AST 2114 - I Will Buy Your Recipe

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2114 - I Will Buy Your Recipe

The young guy smiled after seeing Qing Shui’s surprised face, he nodded, “Yes, to collaborate. It would definitely benefit you. Don’t worry, the Zhen Clan has the ability to do that.”

“Oh, how would you like to collaborate?” Qing Shui did not know the Zhen Clan, but he asked with a smile.

“I think your Imperial Cuisine Hall is too small. How about this? I will give you a better place and I’ll publicize you so that more people know about you. Then, we divide the profits by 80:20,”  said the young guy seriously.

“80 for me, 20 for you?” Qing Shui smiled.

“80 for me, but you won’t be at a disadvantage for sure. By that time, the sales will be plenty. Though you get 20, it will be a lot more than what you have in total now,” elaborated the young guy.

Qing Shui would definitely not collaborate with anyone. He was not doing a business, why would he bother about quantity? Needless to say that he only got 20%. Even if he got 99% of the share, he would reject the young guy. As for a bigger land, it was very easy for Qing Shui to get one. There were too many people who owned a vast land in this world. It might be a luxury to others, but it was meaningless to a capable warrior.

Listening to the young guy’s words, Qing Shui had yet to speak when Nuolan started giggling. Her alluring look made the young guy drool. As Nuolan gave him a glare, this young guy rolled on the ground like a dog all of a sudden…

Qing Shui knew Nuolan did that, but it still gave him a deep chill. This alluring power made the opponent lose his spirits, even the remaining little soul was controlled.

This was related to one’s spiritual energy and mindfulness. The mindfulness here referred to the soul in common saying. A man’s soul was actually the mindfulness. It was just a consciousness, nothing so mysterious. A man in the vegetative state was a man who lived without a soul.

Perhaps, his soul was destroyed.

As the young guy regained consciousness, he looked at himself in disbelief. How come he rolled on the floor out of nowhere…

He looked very upset, feeling odd but remained calm. He looked at Qing Shui and said softly, “I wonder what is your decision, Miraculous Physician. Otherwise, there is an alternative. I would buy your recipe and you have to promise not to spread it and not to use it again.”

“Oh, how much would you offer to buy my recipe?” Qing Shui was curious.

“One million gold,” The young guy hesitated and uttered an amount that he sounded satisfied with.

Nuolan was about to say something, but Qing Shui spoke, “I can simply make thirty thousand gold in one day. Now you want to buy my recipe with only a million gold and don’t allow me to use it? Are you sick?”

“Five million gold. We can make money together and you can still open your Imperial Cuisine Hall,” the young guy clenched his fists.

He indeed knew about this. Everyone knew the things were expensive here.

“Okay, but I would only give you one recipe. We can have a deal if you agree, but forget about it if you don’t,” Qing Shui bargained.

The young guy thought of the popularity of this place. It was enough to only have one of the recipes, five million gold was worth the price. He could open a huge dining place. No! Many of them! He could earn back the capital in a few days.

“Okay, I agree. I want the recipe and ingredients of your crystal steamed bun,” The young guy smiled.

“Alright, give me the money and I will give it to you. I can show you how to make it once. Free of charge if you’re not satisfied,” Qing Shui smiled.

Nuolan smiled, she knew Qing Shui wanted to screw this kid up this time. These dishes, including the crystal steamed bun, had herbs as its core. The herbs were something Qing Shui made by himself specifically. Without the herbs, it was the same as the usual dishes in the restaurants.

The young guy was exhilarated and agreed fervently while secretly scolding Qing Shui as a fool. Then, he took out five million gold immediately. The money was fine, it was usable throughout the Nine Continents. Qing Shui reckoned that the force behind this Nine Continents bills was extremely terrifying.

Qing Shui gave the recipe of crystal steamed bun to the young guy and showed them a few ingredients. Qing Shui’s exclusive herbs looked the same as the ordinary herbs. The fragrance was not too strong without being cooked.

The recipe was delicate and luxurious, many procedures stated were tedious. The young guy seemed to be prepared. He brought along his own chefs to replicate it instantly. It was undeniable that these chefs had good culinary skills. The dish tasted and appeared similar to the ones from the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

The young guy was excited. He secretly thought, ‘This fellow was so dumb to limit his daily sales. He did not know how to expand the Imperial Cuisine Hall and earn a lot more money, and now he gave this chance to me…

After successfully replicating the dish, the young guy from the Zhen Clan left with the recipe.

“Xiong Gang, get ready to open three large-scale restaurants of steamed buns. Get all the ingredients and stock up. Also, don’t tell the rest of the Clan, I want to give them a surprise.”



“Qing Shui, you’re actually quite bad. That retard is badly framed,” said Nuolan while giggling.

“Do you think he will find out that he can’t make the steamed bun before or after he opens the restaurant?” asked Qing Shui with a smile. The young guy would definitely find out sooner or later.

“He will find out soon under normal condition. Although this retard can’t be regarded as a normal person, I guess he will find out soon about it,” replied Nuolan with an even wider smile.

“Why?” Qing Shui had an answer, the same as hers.

“Because he felt successful, he will surely want to eat their own crystal steamed bun. He will want to taste the sense of success beside the beautiful flavors,” Nuolan sounded certain.

Qing Shui agreed too!



Zhen Song asked his men to prepare for the opening of his restaurant. Soon after, he could not hold back his appetite. Previously, he only had one crystal steamed bun in the Imperial Cuisine Hall. After a while, the chef returned.

Zhen Song ordered him to make some buns. The chef followed his instruction and started to cook.

The subsequent event was obvious. The chef told Zhen Song that he could not make it. The appearance was the same, but the taste was ten thousand miles away. Initially, he thought that the chef did that deliberately to monopolize the recipe. He nearly killed the chef out of rage.

Suddenly, he thought of Qing Shui and the woman. Zhen Song realized instantly. The man, who he thought was dumb, cheated him in his own game. He was the real fool!

The next day, the young master from the Zhen Clan returned to the Imperial Cuisine Hall. This time, he brought two hundred men with him. His eyes were blazing like a burning fire as soon as he saw Qing Shui. He had never suffered a great loss like this, on top of being played like a fool. Today, he had to claim justice. Besides creating a mess, he would get all those recipes.

“I will give you a chance now. Give me all of the recipes and apologize. Then, I can let you go; otherwise, I will make you vanish from the world.”

“This bastard. What a true bastard,” Nuolan was speechless.

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