AST 2139 - That Ugly Thing Was the Primordial Pig!?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2139 - That Ugly Thing Was the Primordial Pig!?

There was a mysterious light dwelling within Beihuang Liefeng’s pupils. Soon, he smiled and said, “Not bad. It seems that Yu`er may have found himself a good friend.”

A smiling expression briefly appeared on Beihuang Yu’s face. It was not always that the old man would praise someone. Furthermore, it was a young man that he was praising. Even Beihuang Yu himself had hardly received any compliments from this grandpa of his.

Beihuang Liefeng walked out, only to see Miao Yonglong with an unsightly expression. 

Seeing Miao Yonglong’s face, Beihuang Liefeng seemed even happier. He smiled and said, “Old Man Miao, let me give you the honor to announce the results of the match!”

“What else is there to announce, Beihuang Liefeng! Who would have thought that the Taiyi Immortal Palace would get itself such a useful helper.” Miao Yonglong spoke in rage.

Even though this time, the Firecloud Palace might not have suffered such a great loss, it was still a very unlucky day for them. The Divine Palace had managed to earn a reputation for itself from this battle. Naturally, they were the ones who benefited a lot from it. Despite their intentions to act humbly, they still needed to have a reputation of their own.

Qing Shui acted like nothing had happened. He approached the strange demonic beast. It was very ugly, particularly its head. The more he looked at it, the more it reminded him of a pig’s head. Putting aside its eyes, small to the point of being almost not visible, its mouth was huge and occupied almost half of its face. 

Ignoring the majority of its Spirit Energy and its ability to gain control over the extent to which it was being weakened, it possessed tremendous strength. Its teeth were its most dangerous weapon and it was very fast. Without further hesitations, Qing Shui probed it with his Heavenly Vision Technique but he was soon surprised by what he saw.

The Primordial Pig, contains 20% of the Primordial Beast Bloodline.

It was such a simple name, and yet it amazed Qing Shui. To think that it would be such a formidable beast. The time during the creation of the world was known as the primal age, and legend had it that the primordial beasts were beings which existed before even the heaven and earth had formed themselves.

All of these were the genuine legends which existed across the continent. Who would have expected for such an ugly beast to contain one-fifth of the Primordial Beast Bloodline? Though this could only be considered a rather small percentage, 20% was still like a checkpoint. If it was anything below that, the majority of the abilities of the  Primordial Pig would have been reduced significantly.

It seemed he might have come across something really great. Qing Shui right away tossed the beast into the realm and let the Dragon Spider keep watch over it to prevent it from running away.

According to the agreement that had been made before, the Firecloud Palace was no longer permitted to enter the Northern Emperor Domain.

The people of Firecloud Palace and Blazing Fire Immortal Palace left quietly. The Golden Battle God looked at Qing Shui cheerfully and nodded. Similarly, Jin Gang also smiled and said, “Thank you for saving me just now.”

“Brother Jin, we are allies. If I am in danger, I am sure that you will also help me.” Qing Shui smiled. He had a good impression of Jin Gang who might be huge but also straightforward at the same time.

The people of Taiyi Immortal Palace approached them along with Beihuang Liefeng and Beihuang Yu.

“Brother Chen, congratulations! I am starting to feel that you are getting more and more powerful as you age.” Beihuang Liefeng revealed a happy smile to the Golden Battle God.

“Haha! Today is a delightful day. Brother Feng, why don’t we go and enjoy some wine after this?” The Golden Battle God said happily. 

He didn’t mention anything about Qing Shui’s ability. It was not that he was trying to be stingy but simply because Qing Shui was still not strong enough for the time being. He feared that once words began to spread, he would end up becoming the target of certain people.

At this moment, Beihuang Yu approached Qing Shui and patted his shoulder, “You have indeed managed to hide your strength very well. To think that you are actually able to kill the Grand Elder of Firecloud Palace.

“It was all thanks to my demonic beasts. If it were just me, you should know better than myself,” Qing Shui smiled and replied.

The Battle Gods Moving Hill, Giant Spirit, Diamond, as well as the Tiger Knife Battle God, were naturally also aware of some of Qing Shui’s unique abilities. They were also very reliable people and they often provided great help to the Divine Palace. The Divine Palace was just like their own home, and the Golden Battle God was the father figure. After all, it had been so many years and at one point, the others used to be very weak. It was all thanks to the guidance of the Golden Battle God that they had managed to achieve what they had today.

