AST 2168 - The Vampiric Empress, Giving Qing Xuan a Primordial Pig

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2168 - The Vampiric Empress, Giving Qing Xuan a Primordial Pig

“Well, take it then. I will be the representative to fight.” 

The old man from the Xia Clan laughed when he heard what Qing Shui said, “Haha, I never expected for you to come back at a time like this! Qing Shui! It is great having you back! Let’s give that old coot a hard time.”

The battle was set to be two days from now. After that, they talked about things regarding the Thirteenth Prince and the Barbaric King. The old man was very delighted to hear about them.

The Imperial Cuisine Hall was very lively. However, there was one more person who Qing Shui had to meet, the Vampiric Empress. Though she might be quite far away from here, with the Nine Continents Step, Qing Shui could still go to her in a relatively short time.

After bidding farewell to the old man, Qing Shui made his way towards the Sacred Mountain.

The last time he had been here, Qing Shui hadn’t visited Sheng Jun. And now he was upset that when he arrived at the mountain, the entire place was already empty. He knitted his brows. He couldn’t figure out what happened. From the way it seemed, there were no signs of any battles taking place around here.

Qing Shui stood at the bottom of the mountain as he looked at the now vacant Sacred Mountain. Deep down, he felt very complicated. Right at this moment, a ripple of energy suddenly approached him. Before he had made any move, the figure of a human appeared, “Could you happen to be Qing Shui?”

Qing Shui was shocked and nodded, “You are?”

“I am here to pass a letter to you. Someone has informed me to stay here to wait for you so that I can pass this letter to you.”

This person was a middle-aged man. He tossed a letter to Qing Shui. Qing Shui took over the letter and immediately opened it. There were only a few words written on the letter, By the time you see this letter, I would have been gone. She is in great condition, at least great enough to look after herself.

“How were you able to recognize me?” Qing Shui asked.

“This was given to me by her so that I would be able to recognize you when I meet you.” As the man was speaking, he took out a drawing. Shortly after, he left.

Qing Shui saw a drawing of himself, and this was drawn by Sheng Jun. She had decent drawing skills as each of the details looked fine and exquisite. Though it was still inferior to his, it was enough to be called a masterpiece.

Soon, Qing Shui retrieved the drawings and made his way towards the Vampiric Demoness Hill.

There hadn’t been any major changes here. It was a vast land which belonged exclusively to the Vampiric Demonesses. From Qing Shui’s views, however, this place seemed a bit deserted. This was due to the lack of buildings compared to the areas populated with humans. A lot of the lands here were conquered by the Vampiric Queens. And some of them were owned by the Vampiric Empress instead. Fortunately, the empress had enough power to rule over the Vampiric Queens.

The Vampiric Demoness Hill was originally supposed to be a territory owned by a Vampiric Queen. In the past, it used to be a small group. Even among the Vampiric Queens, this could only be considered a small part of their forces. However, ever since the Vampiric Queen had broken through to be the Vampiric Empress, everything changed. The Vampiric Demonesses all received a promotion in rank. More importantly, the Vampiric Demonesses, when being close to a Vampiric Empress, would also undergo changes and receive a significant boost in strength.

This was a rule, a rule exclusive to the Vampiric Demoness.

At the time when Qing Shui arrived at the entrance of the valley, he saw the familiar guard who he had met before. Thus, the guard was automatically able to recognize him as the empress’s husband and immediately went on to report on his arrival.

The other Vampiric Demoness came out, “Greetings, sir!”

The Vampiric Demoness was very young, but it seemed very mature and seducing. Other than its abnormal wings, it shared almost the same features as a human except that it had a kind of wildness which normal human couldn’t compare to.

Not long after, the Vampiric Empress came out with a little girl.

Qing Xuan!

Considering she was a Sacred Demoness, Qing Shui could already sense her Sacred Aura from far away.

The Vampiric Empress had become more alluring than before. She looked elegant and had a figure that was like the sculpture of art. It was bulged up just to the right extent. Despite the delicate and exquisite curve of her body, she still managed to retain her softness and tenderness. She was the Vampiric Empress but lacked the regular wings which a regular Vampiric Demoness had. Thus, it made her almost similar to a human.

