AST 2174 - Northern Sea Water Dragon Gate, Nine-Headed Mystic Snake

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2174 - Northern Sea Water Dragon Gate, Nine-Headed Mystic Snake

Qing Shui didn’t know whether the Art Maestro was still alive or not, and didn’t know whether he could meet him. Although he had never seen such a person, he really wanted to, since he had already seen all 12 of the women in the Portraits of Beauty. He had even married them.

Qing Shui knew that the age of the women would not be comparable to the Art Maestro’s because what he did was taking all the beautiful women he had seen and put them together, creating the Portraits of Beauty.

Qing Shui didn’t know how many combinations the Art Maestro had made of the Portraits of Beauty, but he had heard that there were twelve. If he ever had the chance to meet him, he would tell him that he had already found all twelve Portraits of Beauty, and even knew of the secret within.

Throwing these away, Qing Shui carefully stored the Portrait of Beauty in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Qing Shui looked at Beihuang Fan happily: “How is it? did I draw it well?”

“Yes!” Beihuang Fan said happily.

“Was it beautiful?” Qing Shui laughed.

“Very.” Beihuang Fan answered.

“The most important part was the subject needing to be beautiful.” Qing Shui laughed and teased.

“Then you must do your best to go after me. Perhaps, I might even say yes.” She said this with a bit of mystery.

“Say yes to what?” Qing Shui asked, puzzled.

“Say yes to marriage, of course.” Beihuang Fan said.

“I’m not prepared for that yet. Alright, I’ll say yes. Since it’s already late, why don’t we go to bed!” Qing Shui said, feeling a little coy.

Beihuang Fan turned red from what the rascal Qing Shui had said. Without knowing, she then squeezed Qing Shui’s ear. Before the roles were reversed, but now she was a little angry that it was her turn.

Qing Shui also didn’t think that this would happen. It didn’t hurt, but he still faked pain and held her little hand: “It’s going to fall off! If you kill me you’re going to be a widow!”

“All you know is to joke around.”

Beihuang Fan released her hand but found it attached to Qing Shui’s, who didn’t release his when she shook it a few times.

“Release me!” Beihuang Fan said.

“In order to prevent you from holding my ear, this is all I can do.”

“I’ll stop dragging you.”

“That’s not necessarily needed.”

“I want to go to bed.” Beihuang Fan said, defeated.

“Alright. Sleep well my wife. Goodnight!” Qing Shui released his hand.

After saying this, Qing Shui went back to his room and Beihuang Fan returned to hers after shaking her head a little.

In the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, it was already the latter half of the night. Qing Shui went in and hung his Portrait of Beauty on the screen.

Beihuang Fan didn’t actually specify that she wanted Qing Shui’s drawing of her, or maybe she knew that he wouldn’t give it to her, so she refrained from asking. Qing Shui really wasn’t going to give it to her because he knew that he wouldn’t be able to create something similar again, and this was his only shot.

Feeling some of the change in his body, Qing Shui was still especially happy. This type of change could kill someone, and the change within had already surpassed the value of his own strength.

He had very strong stamina, and could train till morning in a single go.



Unknowingly, half a month had already passed and he didn’t run into anyone that came to assassinate him. Beihuang Fan had also stayed here for half a month whereas Nuo Lan came to visit a few times, but didn’t stay.

Yin Tong and a few others also came once, but they went back to the Divine Palace.

Beihuang Yu showed up twice, but after seeing the chemistry between Qing Shui and Beihuang Fan, he felt a little weird. However, every time Beihuang Yu and she met, they would take care of each other, so as to not fail standards.

Qing Shui also received some care, but in front of Beihuang Fan, his skin became thicker and thicker. Now Beihuang Fan couldn’t do it for cheap.

Qing Shui was also puzzled that this goddess-like woman could have a face like this, which made him feel that even she had times where she would be a woman, and maybe even feel that she was truly a goddess.

“Just thinking that I’ll have to call you my uncle makes me feel a chill throughout my entire body.” Beihuang Yu said this as a shiver went through.

“Then don’t call me that. We can just be brothers,” Qing Shui suggested.

“I can’t let that be. She is my aunt and I must call you accordingly.” Beihuang Yu shook his head.

“You’re jumping the gun anyways. Who says that we will actually become relatives?” Qing Shui said.

“Now this is something that I can be pretty sure about. You don’t understand what my aunt is like. This life of hers has already been given to you and there’s nothing you can do about it.” Beihuang Yu said confidently.

“I also know that I have strong sexual energy but I didn’t think that someone like your aunt would like me.” Qing Shui said. 

“I think it’s weird as well, considering how long it has been that she would fall in love with someone.”

“I know! I’m going to go first. You guys have a chat together.” Qing Shui said as he left.

“What’s up with you guys?” Turning his head, Beihuang Yu found Beihuang Fan standing behind him, staring coldly. He secretly wanted to curse Qing Shui as a result.

“I’m being crazy now?” Beihuang Fan said with a cold smile.

Beihuang Yu wanted to stop her: “How would…”



The prim and proper prince of the Taiyi Immortal Palace was immediately thrown onto the ground outside. His strength was sealed and the road was fine but he seemed to sit there with a few birds flying around his head…

Qing Shui decided to go on a trip to the Beiyun River to see what the few women were up to because he felt a little uneasy.

It didn’t take long for him to do so and he didn’t tell Beihuang Fan about this. As he got there, he found a group of people. Although there weren’t many, it looked almost like the Sea King Palace.

“Did anything happen these last few days?” Qing Shui said casually.

Qinghan Ye looked at Qing Shui and said: “Now’s not a good time. Remember how you killed that Golden Battle King Crab? These people behind are from the Water Dragon Gate.”

“The Water Dragon Gate? What’s that?” Qing Shui asked, curious.

“The Water Dragon Gate isn’t just some insignificant being. It’s one of the strongest forces in the Northern Sea, and the house of the Nine-Headed Mystic Snake. They are even said to have strength comparable to the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain,” Qinghan Ye glanced at Qing Shui.

“So why are they here?” Qing Shui asked.

“A few people with low influence came and got beaten, but I’m sure they will return.” Qinghan Ye said, furrowing her brow.

“They don’t know when to quit, do they? I’ll wait here for two days before going to the Water Dragon Gate to find them.” Qing Shui decided to settle things here. Otherwise, it wouldn’t sit well with him.

The Nine-Headed Mystic Snake was something that Qing Shui had previously heard of. Although it was a snake, it was comparable in strength with typical dragons, even surpassing some in strength. It had a large body, and each of its nine tongues had different powers. Some were stronger than anything, some were sharper than anything, some could control water, another could shoot out poison, or create a lethal sound...

The reason it was a threat was that it was large and excessive. It was also powerful, which was its greatest gift.

On the third day, when Qing Shui was about to leave, the enemy came with about a hundred people that looked like humans, but with overly charming eyes. The males were a little lighter and the females more fierce, but there was no difference besides that.

They all looked pretty young, and their opponent stood alone, on his cuff was a Nine-Headed Snake, very detailed and beautiful.

When the man saw the few women, his eyes lit up.

“Oh boy, why is it always this trick... Can they please do something else?” Qing Shui scolded silently. This man, who could do nothing against beautiful women, was in deep trouble. The more beautiful the woman, the deeper the trouble to the point where it would be easy for him to throw away his life...

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