AST 2172 - The Martial Emperor Origin Essence Pill, Tilted Moon Branch

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2172 - The Martial Emperor Origin Essence Pill, Tilted Moon Branch

Qing Shui only stayed at the Northern Sea for a short while before returning to the Imperial Cuisine Hall in Northern Emperor Domain.

In his absence, there had been a lot of people making appointments with him. As he became more and more reputable, it was natural that more and more people would start to look for him. The majority of those were all high-born with high status and position. However, in Qing Shui’s eyes, he couldn’t sense any superiority from them as they were at the brink of death.

“All this while, I thought you were lying. I couldn’t believe that you really do have so many wives and each and every one of them are so beautiful,” said Nuolan when she saw Qing Shui.

“I told you. You were the one who chose not to believe it.” Qing Shui smiled.

“I was even wondering if you would be able to get yourself a woman. It seemed that I was wrong, and you are really good around them.” Nuo Lan gave him a grumpy look.

Qing Shui was speechless. Was he that bad? To the extent that he wouldn’t be able to find any women…...

“Oh yeah, the Demons Gate, Five Tigers Immortal Sect, and Golden Yaksha Tribe have formed an alliance.” Nuo Lan suddenly remembered this problem.

“The Golden Yaksha Tribe?”

The Golden Yaksha Tribe reminded Qing Shui of the Water Silver Dragon Tribe. Back then, he had saved Congyun Long and the pregnant Tong Nuo from their hands. It was because Cong Yunlong had killed the third prince of one of the four main forces of the Golden Yaksha Tribe that caused him to be pursued by them. It was at that time that Qing Shui slaughtered the Golden Yakshas and received the Poisonous Dragon Drill to refine his Flying Swords.

Who would have expected for them to form an alliance with Demons Gate? This had caught Qing Shui’s attention. The Golden Yaksha Tribe was a unique tribe dwelled with countless experts. The combat prowess of the Golden Yakshas couldn’t be matched by human warriors.

Qing Shui didn’t know if the Golden Yakshas were aware of his role in helping Congyun Long slaughtering some of their kind, nor did he know if they got the information about his exact whereabouts.

This had caused him to feel a bit worried. However, following his increase in strength, Qing Shui had also become more and more confident. He believed in his abilities and his demonic beasts. Not only so, but he was also capable of raising the strength of his allies around him.

The next time he could open the Hundred Treasure Chest was in three months.

Three months in real life might not sound long, but it wasn’t that short either. In any case, Qing Shui had gotten his hopes up for what he would get the next time he opened it.

As of now, the Flying Swords already contained tremendous strength. However, Qing Shui had never abandoned his Five Elements Divine Refining Technique as well as his Continuous Combo. He considered these as one of his killer moves. Also, his techniques like the Buddha Ultimate Technique still had lots of rooms for improvements.

In addition to that, the mutated 9th Lotus Manifestation Stage was also able to increase his toughness to survive in battles.

In the next morning, Qing Shui attended to three patients. Among them, one was an ordinary person, while the other two were slightly influential people. It didn’t matter to Qing Shui how much they were in his debt as long as he had done something good for them. Like the saying ‘A small leak will sink a great ship’, Qing Shui never underestimated any small good karmas. At times, it might be these small karmas that could decide the outcome of something.

With all three of them cured, Qing Shui felt that it was enough for today... Unless they were people at the brinks of death, Qing Shui wouldn’t accept any more patients.

In the afternoon, Beihuang Fan came. After having separated their ways for a month and finally meeting each other again, Qing Shui noticed that this young mistress of the Beihuang Clan had become even more beautiful. He couldn’t help but say, “Such beauty is wasted on you.”

“What?” Beihuang Fan seemed confused.

“Such a beautiful woman, and yet no man has ever gotten close to you. Tell me about it, is this not a waste?” Qing Shui said in a serious tone.

“Just go and die already!” Beihuang Fan said, displeased.

“Oh, I have an idea. I won’t mind sacrificing myself to let you know how it feels to have a man close to you,” asked Qing Shui, without even hesitating, with a face which looked like he had sacrificed a lot for her.

“Not interested.”

By now, Beihuang Fan was at a loss. She knew that hitting or scolding didn’t work on this guy. The best way to do it was to ignore him. If it had been other men, they would have been slaughtered right away with her sword.

