AST 2140 - Beihuang Clan’s Exceptional Daughter, Beihuang Fan

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2140 - Beihuang Clan’s Exceptional Daughter, Beihuang Fan

Hearing Qing Shui’s words, Beihuang Liefeng didn’t insist. However, he did manage to interpret something from what Qing Shui had said. This young man was an ally of both Taiyi Immortal Palace and the Divine Palace. He was willing to battle alongside both of them.

Thus, he stopped saying anything but instead, moved his sight onto the Golden Battle God, “Brother Chen, seeing Qing Shui and Yu`er like that, it feels like we have gotten old. They will soon be the ones to take over our world.”

The Golden Battle God also let out a long sigh. Nevertheless, he was still very happy, “That’s true. Although we may be very reluctant to admit that we are old, we can’t keep deceiving ourselves with it.”

“Qing Shui, are you married?” Beihuang Liefeng asked out of the blue.

For a moment, Qing Shui was stunned. But he soon smiled, “Old man, I have already established my own family.”

Before Qing Shui heard the full story from the old man, he could already tell that this old man was trying to establish a connection through marriage. He wasn’t really against this, but he felt that to do so, the man and woman involved must also have feelings for each other. Otherwise, over time, they would only start to grow distant.

“Yes, Yu`er is a special case. But now that his body is fully recovered, it’s time for him to find a wife. It’s also not unusual for you to have your own family. A true man would have multiple wives. I have a daughter who is the youngest among my children. She is very arrogant and until now, she is still not willing to get married and establish her own family. This has caused me a great deal of grief.” Beihuang Liefeng looked at Qing Shui and said. 

Beihuang Yu’s mouth twitched the moment he heard what his grandpa had said.

Qing Shui started to sweat all over. ‘You can’t just blame me for it if your daughter is the one that’s refusing to get married. How old exactly is your daughter anyway?…’ Qing Shui thought to himself. 

Qing Shui gave Beihuang Liefeng an awkward look, “About this, I suppose you will need to try to talk her into it. Upon growing up, every male should take a wife and every female should take a husband. Maybe it’s because your daughter is too outstanding that she can’t manage to find anyone suitable for her for the time being.” Qing Shui said indifferently.

“Yes, there is no doubt about that! She is too outstanding! It’s such a waste that she isn’t a man. It’s because she is a woman and she stands out so much that no man dares to marry her. Frankly speaking, even with your current strength, you are no match against her.” Beihuang Liefeng let out a harsh remark.

Deep down, Qing Shui didn’t feel anything weird about it. After all, judging by the fact that she was Beihuang Liefeng’s daughter, it was not likely that she would still be young. It was perfectly normal if she was able to surpass him in strength.

“My auntie is 10 years older than me.” Beihuang Yu smiled and said softly. 

In the beginning, Qing Shui had noticed Beihuang Liefeng’s mouth twitching when he mentioned his little daughter. Even though he didn’t know why, but he could feel that Beihuang Yu seemed to be particularly afraid of this auntie of his.

Seeing that, Qing Shui moved his sight onto Beihuang Liefeng. The look he was giving made even the Taiyi Immortal Palace Lord feel a bit unnatural, “Hey brat, what kind of look are you giving me? I have waited a long time for a daughter. She is like the pearl in Beihuang Clan’s palm, the only daughter for three generations of the Beihuang Clan.

Qing Shui started to sweat all over. The only daughter for three generations. From here, it could be seen that she was definitely a special existence for the Beihuang Clan.

“Qing Shui, that daughter of mine never listens to my orders. Thus, I would like you to be the one to become her husband, but I am in no right to decide for things like this. Besides, I also won’t force her to do the things she doesn’t like. My only wish is for you two to meet. Since we are already friends, and you and Yu`er are also calling each other brothers, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to meet my daughter, should it?” Beihuang Liefeng seemed to be very concerned about this. Though he might know that there were some things which were very difficult to achieve, he was still willing to give it a try.

Since Beihuang Liefeng had gone up to this point, Qing Shui had no choice but to nod his head, “It’s not a problem for me to meet her. I am just afraid that your daughter will feel that I am not respecting her.”

“This daughter of mine is a true beauty. At the very least, she shouldn’t be any inferior to Nuo Lan from the Divine Palace. Her only problem is that she is too powerful and outstanding, which makes it difficult for her to find a man. You should understand what I mean,” Beihuang Liefeng said helplessly.

