AST 2171 - Northern Cloud Waterway, Instant Kill the Golden Battle King Crab

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2171 - Northern Cloud Waterway, Instant Kill the Golden Battle King Crab

The Northern Sea!

Qing Shui entered the Northern Sea along with the girls. It could already be considered as the deepest part of the Northern Sea. Meanwhile, this place was already quite close to the real Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain.

As soon as Qing Shui stepped into the area, he could already sense a few Spiritual Sense testing him. They were all beings from the ocean with unique Spiritual Sense, which were capable of sensing formidable existences appearing near them.

Certainly, it was only powerful experts that would be capable of such feat. If a middle-tier warrior had appeared, they wouldn’t have bothered to keep their sights on him as there were countless who would have been similar to him. There was meant to be only one shark in a sea, yet there were numerous fishes. The shark wouldn’t be bothered if the number of fishes increased in the ocean. However, if another shark was put into it and it happened to be stronger than itself, it would immediately catch its attention.

Despite knowing that he had been noticed, Qing Shui knew that these people wouldn’t come out right away to do something just because an expert had shown up. Usually, it was under the circumstances, for example, the intruders had come to exploit a cavern, or when they were here to steal resources and kill the innocents. Only then would these people come out in an attempt to stop them.

Qing Shui was aware that there were countless forces across the vast sea. Each and every one of the demons would have their own area where they could cause an influence. At times, these demons would have to face challenges. If they failed, there would only be two scenarios left for them to choose. One would be to leave, or if they insisted, they would suffer death in the worst case scenario.

“Qing Shui, I know a place that’s really good for setting up the palace. The place hasn’t been conquered, but it is owned by a Golden Battle King Crab.” Qing Hanye said.

“Oh, alright then, let’s go and take a look.” Qing Shui said.

So long as the place hadn’t been conquered, things would be easier to solve. As for the Golden Battle King Crab, it was completely neglected by Qing Shui. Qing Shui might not know exactly what kind of forces dwelled in the Northern Sea, but he knew that it was unlikely that they would be able to cause a threat to him.

Northern Cloud Waterway!

This was the name of a place within the Northern Sea. It was also the area mentioned by Qing Hanye, a decent place with wonderful sceneries such as the mountains and forests with underwater trees.

All along, Qing Shui could feel that the consciousness had never left him even once.

The consciousness must have been from the Golden Battle King Crab.

Qing Shui was satisfied with this place. He was currently at a place with groups of rocks that were about ten meters tall and a hundred meters wide. Most importantly, these rocks had been modified to have space enough for a room.

“This is a great place!” Qing Shui said in joy.

“Alright, let’s settle down here.” Qing Shui said after a moment of thought.

“If we want to stay here, we will have to receive permissions from the Golden Battle King Crab.” Qing Hanye said.

“I will kick him out if he dares disagree to it.” Qing Shui smiled.

“Wow, mind your words, that’s a cocky thing to say!” Suddenly, a loud voice came through from far away.

Qing Shui smiled. Prior to this, he already knew that this guy was around. Thus, he immediately looked into the direction where the sound came from.

This was a huge guy in golden armor. He had cold eyes, and when he looked at Qing Shui, it was as if he were looking at a dead person. He possessed tremendous killing intent — a very powerful manslaughterer!

There were countless ways to solve problems. From Qing Shui’s view, he never really enjoyed solving it through murder. To him, it was equivalent to committing sins.

“Is this place a part of your territory?” Qing Shui asked.

“Yes, would you like to stay behind?” The huge guy sounded a lot louder than before.

Qing Shui noticed that the eyes of the huge guy were constantly rotating around the girls, especially Qing Hanye. It was so obvious that anyone could tell right away. What made Qing Shui upset was that the huge guy wasn’t just doing it quietly, he was doing it right in his face.

“Yes, this is indeed a decent place.”