Since they walked the same path, though they weren’t the same battle god, he could still do so much as guiding them through their cultivations. It had always been said that a single conversation across the table with a wise man was worth a month’s study of books. The same rule also applied to martial artists. One simple guide from a person with experience could help save ten years worth of training. Otherwise, no one would have paid a huge price just to hire themselves a capable master. 

There was a limit to how long a person could live. Just like his previous incarnations, all of the educational books were left behind by multiple generations of people. All that was left to do now was to gain the experience from them. It was not realistic for a person to try and investigate things alone. After all, a lot of people had spent their entire lives working hard on this, only to get insignificant results.

The same also applied for the Nine Continents World. There were people who spent their whole life creating a few ultimate techniques which could be learned within a year when it was being passed down to other people.

By the time everyone returned to the Divine Palace, the banquet was already being held on a round mountain peak. Beihuang Liefeng, Beihuang Yu, as well as a few people from Taiyi Immortal Palace, were all present. Taiyi Immortal Palace shared a brotherly relationship with Divine Palace. They were very close to each other.

“Qing Shui, let me introduce you to the Taiyi Immortal Palace Lord, Beihuang Liefeng,” The Golden Battle God smiled as he introduced Qing Shui to Beihuang Liefeng. 

“It’s my pleasure to meet you,” Qing Shui replied and bowed down. As a junior, he felt that it was necessary for him to show at least this extent of politeness.

With Qing Shui’s current strength, he was naturally unable to sense Beihuang Liefeng’s power. The abundant Qi which he possessed told Qing Shui that Beihuang Liefeng was an unpredictable warrior.

“Haha, alright. Brother Chen, I am sure that in the future to come, the Divine Palace will shine brightly in your hands,” Beihuang Liefeng smiled and said.

“Brother Feng, I knew I wouldn’t be able to deceive your eyes. To be honest, it was all thanks to him that we won the match today,” The Golden Battle God eventually told the truth after a moment of hesitation. There were no outsiders around the table. Other than the people of the Divine Palace, the remaining ones were Beihuang Liefeng and Beihuang Yu.

“This is indeed beyond my expectations. Could it be that this brat is capable of boosting your strength?” Beihuang Liefeng asked.

Beihuang Liefeng and the Golden Battle God also shared a very close relationship with each other. Even though they didn’t have a clear picture of their exact strength, they were able to more or less figure each other out. However, one thing which came to Beihuang Liefeng’s attention was that the strength of the Golden Battle God seemed to be a lot more powerful than before. The first thing which came to his mind was that the Golden Battle God had been hiding his strength well. However, everything soon became clear to him when he heard what the Golden Battle God said.

“That’s precisely how it was!” The Golden Battle God replied with a chuckle.

Beihuang Liefeng was surprised. There were many variations of martial techniques which boosted strength, making them ordinary. The more powerful a warrior was, the harder it was to increase baseline power. Thus, towards the late-stage of cultivations, the martial techniques which helped boost strength were considered to be insignificant. It was more sensible to get the alchemists to make some medicinal pills or search for some treasures.

“Actually, until now, even I still feel a bit confused,” The Golden Battle God confessed.

“I have already found out that Huo Xing took the Adversity Pill which helped double his strength for four hours. But it didn’t seem to have increased as it said, did it?” Beihuang Liefeng asked with suspicion.

“I have a martial technique that can cut all of the additional strength other than his own personal power in half.” Qing Shui followed up and said.

Beihuang Liefeng felt relieved and stopped asking any more questions. He was aware that Qing Shui’s ability was way more than merely reducing the strength of his opponent by half. The reason was that the amount of strength which the opponent was able to raise had suddenly been limited.

“Qing Shui, I would like to thank you for saving Yu`er. For the past two days, he was finally able to relieve himself from the things which have been on his mind for a long time.” Beihuang Liefeng thanked Qing Shui profusely.

The Golden Battle God was also a bit confused with Beihuang Liefeng’s words. Not long after, everything became clear to them after his explanations.

“Qing Shui, say it, what do you want? I mean it when I say that I would like to thank you, so there is no need for you to act so modestly. I will give you whatever you want so long as it is something within my capability.” Beihuang Liefeng was very sincere when he said that.

“Old man, both Brother Yu and I can be considered great friends. I really did not expect to get anything in return when I helped him back then. Rewards are given by outsiders. If I had wanted to demand something in return, it would mean that I never viewed you as someone close to me,” Qing Shui shook his head and said seriously.

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