AST 2132 - Eighth Grade Divine Weapon, Nuo Lan Got Heavily Injured

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2132 - Eighth Grade Divine Weapon, Nuo Lan Got Heavily Injured

Zhang Yue started reading medical books again after he finished dinner. He hadn’t really stopped doing that since the beginning. If he had any problems, he would wait until when Qing Shui was free to ask him about it.


“How’s little fox?” Qing Shui asked Nuo Lan softly with a little concern in his voice. He knew that she hadn’t rested all this time. Judging by her personality, he was sure that she would have definitely made the Nine-Tailed Spiritual Fox feed on the Origin Essence Pill.

“This is great! It seems like the Origin Essence Pill does have a lot of uses. The Nine-Tailed Spiritual Fox can now be used to attack, and I have also gained access to a lot of martial techniques.” Nuo Lan said in joy. Prior to this, there were certain killer moves which she hadn’t been able to use. But now, thanks to the little fox, her strength was boosted even further.

Considering that she had the Immortal Fox Physique, Immortal Fox Qi could be felt emitting from her body. This kind of aura was mostly the work of the little fox. It was just like how the Hell Nightmare Beast bestowed Qing Shui with Foolish Loyalty. The ability which the little fox gave Nuo Lan was something similar to that.

It had only been a week. For now, a lot of people had already started coming to the Imperial Cuisine Hall to accept treatments. Thus, Qing Shui made the decision to treat two people at once tomorrow.

The following days went on very peacefully. Qing Shui would spend the time drinking some tea, accepting treatments and talking to the gorgeous ladies. Qing Shui felt that for now, his life was very relaxed. One thing to be happy for, he discovered that Zhang Yue possessed great talent. He managed to complete Qing Shui’s tasks for him. During this time, Qing Shui would spend four hours to pass a bit of the medical knowledge into his brain.

Zhang Yue spent the majority of his time every day to swallow the knowledge given to him by Qing Shui. For the time being, it was the theories which Qing Shui was trying to teach him. He was only required to get a grasp of it. By the time he went practical, things would be fine.

It was not a simple task to nurture someone with outstanding medical skills. Even for Qing Shui, it was not something which could be done in a short period of time. Luckily, Qing Shui had the mysterious Meridians Knocking Soul Pulling Treatment and also made some changes to some of the simpler Acupunctures Technique. Thus, he was still able to bring up a decent physician within a year. If they wanted to walk even further along this path, they would have to slowly investigate on their own way of medicine.

The medicines were filled with mysteries. There mustn’t be any errors made to the prescriptions, the type, as well as the quantity of the medicines used. To achieve this, one would need to be very experienced. This was precisely what Qing Shui after. About the experience part, Zhang Yue would have to rely on his own talents for this.

During this time, Qing Shui upgraded his Divine Weapon up to the eighth grade. After that, he was left with six cauldrons. Eight of them were required to achieve the ninth grade.

Because of the Treasure Basin, the amount of Divine Square Cauldrons needed to upgrade Qing Shui’s Divine Weapon was cut by half. The sixth grade required 4 Divine Square Cauldrons, whereas the eighth grade would require 16 Divine Square Cauldrons. But because the quantities were cut by half in Qing Shui’s case, he would only need a total of 14 cauldrons to get it into the eighth grade. The Hundred Treasure Chest gave Qing Shui 20 Divine Square Cauldrons, unfortunately, he was two cauldrons away from upgrading it to the ninth grade.

Qing Shui’s Flying Sword had acquired a new ability.

Divine Weapon Seal unlocked, it could now be embedded with Talisman Stones.

Driven by excitement, Qing Shui took out the Talisman Stones and summoned his Flying Sword. Following on, he noticed a few small holes on top of the sword. Without further hesitations, he immediately embedded the stones into the sword. Each of them fit just right in. Each time he inserted a stone into the sword, a mysterious light and energy fluctuation would emerge from the sword.

By the time QIng Shui inserted all eight of the Talisman Stones, the Flying Sword began to shine with warm light. At the same time, Qing Shui also felt that his strength had increased by a bit. It was an indescribable feeling but very comfortable.