If the opponent had been more polite, Qing Shui might have been more reluctant to snatch it. Alternatively, he might have first tried to scare his opponents with his strength before giving them some compensations. But now, this thought was completely wiped out of his mind. In fact, he couldn’t wait to cripple this man.

There were some people whose presence would only cause dismay wherever they went. These people would be better off dead.

“They can stay here, but you, you will have to leave.” The huge guy said.

Initially, Qing Shui had planned to leave. But since the huge guy had made it so clear, Qing Shui would naturally not respond by doing as he asked. With a cold face, he looked at the huge guy, “It seems that it may be better if I say it more straightforwardly. You have killed a lot for this past few years, haven’t you?”

“Haha, I have been killing every day. What’s wrong? Would you like to get a taste of it as well?” The huge guy licked his lips and immediately, a bloody aura started emitting from his body.

Qing Shui shook his head, “If that’s the case, let’s do this. But please think about this carefully, you may die from this.”

“Wow, truthfully speaking, I might have let you live if you haven’t been so cocky. But it seems that this may no longer be necessary anymore!” The huge guy immediately transformed into a huge, golden crab with the size of a small mountain. Both of its claws were shining brightly. Every time it took a step forward, the ground would shake.

Qing Shui responded to him only with a smile before immediately using the Stellar Transposition on him.


Never would Qing Shui have expected for the huge man to explode right away. It might be karma which had worked its way that even the Stellar Transposition couldn’t help but unleash its most powerful ability to ignore the opponent’s defense. A power that was worth 50 billion Dao Force which completely ignored the opponent’s defense. Qing Shui couldn’t help but think that even if he himself might not be able to withstand it.

If Qing Shui had known that such things would happen, he wouldn’t have used Stellar Transposition. The ripples produced from this attack was too huge. And so, he never dared to use it whenever he was sparring against people who were close to him, as he felt that he was unable to exercise any forms of controls over it. When he used it, it would usually either be at times when he had decided to kill his opponent or when he confirmed that the opponent was powerful enough to withstand the blow.

The girls also never expected that the almighty Golden Battle King Crab would be killed almost in an instant. They were all stunned but soon broke into laughter. Moving on, they examined the place and started setting up the formations and preparing the things around it.

After that, they waited for the others from the Sea King Palace to migrate. All of these took time. Furthermore, they were divided into batches to move here.

Though the Golden Battle King Crab might have been killed, Qing Shui didn’t dare to let down his guard. Fortunately, even the existence of the king crab wouldn’t really intimidate the girls, thus, he wouldn’t really worry about them. Given that even the biggest demonic beast here was unable to influence the girls, their safety shouldn’t be an issue.

Furthermore, though inferior to his, the girls were still masters in formations now. They had spent years learning some useful formations. With their qualities, it shouldn’t be a problem for them.

Killing Formation, Trap Formation, and Maze Formation. The formations which each of them learned were different. However, the formations which they learned mainly revolved around these three types of formations. When they fused each of their formations together, they could form countless combos.

Qing Shui stayed here for a few nights. After examining the area, he gave Xiaolin to Hai Dongqing. Among all of the girls, she was the weakest one. She also didn’t have a powerful demonic beast as well. So, taming Xiaolin was probably her limit as a Beast Master. Furthermore, Xiaolin did so out of its own will.

After all, though still at its premature state, Xiaolin possessed the nature of a human. To persuade it, Qing Shui gave it a lot of rewards and convincing words, for example, things like her being his woman.

Eventually, Xiaolin agreed to look after them and soon, it would reach its adulthood. With the boosts Qing Shui provided with his medicinal pills, it only lacked an appropriate time to significantly raise its strength.

Initially, Hai Dongqing refused. But after she got her butt spanked by Qing Shui, she reluctantly accepted it.

Despite how weak Qing Shui’s Dark Phoenix and Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant might be as of now, he wouldn’t want to give them to other people. Xiaolin, on the other hand, had only spent a short time together with Qing Shui, and it had the heart of a child. Thus, he could still find it acceptable. Most importantly, the person he was giving it to was his own woman.

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