AST 2133 - I Castrated Him

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2133 - I Castrated Him…

Life and Death Needles!

Qing Shui’s forehead was full of sweats. Nuolan was losing her vital energy, so Qing Shui had to stabilize her injuries as soon as possible.

He took out a piece of Golden Buddha Aura Lotus and fed it to Nuolan. Qing Shui heaved a sigh of relief, 108 golden needles were all over Nuolan’s body. The needles were vibrating continuously, giving out light buzzing sounds.

Qing Shui gave her several medicines and used the Force of Rebirth to awaken her own survival strength.

After a day and night, the injury was finally under control but she still looked very pale. After all, she had lost too much blood. At that moment, Nuolan woke up. Seeing her own naked body which was full of golden needles, she blushed instantly that even her delicate ears became pinkish.

Her lips were very dry, but Qing Shui was relieved to see her waking up. He poured a glass of water and dripped a small droplet of Spring of Life in it.

Since she was lying down, Qing Shui could only feed her using a small spoon.

Initially, Nuolan resisted and wanted to drink on her own. Yet, she realized that she was unable to move. Hence, she could only give a bitter smile and allow Qing Shui to take care of her.

The water was very nice to drink since the Spring of Life was added. Qing Shui put the glass down, “I can remove the needles after a while, but don’t move for now. You’ll be fine after resting for two days.”

Nuolan nodded.

After three hours, Qing Shui kept the needles away. Nuolan covered her body with the blanket immediately. She then said, “Qing Shui, I want to wash up.”

Qing Shui nodded, “Watch out, you are still very weak. Call me if there is anything you need.”

Qing Shui went to prepare some soft and light food. While preparing, he pondered about how the incident happened and who did this to Nuolan. With her strength, she should be able to fight back. Moreover, the little fox of hers had used the Advancing Divine Worm.

Qing Shui felt that it was someone who could resist Nuolan’s charm. However, that was rare, even a woman would be distracted by the charm. Qing Shui thought of a situation whereby the one who did it was Nuolan’s enemy. Plus, it should be someone who hated women.

These were Qing Shui’s speculations. Based on the wounds on Nuolan’s body, Qing Shui thought that the opponent was unable to defeat Nuolan in a single move. Hence, he made the above speculation. Besides, that person should not be weaker than Nuolan.

The charm made up a large portion in Nuolan’s strength. Other than that, her movement skills were great. Though her attacking prowess was not overwhelmingly strong, it was sufficient. Usually, a warrior of a similar level could not even fight back while facing her.

After a short while, Nuolan changed and came back. She was very pale and less alluring. At that moment, there was a sense of coldness in her look. Qing Shui felt it was actually more attractive in her face and realized that her realm had improved.

The charm was not at its strongest when she was naked. Instead, it was more attractive when she was half-covered. The direct revelation was the lowest class. In a certain realm, any movement, any word, any expression, or even a simple sight could make the opponent lose his spirits.

“Thank you, I would have lost my life without you,” Nuolan seemed to be very big-hearted. She smiled gently, but there was something hidden behind the smile.

“Why are you so formal? Take a seat, the dishes will be ready soon,” Qing Shui smiled and pointed at the dining table.

Nuolan sat down. Soon after, Qing Shui served three vegetarian dishes and one soup. He opened the Tiger Bone Liquor since Nuolan needed some supplements now after her recent recovery. Fortunately, a warrior’s body could take a strong liquor. Plus, Qing Shui’s Tiger Bone Liquor was considered a kind of medicinal liquor.

“Qing Shui……”

“Eat first. After you finished, we will talk when you have the energy,” Qing Shui poured a spoonful of soup and a glass of Tiger Bone Liquor for her.

Out of sudden, Nuolan felt like crying. She never expected to be taken care of someday; she used to feel tough and strong all the time. She did not know why but felt a cinch in her nose and could not control her tears.

Qing Shui saw the crystal teardrops rolling out from her beautiful eyes. He knew that she had a woman’s heart under her tough appearance. When she was hurt, she might be able to heal by herself without someone by her side. Yet, when there was somebody to take care of her and give her shelter, she would lose control of her emotions.

Qing Shui felt sorry for her and wiped her tears off. The more he wiped, the more she cried. It was almost unstoppable…

“Stop crying, you will become an ugly little kitten,” It was the first time Qing Shui saw Nuolan weeping so beautifully.

Nuolan regained her calm. Wiping her tears off, she looked at Qing Shui, “I’m fine, I’m feeling much better now.”

As she was talking, she toasted with Qing Shui and finished her glass.

The meal was heart-warming. After that, Qing Shui asked Nuolan to lie down in the room while he watched Nuolan. He was sitting on the chair.

Nuolan thought of the treatment scene and flushed red. She lowered her head while saying, “The Second Young Master of Firecloud Palace.”

Qing Shui frowned, the Divine Palace held no grudges against the Firecloud Palace. Hence, he had no idea why would it happen. He looked at Nuolan confusedly and asked softly, “Why would he hurt you?”

“I castrated him……”

Qing Shui was dumbfounded completely. Now, he knew why a man would hurt her so badly. Though it was different from his speculations, it was quite a close guess. In this case, the woman would lose her charm no matter how beautiful she was. He would kill her mercilessly.

Looking at Qing Shui surprise look, she continued, “At the Redcloud Marsh, the man from the Firecloud Palace buried hatred in his heart since we got the Advancing Divine Worm. Hence, he said he met a woman in the Redcloud Valley and described me as a very beautiful person. The Firecloud Palace’s Second Young Master appeared because of it. He acted politely initially and wanted to pursue me. Then, I rejected and he tried to force me. Therefore, I castrated him and now, he wanted to kill me.”

Nuolan described it in short, Qing Shui understood and nodded, “You did it right.”

Qing Shui trembled too. Whoever married this woman had to watch out, he would be castrated once he let loose. Looking at Qing Shui’s expression, Nuolan smiled and whispered, “I won’t castrate you, why are you trembling?”

Qing Shui giggled, “This incident will not end here, the Firecloud Palace will probably come again.”

“Yes, the Lord should have known about it now.”

Nuolan just ended her line when she heard a voice, “Little girl, rest well for your recovery. Don’t worry about other things, the Divine Palace is not afraid of anyone. Whoever bullies the Divine Palace, we will make them pay.”

The Golden Battle God walked in, he felt deeply sorry to see Nuolan’s weak state now. The people in the Divine Palace were largely young and considered as the juniors of the Golden Battle God.

“Lord, did I trouble you?” said Nuolan softly, sitting upright while talking.

“No problem, when did the Divine Palace fear the troubles? Why did we organize the Divine Palace if we are afraid of troubles?” The Golden Battle God laughed.

“Lord, this time the fault is on the Firecloud Palace. He deserved it, he wanted to kill Nuolan. I will not let him go even if he wants to end it here,” Qing Shui knew it was not that simple as he saw the flashing beam in the eyes of Golden Battle God. Hence, he went ahead and lit up the fire.

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