AST 2173 - In the process of making art, a portrait of beauty was created

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2173 - In the process of making art, a portrait of beauty was created

Qing Shui saw it with his heavenly vision technique. It was indeed the tilted moon branch. Now all that was missing was the lightning fruit, which was all he needed to create the Calamity Evasion Pill. He had no idea what it actually did but from what it seemed, it would increase the probability of evasion. But was it False God Tribulation, or Divine Tribulation?

As for how it would evade calamity, there was no way for him to find out about it.

Even if Qing Shui himself had a predestined fate, he wouldn’t use the pill. All in all, that lightning could be used to better his own body. If he lost that, it would come at a loss. However, many people would rather not have this and would rather stay in this position forever as if they made a breakthrough, it might cost them their lives.

Nuo Lan went back to the Divine Shrine since it wasn’t that safe here. At the very least, the Divine Shrine was secured. The insignificant screams and shouts of the enemy wouldn’t be able to infiltrate it. Zhang Yue was also a doctor with low strength, so he wouldn’t bring much attention.

Those people had a clear-cut goal and wouldn’t needlessly stir up trouble, nor would they reveal themselves before they were ready. As a result, Qing Shui wasn’t worried. Their target is most likely him. Otherwise, Beihuang Fan wouldn’t have gone to protect him.

During the last fight, Qing Shui’s strength would have definitely piqued the interest of the Demon Gate and other people. Therefore, if they were thinking of waging war with the Taiyi Immortal Palace and the Divine Palace, they must get rid of Qing Shui first or their own aces would be assassinated.

There was a sea of people here, but his strength alone was able to stir the entire battle.

At night, Qing Shui naturally wouldn’t let Beihuang Fan share a room with him. He still needed to go into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to do anything more than what friends would do together with her in the room, so he would rather not have to deal with that.

In the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, Qing Shui began to make the Golden Martial King Pill. To a normal person, this item was definitely good, but it can only be consumed by someone who had previously consumed the Xiantian Golden Pellet or was a Xiantian Martial Artist, so the requirements were a little steep. In comparison, it wasn’t as valuable as the Xiantian Golden Pellet, which one could be used by normal people. However, Xiantian Martial Artists were only a small percentage even in the Northern Emperor Domain so fundamentally, most people were unable to get to that rank.

However, for those who had eaten the Xiantian Golden Pellet, this Golden Martial King Pill was naturally much more valuable. The rich people within the common populace or within the Xiantian Martial Artists would desire it so much, they would be willing to part with all their wealth for just one of these two pills.

After taking up the Golden Martial King Pill that he had just created, Qing Shui got ready to go back to let his family have it. His mother and a few of his uncles and aunts were Xiantian Martial Artists and could use this pill, which was why only the Golden Martial King Pill would be able to raise their strength.

When he came out, it was almost the start of the second day. It was early from the standpoint of a lot of other people. The build of people in this world was good, so even if they had only slept for four hours, it would be sufficient. Sleeping late and waking early was something that was distinct to the Nine Continents.

When he came out, he found Beihuang Fan calmly drinking tea in the guest room and shocked Qing Shui: “How did you get into this room?”

“Would you like some tea?” Beihuang Fan dodged the question.

Qing Shui sat across from her: “Sure. Pour me one!”

On the table, there was a tea set. Beihuang Fan poured Qing Shui a cup, which he finished in a gulp and put in front of her.

Beihuang Fan filled the cup again, and Qing Shui gulped it down once more.

This happened a few more times, until Beihuang Fan finally said: “Pour it yourself.”

“Whatever, I’m going to drink some water. This teapot has too little and is not enough for me..” Qing Shui left with a smile and poured himself some water.

Beihuang Fan wanted to give Qing Shui the teapot.

After drinking some water, Qing Shui sat back down. Watching this proper woman drink tea was quite nice. He then said with a smile: “Do you do anything other than training?”

“Yeah. Drinking tea, drawing, playing the zither...”

Qing Shui was intrigued. He didn’t think that this woman would be so talented in so many ways. An idea appeared in his head as he brought out a phoenix zither: “Would you like to play a song for me?”

“Out!” Beihuang Fan threw the teacup in her hand at Qing Shui, almost hitting his face. This bastard dared to make her play a song for him...

Qing Shui released a breath of air, knowing that it was the limit. However, he still wanted her to play: “Why doesn’t the younger one play a song for the old folk?”

Beihuang Fan didn’t say a word.

Qing Shui ended up playing a song, the Iron Horse and Golden Dragon, War Drums and Thunder Roll. This was a song that made people’s blood rush, like the relaxation of an oppressed people rising up against their oppressors. That feeling would make one want to do the same.

Even though Beihuang Fan didn’t appear to be moved much, at this time, he felt that her blood was rushing quicker. Qing Shui played very well. His control was extremely good, and Beihuang Fan couldn’t find any flaws.

“I didn’t think that you could play the zither. At first, I only thought that you would try to gulp it down.” Beihuang Fan laughed.

Qing Shui also didn’t think that this woman would make a joke like that, speaking: “Actually, there are many things that I know, like drawing. Since we’re not really doing anything now, I could draw something for you!”

As he said this he took out the Golden Calligraphy Brush and paper, as well as the colors he needed.

Beihuang Fan was going to stop him, but she was also interested, and let him continue.

As he drew, Beihuang Fan was slowly being surprised. Qing Shui seemed to have already internalized the surroundings, just like a still life. This was a type of feeling, and his drawing also gave the illusion of life.

At the same time, there seemed to be an air of uncertainty surrounding him. His strokes were extremely smooth and purposeful. With each stroke, he started a new color, moving so quickly that his brush seemed to never leave the paper, doing it in one motion.

When Qing Shui was done the entire painting teemed with life. A faint murmur was conversing with Beihuang Fan.

Qing Shui was shocked. It was a Portrait of Beauty!

Qing Shui was extremely moved. He could determine that this must be a Portrait of Beauty and that he had created one. But he knew that it truly wasn’t him who had created this, but rather that Beihuang Fan was comparable to the woman in the Portrait of Beauty, even surpassing it a little.

Along with Qing Shui’s skill, even if he tried to draw another woman with the same strength, it wouldn’t become a Portrait of Beauty.

Beihuang Fan was speechless. She didn’t think that it would become such a lively image. She was a part of the Divine Connection Realm, and could naturally tell the special part of this drawing.

Qing Shui’s realm had also increased by a lot as he drew this, immediately achieving half a step to the Divine Connection Realm.

Even his own strength seemed to have some changes. Although it didn’t directly increase, the toughness, strength, and sturdiness of his bones had increased. This was an increase in material, not strength, just like the difference between iron silk and steel silk. Its thickness didn’t change, but became much tougher.

Qing Shui didn’t know what to do. He didn’t think that a day like this would come. At that time, Qing Shui knew that the twelve Portraits of Beauty could not have been representative of all of the beautiful girls. Now that he had confirmation, the Art Maestro having created the other twelve, somehow he had created one as well.

He didn’t think that creating one would increase his realm and strength by this much. As for the strength of the Art Maestro, Qing Shui naturally didn’t believe that he was only the level of a Martial Saint, or perhaps he was, before he created the twelve Portraits of Beauty. But after all, he could be a Martial Emperor.

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