AST 2131 - Hell Icefire Phoenix

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2131 - Hell Icefire Phoenix

At this moment, the fire across the huge black body of the Dark Phoenix burst abruptly and became a few times fiercer than before. Soon after, a loud and clear phoenix cry came through. It was so sharp that it pierced through the sky itself. Luckily, this happened within the realm, as if it had been in the outside world, it would definitely catch a lot of people’s attentions.

Not much had changed to the body of the Dark Phoenix. It was still dyed in black, only that now, the kind of black across its body felt grimmer. Overall, it looked great! The crown on top of its head had doubled in size, and faint pressure could be felt from it.

The Hell Icefire Phoenix!

Qing Shui was stunned the moment he saw this name. The Dark Phoenix had actually merged with two of the five elements which were supposed to subdue each other. Qing Shui could confirm it just by looking at its name. Since they had really merged, its strength would definitely be a lot more powerful than normal fusions between the five elements.

The Hell Icefire Phoenix! Bloodline strength: 80 out of 100.

Strength: 12,5 billion Dao Force.

Dark Phoenix of Nine Heavens: passive battle technique, zero energy consumption. Permanently increase the strength by 500 times. Any battle techniques or attacks used would consume 80% less energy.


Not much had changed for its other techniques other than slight improvements in each of them. After going through the mutated change this time, the phoenix was given an additional ability.

Icefire Combination: Enable the Hell Icefire Phoenix’s damaging prowess to increase by two times. Due to the fusion between ice and fire, its attacks were very explosive.

Qing Shui was stunned when he saw this ability. He never expected for the fusion between 2 elements which subdued each other to have such an explosive effect. With that, its offensive prowess would reach 25 billion Dao Force. The destructive prowess it currently possessed was more than enough for the current Qing Shui.

The Hell Icefire Phoenix itself was originally already equipped with the ability to reduce damage caused to it. Adding on the additional boosts given to it by Qing Shui’s Divine Weapon, it could now stand firmly on its own in terms of its resistance towards attacks. Qing Shui was pleasured just by the thought of it.

Unfortunately, there were too few Advancing Divine Worms. Qing Shui couldn’t wait to get his hands on more of them. If he could get another two of them, he would have been able to help Little Rin and Dragon Slaying Beast to break through.

For the time being, the Golden Scaled dragon Elephant was no longer able to catch up with those two. Qing Shui was also unable to find any Heavenly and Earthly Treasure which could help it break through for the moment. The Advancing Divine Worms were unsuitable for it.

Qing Shui was already content to have two of them. These things would only appear once every one hundred years on the Redcloud Valley, and It would take another few hundred years until the next one appeared. Even if a lot of warriors had the lifespan close to one thousand years, to wait for a hundred years was still too much for them.

Qing Shui only settled his sight on the Hundred Treasure Chest now. Immediately, he got it to recognize its new owner.

It was relatively simple to get these things to recognize owners. However, the procedure was also a bit weird. Qing Shui was required to drip three drops of his Blood Essence at three separate times on the Hundred Treasure Chest.

After about an hour, Qing Shui had finally succeeded and became the owner of the Hundred Treasure Chest. The bodies of the three Advancing Divine Worms were still placed aside for the time being. Although the current Hundred Treasure Chest had been emptied, upon getting it to recognize its owner, the chest would once again go through some changes.

The chests from before were all normal. But the one he was currently looking at was shining brightly and emitting out a kind of boundless aura.

Hundred Treasure Chest!

It was an ancient relic. A box that was used to store treasures. It was currently sealed, and Qing Shui would have to release the first layer of the seal first.

The things, which had been put inside the Hundred Treasure Chest, must be things with no life force. As time passed, the quality of the objects in it would be multiplied by two times. However, some characteristics of the objects might change thoroughly. Therefore, one must think twice about what they would put inside.

By releasing the first layer of the seal, he could get 30 Quality Pills, Potential Pills, and Growth Pills respectively. In addition to that, he was also given with 20 Divine Square Cauldrons.

Qing Shui blankly stared at the 20 Divine Square Cauldrons.

