AST 2169 - So, You Are The Master of The Thirteenth King?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2169 - So, You Are The Master of The Thirteenth King?

Qing Shui left very early in the morning. He reluctantly jumped out of the warm bed which had the Vampiric Empress on it. They stayed up the entire night and enjoyed their moment until the next morning. In the end, the Vampiric Empress insisted on sending him off.

Before leaving, Qing Shui gave that attractive and charming woman a kiss. He then turned around and fixed his sight at the figure in front of the entrance of the valley as it became smaller and smaller and eventually disappeared.

It was never a good feeling to say farewell to a person you love. Initially, Qing Shui had planned to keep it a secret from the Vampiric Empress, but he never thought that they would do it all the way until morning. After knowing that Qing Shui was going to leave soon, she refused to rest even when she was tired. She wanted to send him off herself.

The Vampiric Empress only turned around slowly after Qing Shui disappeared from her sight. At this moment, a mature and attractive Vampiric Demoness appeared beside the empress. She had a pair of very tiny wings which was almost invisible. If one took a closer look at it, they would realize that these wings were less than half the size of their normal wings. Furthermore, it was almost transparent and thin like a cicada’s wings. While on the body of the Vampiric Demoness, it looked like a translucent cloth.

This Vampiric Demoness was also properly dressed. She looked at the empress and said, “One day, he will definitely stand at the top of the world.”

“Auntie Xia, I used to think that in my entire lifetime, I will never fall in love for any men, This is weird. On my first meeting with him, I already felt as if I have known him for a long, long time.” The Vampiric Empress said gently.

“Foolish brat, no one could explain exactly what is love to you. The world is a big place. Considering the number of people there are in this world, you should already feel blessed to get to know the people around you. As for becoming husband and wife with them, it’s as if you will need to do a thousand good deeds in your past life for that to happen.” The woman said in a wise and experienced tone.

“We hardly see each other, I wonder when is the next time we will meet again.” The Vampiric Empress seemed depressed.

“Compared to the other empresses, you are already considered to be a luckier one. A lot of the empresses only got to meet their spouse once. The only time their men were summoned to them is also the time when they would meet their end. You, on the other hand, it’s like you have mysophobia. You refuse to take not only fresh blood, but even the blood of the demonic beasts, and yet you are still a Vampiric Empress. I can’t help but find this all to be an absurd joke.” The woman said with a smile.

“But I don’t find his blood dirty. He is the first and only person whose Blood Essence I have ever fed on.” The Vampiric Empress felt loved when she was saying it.

“I have a feeling that the two of you will end up together in the future. Make haste in your training, don’t let him outrun you totally.”


By the time Qing Shui arrived, it was already morning. Old Man Xia, Wen Jian, and the others were all anticipating his arrival. Seeing him here, each of them let out a sigh of relief. This was a crucial moment for the Great Confucian Empire, they couldn’t afford to lose this person.

The Thousand King Empire had arrived. Considering that they were the guests this time, it was normal for the Great Confucian Empire to provide them with decent treatment. Moreover, the destruction of an empire was rarely due to a large scale battle. It was more of a competition between rulers. Sometimes, a normal person might not be aware that their ruler had changed.

To formidable warriors, it didn’t matter to them how many ordinary people they had. Even if they stood still, those ordinary people wouldn’t be able to kill them. Thus, very rarely, an empire would include normal humans as a part of their armies. This world was made up of countless aristocratic clans and sects. One after another, they would divide up the resources of the entire empire.

For example, the Great Confucian Empire had control of the entire Empire. Actually, this was nothing but just a reputation. There would be a lot of cities across the empire, and each of the cities would have their own city lords. The City Lords worked under the Xia Clan. And below the City Lords, a lot of aristocratic clans would work under them. In the absence of a City Lord, the clans would replace it and take charge of the cities.

The powers were divided. It was beyond the Xia Clan’s power to take control over all of these. Thus, they would only appoint City Lords and entrust them to keep an eye over the cities in their place. In certain occasions, a large force would watch over multiple cities at once, and the only thing the Xia Clan would need to do would be to exercise control over these large forces.

