now.” Qing Shui waved his hand and gestured him that he could go.

The man apparently did not expect this. He stared at Qing Shui in confusion and said, “I didn’t expect that you’re this boastful. Do you really think you are the Miraculous Physician just because the others call you this way? Do you know who is our young master?”

“I have no interest to know. If you don’t leave, I don’t mind to send you out. By that time, I can’t guarantee that your limbs are complete,” Qing Shui hated these people the most. A servant who used the master’s name to play tyrant and act pompous.

“Alright, you! Just wait!”

This man gave a fierce glare at Qing Shui before leaving.

Qing Shui was not surprised, it was not the first time that such an incident happened. Although the Divine Palace members came during the opening, the Divine Palace Sect was relatively obscure and seldom known by the people. Hence, most people only knew that the Imperial Cuisine Hall was founded by a man and a woman. Besides, the woman was exceptionally beautiful like a vixen. Many people came solely for this woman.

For sure, these people did not end up well. Still, these people kept coming like a moth rushing into the fire, they would appear alternately after several days. Many of them were proud of their backgrounds and underestimated the founder of a small clinic like this. They reckoned someone who had a strong background would open a bigger clinic.

Nuolan smiled at Qing Shui, “Someone is coming after you again. Why are there so many narrow-minded people?”

“All of them came for you previously. I wonder why are they here this time. How about us making a guess?” replied Qing Shui with a smile.

“Alright, I guess they are here to seek your treatment,” said Nuolan directly.

Qing Shui looked at this woman. This answer was actually the most accurate one. Anyhow, it was the Imperial Cuisine Hall here, most people came to seek treatment. Basically, most people were here for medical consultation or selling goods to Qing Shui. Yet, today’s situation was unlikely to be the case.

“Can I make the same guess?” asked Qing Shui.

“No, that would be meaningless then,” replied Nuolan firmly.

“Is there any bet?” Qing Shui smiled.

“Definitely, or else there’s no point to guess,” Nuolan giggled and looked at Qing Shui.

“Let’s state a bet then,” Qing Shui was direct with it.

“What kind of bet do you mean?” Nuolan smirked.

Qing Shui licked his tongue, “You see, as a man. I have not tasted meat for ages.”

“That’s not true, you had deer meat this morning,” Nuolan blinked her beautiful eyes and gazed at Qing Shui. Her eyes were extremely clear. It was Qing Shui’s first time seeing her eyes as bright as this time.

“Alright, say your bet!” Qing Shui knew she did that on purpose. He had exaggerated his moves and the word ‘man’. Thus, she must have understood what he meant. Since she avoided this topic, Qing Shui should not cling to it anymore. Moreover, Qing Shui was just kidding. It was not his first time joking like this.

Apart from that, Qing Shui felt challenged to control himself when he met a beautiful woman, especially for a matured lady who looked proper and nice. Qing Shui was embarrassed after being turned down; he felt like an ugly toad going after a graceful swan.

“Don’t be like this. Are you hurt? Come and let Elder Sis hug you,” Nuolan saw Qing Shui lost in trance for a moment. She felt sorry and said this.

Qing Shui knew Nuolan cared about him, but there must be stories behind a woman like her who kept her virginity until now. If he could get her so easily, he would not be her first man anymore. She might probably have children then.

“No, I don’t mean sideways. I have wives and children, am I a retard?” Qing Shui smirked.

Actually, Qing Shui came to the realization that in this world a man would never stop chasing a woman because he already had one. This was not the reason. A woman would never think that it was an obstacle too. Even if she felt bothered, that was not an issue. That was how this world worked.

Qing Shui acted this way because of his memory of past life and his personal reasons.

“Of course I know you have wives. It would be strange if someone like you is single. Tell me, how many women do you have?” Nuolan smiled and looked at him.

“Let me count……” Qing Shui gave an awkward smile.

Nuolan rolled her eyes but smirked, “Alright, stop counting. They are here.”

The previous men led several people here. The leading one was a young and handsome guy. He looked very young, his corner of eyes were slanted upwards with a sense of pride. Qing Shui wondered which Clan did this young master belong to.

“Young master, that’s him. He did not take you seriously and wanted to hit me,” The man pointed at Qing Shui and talked to the young guy.

The young man held a hand fan and wore a snow-white robe, giving out a slight casanova vibe. He stared at Qing Shui without looking at the man beside him. Then, he looked at Nuolan. The beam in his eyes was interesting. That was how a man looked at a woman.

“You are the Miraculous Physician here?” The young man asked Qing Shui.

Qing Shui was upset as he hated such attitude very much. In his past life, he was a person who had a strong inferiority complex but still a man with dignity. There was a saying, the more self-abased a person was, the stronger the dignity he had.

This saying was right, Qing Shui was less self-abased now, but he still disliked a trash from a strong Clan acting boastfully.

In his past life, Qing Shui did not meet a spendthrift son like this. Many people envied these spendthrift sons and younger generations of the rich. They truly deserved it, but Qing Shui was too far away from them that he had no opportunity to be envious. Those were people in the legends who he couldn’t imagine to meet.

Yet, these spendthrift sons lived really good and luxurious lives. The ordinary men who had nothing could only drool over the women from pictures, but these rich sons slept with countless of them. They owned luxurious cars and different young models every night…

At the Nine Continents, Qing Shui was very much higher in status than the rich sons. He could have the lives he once envied, but he did not. Still, he obtained even more than they did, people envied him for his current wives and women.

“Why did you come to me?” asked Qing Shui calmly.

“Actually, I’m here to collaborate with you,” The young guy smiled.


Qing Shui startled, there was someone looking for his collaboration now. He was on the right track and much better than the riches. He wondered what would this guy offer to make the collaboration?

Qing Shui smiled without a valid reason. Looking at this young guy, Qing Shui wondered if the young guy would dare to show him what a retard is?

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