Qing Shui was immediately stunned in shock seeing the 20 Divine Square Cauldrons. He never would have thought that there would actually be Divine Square Cauldrons. Furthermore, there wasn’t only one, but a total of 20 of them! This kind of feeling was similar to when he had received presents from the realm in his earlier years. Could it really be a coincidence? Or was he really just that lucky?

Qing Shui was feeling very agitated at the moment. Nevertheless, he still reviewed the things which came after them. One Attacking Talisman Stone, Defensive Talisman Stone, Movement Talisman Stone, Recovery Talisman Stone, Endurance Talisman Stone, Power Talisman Stone, Tenacity Talisman Stone, and Evasion Talisman Stone.

Above were the complete lists of Talisman Stones which he had gotten. Qing Shui was really surprised. He never expected to get so many good stuff from merely the first layer of the Hundred Treasure Chest. But the next question was, what was the uses of these Talisman Stones?

A vast amount of cold aura could be felt emitting from these Talisman Stones. Qing Shui didn’t know the materials that were used to make them but found them to be extremely sturdy and indestructible, even with weapons. They were only about the size of a thumb and were very exquisite.

Heavenly Vision Technique! Moving on, Qing Shui was stunned once more.

Talisman Stones: can be embedded into a Divine Weapon once they reach the seventh grade and help to increase its corresponding strength.

Qing Shui’s eyes sparkled. He put all 20 of the Divine Square Cauldrons into the Treasure Basins. Moving on, other than being able to receive some treasures once the seal was released, he was also able to use it to exchange some items, which he didn’t need, for other stuff. This could be done repeatedly, but its quality would only increase once on the first time it was traded. On the second, or third time, there would have been no changes in its quality.

Qing Shui really liked the Hundred Treasure Chest, as he had a lot of stuff in the realm. Due to his ‘plundering’ of Interspatial SIlk Sachets throughout these years, he had a lot of decent weapons which were useless to him. And now was the perfect time for him to throw it down and test his luck.

Qing Shui only looked towards those Quality Pill, Potential Pill, as well as the Growth Pill. Very soon, he managed to find out about the effects of those pills. Each of the Quality Pills could increase the user’s constitution by one percent, and it was effective for both demonic beasts and humans. There were practically no limits to which they could use the pills. However, human’s body would begin to slowly repel the pill until they totally rejected it.

The Potential Pill, on the other hand, helped to raise human’s potential. In other words, it increased their strength directly also by one percent; it could also be taken indefinitely. Generally speaking, a pill provided a one percent boost to the user’s strength. Thus, if the user’s strength was worth 10 billion Dao Force, the amount of strength, which they could have gotten from it, would be 100 million Dao Force.

The Growth Pill mainly helped to increase one’s talent. In other words, it could help to turn an ordinary person into a genius. Each of the pills raised the user’s talent by 1%. From this information, it could be seen just how many pills Qing Shui would need to turn a person into a genius.

However, these medicinal pills were extremely precious. So, Qing Shui didn’t use it right away, and he investigated it to see if he could refine them instead. It would be great if he could really succeed. However, there were some medicinal pills that even geniuses couldn’t refine. After all, it was stated clearly above that the user could use it repeatedly until it lost its effect.

Even after looking at it for half a day, he also failed to notice anything. After cultivating for a while, he exited the realm.

It had only been a while in the outside world. Since he had nothing specifics that he needed to do, Qing Shui prepared some dishes which were very delicious. Naturally, they would have their dinner on the second floor since the business still had to be run downstairs. Though there weren’t that many people who would come on usual days, some people would still book the place in advance.

Zhang Yue didn’t rest. After taking a shower, he immediately began reading some medical books. He knew that he would have to make a bet for his destiny this time. The chance he was given now was a crucial point in his life. If he succeeded in grabbing it, there was no doubt that he would stand out in the future.

The atmosphere, when they were having dinner, was great. By now, Zhang Yue was no longer an outsider. He had a feeling that in the future, Nuo Lan would turn out to be the wife of his master; thus, he showed a lot of respect to her. Compared to Nuo Lan, he was actually quite young. But for people at their level, they would have no longer cared about their age. Power spoke for all. Certainly, it was undeniable that women cared greatly for their look, so did men, this was also why the Youth Retaining Pellet might sometimes become more precious than the pills which helped to increase the strength.

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