As these topics were being discussed, they had already arrived at the arena of the Great Confucian Empire. The Thousand King Empire was already there. About hundreds of people from their sides were present. This should already be plenty for the match as each and every one of them were elites.

As its name implied, the Thousand King Empire was formed of a thousand empires. It was a ridiculously big empire. Rather than saying that they were the Great Confucian Empire’s enemies, it would be more appropriate to consider their relationships as rivalries.

“Old Man Xia, are you ready? Let’s start the competition with a few warm-ups.” A strong and healthy old man said loudly.

Qing Shui could feel that the old man was the strongest warrior among the group of people opposite him. He was dressed in a dragon crested gown that was violet gold in color. As the saying went “a person was made up of what he wore”. This old man possessed decent aura and looked really noble. This was not unusual considering the amount of time he had spent being a member of a royal clan.

“Up to you. Old Man Qian, make sure you don’t cry yourself in your bed when you lose this competition.” Old Man Xia said in a happy tone.

“Well then, we will let our juniors go up to the stage and have some fun. This will be a great opportunity for them to communicate with each other.” Old Man Qian sent out a young man onto the arena as soon as he finished speaking.

The Thirteenth King didn’t turn up. Moreover, as the king of the Great Confucian Empire, it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to be one of the representatives.

The representatives of the match were most commonly from the branches of the royal clans. Not all of them followed the surname of the royalties. Putting aside whether they were closely related to the royalties themselves, the representatives who were able to take part in the match were the people who shared some ties with the royal clans.

Meanwhile, a young man from the Xia Clan had also gone up the stage. Though it might seem like they had only chosen two random people for the battle, if one took a closer look at each of them, they could naturally tell that those two were carefully chosen for this particular battle. As the representatives from both sides crossed fists with each other, rumbling noises could be heard.

These two representatives looked very young. They were both warriors at False God Realm. Even though they might only be at First grade False God Realm, for their age, one would have to be a genius to achieve such a high level of cultivation as the place they were residing in wasn’t the Northern Emperor Domain. Needless to say, in comparison to Beihuang Yu, these guys were negligible. Their gap in talent wasn’t something that could be made up with medicinal pills alone.

Very quickly, three matches had been fought. And both sides had suffered losses. The next person to represent the Thousand King Empire was a young lady. Despite her age, she gave people the impression that she was very mature.

Qian Sisi!

As soon as the woman went up the stage, the whole place was flooded with the noise of the cheers from Qian Sisi’s fans.

“Her name is Qian Sisi. She is one of the youngsters of the Qian Clan. In terms of strength, she was even superior to the Thirteenth King. Hence, she was viewed as an idol by many. Needless to say, to you, looking at her is no different from looking at a child.” Old Man Xia smiled and said.

Qian Sisi was an unusually beautiful woman. But at the same time, her beauty also came with a kind of arrogance. This was the only thing about her which made people feel uncomfortable. However, in the eyes of the others, this arrogance of hers was a kind of charm. Moreover, a woman as outstanding as her had enough assets to act arrogantly.

In just a while, three fighters on the Xia Clan’s side were defeated. Nevertheless, Old Man Xia still retained the smile on his face, “It seems that we may have no other choice but to send you out, Qing Shui.”

Qing Shui rubbed his nose, “So early?”

“The time is just right. By the time she finished her turn, it would be Old Man Qian’s turn to fight.” Old Man Xia said happily.

Qing Shui reluctantly shook his head as he stood up and walked towards the arena.

Anyone around the area would know that Qian Sisi was formidable, yet none of them has ever heard of Qing Shui. However, a minority of the crowds still managed to recognize him.

“That’s a State Master. He is the master of the king of the Great Confucian Empire.”

“How did he manage to become a master at such a young age?”

“Have you forgotten the fact that the current king of the Great Confucian Empire is also very young?”


In Qing Shui’s eyes, this woman might look very fragile. But at this moment, she arrogantly raised her head and looked at Qing Shui. She then proceeded to ask, “So, I suppose you are the master of the thirteenth king.”

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