Qing Shui quickly looked towards the current Flying Sword.

Big Dipper Sword, Flying Sword Divine Weapon.

Eighth Grade.

Reduce the damage caused to the user’s allies by a total of 10%. The effect lasts for the entire fight.

Increase the recovery speed of the user by 80% and also raise the offensive and defensive prowess by 16 billion Dao Force. The damage caused to the user’s allies were also reduced by 8%.

Divine Weapon Seal: Unlocked, embedded with a Talisman Stone.

Ability of Divine Weapon Seal: Increases the offensive and defensive prowess, along with agility, toughness, endurance, speed, violent strikes as well as recovery speed of the user by 3%.

Even though a 3% increase was only a small amount, it was still better than nothing. In the future, it might become slightly more. This could already be considered well-desired results. Even without the abilities of the Divine Weapon Seal, the special attacks unleashed by the Divine Weapon alone was more than enough.

For the time being, the Divine Weapon alone could already deflect the damage caused to Qing Shui by 18%. It also reduced the enemies’ extra damage by 16 billion Dao Force. Furthermore, the Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda was capable of blocking up to 31 billion Dao Force worth of attack. Last but not least, the Emperor’s Qi reduced the opponent’s overall strength by 20%.

Qing Shui felt very relaxed every time he thought about this. By now, his personal offensive prowess was worth 3,1 billion Dao Force and at the same time, he had 31 billion Dao Force of defensive prowess. Not only so, but he could even deflect up to 47 billion Dao Force of extra damages. (Abilities of Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda and Divine Weapon)

His defensive prowess had now passed 30 billion Dao Force. Adding on his ability to reduce his opponents’ damaging prowess, a tremendous amount of strength would be needed just to hurt him.

Now, the strength of the Nine Continents Mountain was worth 15,5 billion Dao Force. Though it still lacked a bit in its offensive prowess, thanks to the Shield Attack which it was equipped with, it was able to clash against attacks up to 20 billion Dao Force without even trembling.

As time passed, Qing Shui’s strength was also increasing rapidly. For the time being, he was quite satisfied with the rate he was progressing. This was all thanks to the abilities provided by the Divine Weapon. Similarly, he was also content with the upgrades his beasts had been going through. The defensive aura from the Divine Weapon, which reduced the damage caused to the users, also benefited the beasts.

Qing Shui wished that he could make more than 100 Divine Square Cauldrons by now and raise the level of his Divine Weapon to the tenth grade right away. By then, he would have been able to suppress the Five Tigers Immortal Palace with his own strength and shoulder the weights that Tantai Lingyan had on her mind. And after everything was over, he would finally be able to get married to her.

Qing Shui’s heart warmed as he thought about Tantai Lingyan. Though this cold woman might have changed a bit because of him, she still couldn’t get away from feeling lonely. She had yet to release herself from the weights she had in her heart. Deep down, even if she had Qing Shui in her mind, it was still difficult for her to totally let go of herself.

It would be only after Qing Shui had released her from her grudge would she finally feel relieved and start observing her surroundings and other beings which existed in this world. By then, he would have become her everything, and she would have found true happiness.

Without realizing it, Qing Shui was starting to feel more and more excited about that kind of future. However, he knew that now wasn’t the right time to do it. He forced himself to calm down. It was just as Nuo Lan had said... since so many years had passed, why not wait patiently for an extra few more years for better results.


A few calm days passed, and they came to an end. On this very day, Qing Shui’s eyes welled up looking at Nuo Lan, whose clothes were soaked in blood as she appeared in front of him. After that, she collapsed, not capable of saying anything.

Qing Shui was badly shocked at first, but soon, the feeling of surprise got replaced with intense rage. He could tell from the injuries that she was struck by swords and blades. He immediately carried her up and ran upstairs. Without hesitations, he gave her the Great Revitalizing Pill and removed her clothes. He was obviously not in the mood to be amazed by her body at a critical time like this, especially when it was filled with grave wounds. Qing Shui could feel her life force deplete very quickly.

The little fox, on the other hand, was beside Nuo Lan while staring at Qing Shui with a miserable look. It was thanks to the little fox that Nuo Lan was able to get back.

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