It was not that she purposely tried to hide her wings, but they were both completely gone. The purpose of the wings was for the Vampiric Demoness to fly. If the wings were no longer of use to her, its existence would only be a burden to the Vampiric Empress.


What made Qing Shui happy was that the little brat seemed to still be able to recognize Qing Shui. As of now, Qing Xuan was already five years old, and she shared some resemblance with both Qing Shui and the Vampiric Empress. Qing Shui bent down to carry her up, “Little brat, have you missed daddy?”

In one hand, Qing Shui carried Qing Xuan, while in the other, he was holding the Vampiric Empress’ hand.

As the Vampiric Empress looked at the father and daughter spending time together and the face of Qing Shui who cared deeply for his daughter, she felt a beyond description kind of warmth.

“Of course, I miss you almost every day!” The little brat’s voice was like the silver bell in the wind. Every time he heard her voice, he would be very happy.

“I have also missed my little Xuan Xuan.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“Daddy, you are a liar! You didn’t bother to come and see me even when you miss me.” Qing Xuan rolled her eyes.

“Daddy has been a bit busy. I can’t come and see you just because I miss you.” Qing Shui felt that he owed the both of them a lot. He suddenly came up with an idea and summoned the Primordial Pig. When Qing Xuan saw the golden little pig, she happily pat it with her hand, “The little pig looks so pretty!”

“Do you like it?” Qing Shui smiled and asked.

“Yes, I do.”

“If you like it, I can give it to you. In the future, it can help you attack bad guys who try to hurt you.” Qing Shui quietly extracted a drop of blood off Qing Xuan. Very quickly, he had already finished the owner recognition ceremony.

The Vampiric Empress was very sensitive about things like this. Though the pig might seem small, it possessed boundless potential. As she looked at Qing Shui carrying out the owner recognition ceremony on his own daughter, she could already tell that Qing Shui wouldn’t let her tame any random demonic beasts as she pleased.

“That little thing has boundless potential.” The Vampiric Empress said as she looked at the little golden pig and Qing Xuan playing with each other.

“That is the Primordial Pig. Once it grows up, it will be even more powerful than the dragon kings.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“Don’t you think that you are spoiling her too much? It is such a waste for you to give her such a precious treasure.” The Vampiric Empress said.

“What are you saying? She is my daughter, even if she wants the moon in the sky, I will think of a way to give it to her.” Qing Shui extended his hand and gave her butt a nice slap.

The Vampiric Empress gave Qing Shui a grudging look. A thin layer of water could be seen in her charming eyes. It was obvious that she was deeply in love with Qing Shui. “Absence makes the heart grows fonder”. However, they hadn’t been separated just for a short while. Nevertheless, there was nothing the Vampiric Empress could do about it since she had Qing Xuan to be concerned about.

“These are for you.” Qing Shui took out some Growth Pills, Potential Pills, Aptitude Pills, and three Cultivation Pills.

“There is no need for me to use it here. Take it back, having additional strength means additional support and safety. I can’t provide you with much aid with my current level of strength.” The Vampiric Empress spoke softly.

“Just take it. A human is only allowed to take up to three of these pills every ten years. It is also very likely that it will be the last time you are able to eat it, and you will not be able to eat any more of it for eternity. This depends on the individual’s limits. Sometime later, if you agree to leave this place, I will take the both of you along and we will leave together.” Qing Shui placed the pills in her hand.

“Hmph, it’s still a long time from now. We will talk about this in the future. I enjoy being here too. It’s quite noisy, and the little brat is here with me too. The only problem is that I tend to miss you at times.” The Vampiric Empress grabbed Qing Shui’s hands tightly.

Because the fight against Thousand King Empire was due two days from now, Qing Shui could only stay here for two nights. However, these two days were spent with a lot of emotions. At daytime, the couple would accompany their daughter. When their daughter fell asleep, he didn’t waste any of their time and immediately started to pleasure the Vampiric Empress to her climax. Despite her formidable body, she was still pleasured by him to the point she became dizzy.

Qing Shui’s movements, as well as his endurance, almost made the woman lost her soul. The fine lips of hers also pleasured Qing Shui to the point that he was very reluctant to stop.

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