Naturally, Qing Shui also knew about it. If a woman was too powerful and outstanding, the man would end up being controlled by her. Men who were slightly more capable would end up with multiple wives, but if they ever came across a powerful one, it would be very difficult for them to get any more women. That was, unless it was the kind of women who were powerful, but at the same time, also generous and didn’t mind their men having fun with other women. However, women like that almost never existed.

Qing Shui stopped explaining it after listening to Beihuang Liefeng’s words. He didn’t really mention anything in too much detail. Moving on, they enjoyed their dinner and had some wine together.

Beihuang Liefeng and Beihuang Yu left along with the others from Taiyi Immortal Palace. Qing Shui, on the other hand, brought Nuo Lan back to the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

Prior to this, Nuo Lan had been in the Divine Palace. It was because Qing Shui was worried about her wellbeing that he had sent her back to the palace before the match started.

Qing Shui and Nuo Lan were riding on Little Rin as they made their way towards the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

Nuo Lan was feeling great at the moment. The Divine Palace had won without suffering any losses. Moreover, she also wouldn’t have to be handed out anymore. She also knew that Qing Shui was confident he could win, otherwise, he wouldn’t have used her as a sacrifice. If he really did lose, wouldn’t it mean that she would have had to be taken over to the enemy’s side?

But very soon, she managed to figure out that if he had lost, there was a high chance that the enemy would have killed him immediately. Unless he admitted defeat—if he really did do it, it would likely be by using her as a sacrifice.

“How are you feeling now?” Qing Shui noticed that Nuo Lan was looking distracted and proceeded to ask her.

“I am perfectly fine now.” Nuo Lan smiled and said.

Even though her body might have almost recovered fully, it was not perfectly fine like she had said.

“Do you know the youngest daughter of the Taiyi Immortal Palace Lord?” Qing Shui suddenly remembered the conversation between him and Beihuang Liefeng. Since the Divine Palace was close with Taiyi Immortal Palace, Qing Shui began to wonder if Nuo Lan would know this person.

“Is the person you are talking about Beihuang Fan, the daughter of the Taiyi Immortal Palace Lord?” Nuo Lan asked in shock.

“Why are you so shocked? Is this woman very famous?” Qing Shui asked confused.

“She is the Sword Demon of the Northern Emperor Domain. Her sword skills amazed even Beihuang Leifeng himself. According to rumors, the sword in her hand has achieved the Divine Connection Realm,” Nuo Lan looked at Qing Shui and explained to him.

Divine Connection Realm? Qing Shui was stunned. He knew about this realm. It was a realm in Heavenly Dao. Furthermore, it was a realm which could only be attained once a person truly stepped across the great gate of Heavenly Dao. Just from that, Qing Shui already knew that she had surpassed him in terms of the level of her Heavenly Dao. It was just like a staircase. They were one staircase away from each other. Though it might look insignificant, this difference mustn’t be neglected. If one failed to comprehend it, they could never move up the stairs. The staircase, in this situation, was equivalent to a big mountain. This was precisely how the Heavenly Dao worked.

Since she was at the Divine Connection Realm, Qing Shui didn’t know what else could affect her, other than the Emperor’s Qi. She could easily pierce through him with one slash. The Paragon Golden Armor, which could save him from one fatal strike, was also an utterly inadequate measure. For her to have achieved this level, she would naturally be quite strong.

“I have never heard of her before,” Qing Shui said straightforwardly.

“That’s natural. If you had come here three years earlier, you would have known how extraordinary this woman was. She was the goddess to all men, yet no men dared to pursue her. Because of what she was capable of, as well as her own family background, the men who liked her weren’t confident that they could obtain her. They felt a great sense of inferiority compared to her. 

“At one point, there was a man who claimed himself to be very powerful and more outstanding than most men in the Northern Emperor Domain, but simply got defeated in one blow by Beihuang Fan. He didn’t feel satisfied with the results, and thus, he challenged her again, twice. But in the end, he lost all three of the matches in the exact same way, with just a single attack. 

“The man was very young and was from a powerful background. Back where he was from, he was known as the son of heaven. Seeing that Beihuang Fan had an impressive talent, he automatically assumed that she was the one whom God bestowed upon him. But in the end, he got so upset that he almost committed suicide.”

Nuo Lan looked at Qing Shui as she was speaking, “Why have you suddenly shown interest in knowing about the Young Mistress? It has been such a long time since she last came out. According to rumors, she has been cultivating all along in the Sword Heart Pavilion located within the Taiyi Immortal Palace. 

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