It was indeed because Qing Shui knew that Beihuang Fan wouldn’t do anything to him that he dared to act in such a manner. He viewed teasing a woman like her, who didn’t seem to possess any sexual desires, as a pleasure. Yet, he wasn’t aware that Beihuang Fan was trying hard to like him. If he had known about it, it would be interesting to see how he would react.

“You should be on guard, especially during these days. There is a chance that the people of Demons Gate or of unknown origins will attack us.” Beihuang Fan’s true motive of coming here was to inform him about this.

“Let me guess, the Five Tigers Immortal Sect and Golden Yakshas!” Qing Shui said.

“ Yes, but not only that. The Demons Gate isn’t as simple as it seems, the internal part of the organization is very complicated. All along, their true goal has been to eliminate the Divine Palace and Taiyi Immortal Palace. If they succeeded in doing so, they will then merge the Northern King Domain with the Northern Emperor Domain.” Beihuang Fan seemed to be quite knowledgeable.

“Even if they want to conquer the Northern Emperor Domain, they would suffer great losses themselves. Heck, it’s not even certain if they can really conquer it.” Qing Shui said in a confident tone.

Beihuang Fan was reminded of the bizarre ability of Qing Shui. If he was to use it, together with the experts across both Divine Palace and Taiyi Immortal Palace, their battle prowess would rise significantly. By then, things would definitely become very exciting. However, there were too many experts in Demons Gate. It was unknown whether they were still hiding some of the even stronger elites.

The Divine Palace. Actually, there was a huge gap between Divine Palace in the Northern Emperor Domain and Demons Gate in terms of strength. Though there might be multiple branches across the continent. The Divine Palace in the Northern Emperor Domain, in particular, was significantly weaker than the Demons Gate in the Northern King Domain.

It was just like Qing Shui who could form another branch of Divine Palace with Yin Tong and the others. However, Divine Palace like this would be inferior to the one in the Northern Emperor Domain, though it still had rooms for developments. Meanwhile, it was unknown how far the Divine Palace in Northern Emperor Domain could develop to.

The Golden Battle God was one of the people who noticed that Qing Shui had boundless potential. He was aware that even if Qing Shui had been the most wicked person, he would still be able to raise the Divine Palace to its peak across the continent.

“During this time, I will stay by your side to protect you,” said Beihuang Fan with her usual icy tone and serious expression.

Qing Shui stunned. So, he needed to be protected again this time? He couldn’t help but smile, he said, “Well then, does that mean we will be staying in the same room tonight?”

“Don’t even think about it!” Beihuang Fan tried her best to control her emotions.

“It’s a waste that you don’t like men since I am so cool, handsome, elegant, and attractive. I am indeed as the saying goes, ‘a hero with no chance of using his might’.” Qing Shui shook his head and let out a sigh.

Beihuang Fan stopped arguing. Prior to this, she always emphasized that she didn’t like men, nor was she attracted to women. She was perfectly normal. It was just that she had yet to meet anyone whom she could admire whole-heartedly. Now, she could only stay completely silent.

“Actually, I am quite safe here and nothing should happen to me. If you have nothing to do, feel free to come and accompany me.” This time, Qing Shui responded seriously.

“You must stay safe, with you around, we may have a chance to fight against them. After all, the opponent outnumbers us by quite a huge margin.” Beihuang Fan said.

“Well then, you must make sure to always stay by my side and protect me. If a person comes to kill me, make sure you are within distance to come and save me in time.” Qing Shui chuckled.

“Sure! But as a word of warning, if you ever dare to touch me, I will turn you into a woman!” Beihuang Fan smiled for once. 

Qing Shui trembled, “Do you really have to be so fierce? If you ever get married to me in the future and yet is unable to do… those kinds of stuff with me, I am sure you will regret it.”

“Piss off!” Beihuang Fan said in a displeased tone before leaving.

Zhang Yue told Qing Shui that he had managed to collect some Martial Emperor Origin Essence Pills and handed them to Qing Shui.

Before this, Qing Shui had instructed Zhang Yue to give him the Martial Emperor Origin Essence Pill if he ever got his hands on any of them.

Not only did he receive some Martial Emperor Origin Essence Pills, but he also got some Tilted Moon Branch. When he saw the branches, he was a bit speechless. They were just branches in the shape of a crescent moon. The only thing which made it stand out was its white color that resembled the color of a moon. It was pleasant to look at and was filled with life and Spiritual Energy.

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